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1ยบ date. How can they work things out?

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Exactly 20 minutes later I had heard the doorbell.
Then I heard a knock in my door. It was Sally all excited like a school girl.
"I came here to give you my opinion about this know...I was going to tell you that if you let this go you'd be a fool but I see you are starting to warm up" she gave me a knowing smile. I was just finishing my make up at the vanity mirror.
I had on a cute back dress shirt that had a lacey detail in my stomach and some faded loose jeans at my feet I had a black white converse. My hair was wet what was bad but I didn't care.
"It's not that I'm warming up to him, Sally. It's just that today he was just Pete and there was no mention of what he does and shit like that so I ended up warming up to him but I don't know what will happen when he is around friends and working...It's crazy!" I said closing my perfume bottle after spraying a little amount on my neck and wrists.
"I understand sweet, just make sure you have a good time. And be SAFE!!!" she eyed me. I was shocked! Was she implying... "Sweetheart at your age I was 9 months pregnant! Ha-ha I know how this stuff works! I know how inexperienced you are by what you tell me...but this will change your way of thinking. Right now it may be gross and everything but I'll let you see it for yourself how being in a relationship works." She got up and hugged me.
"You look fantastic, now let's go before Gary asks Pete how much he makes in a year!" we laughed as we made our way downstairs.
Pete was sitting on the floor drawing with Freddy and Maddie. Cuteness.
"Let's go?" I asked to get his attention. He looked up and smiled.
"Yeah, Let's go! Bye guys next time I'll bring my dog Hemmingway to meet you guys ok?" The kids were excited and nodded.

As we walked to the car Pete got a hold of my hand and we walked the short space with fingers locked. "If I kiss you now, you will never hear the end of it, right?" he said whispering. I laughed they were probably spying through the blinds!
"Yes definitely, they must be just waiting for it to happen" he opened the door for me and I got in and strapped my sit belt.
The ride was uneventful; We didn't know what to watch, there were two movies opening 'Scoop' and My Super ex-girlfriend'. Finally we decided on Scoop.

The theater was already dark when we came in, then the previews started Pete wanted to sit in the back but I knew better and I really wanted to watch the movie.
"Pete I really want to sit and watch the movie, okay?" I said as we sat down.
"Uh I want to watch it too, you know it's just...shit..."he didn't know how to say it and If I was really sincere to myself I was dying for him to kiss me again. Seriously;
The movie was pretty good, sometimes when bored Pete would place his hand on my leg and would try to talk to me, it was really hard to concentrate but I was doing 'fine'.
"Pete I'm going to the restroom okay?" I had to pee badly. He nodded and watched me go.
When I came back he had pulled the arm from my sit back, I smirked he was so sneaky. I sat down automatically feeling his arm coming around my waist snuggling in me. I had an extra cold coke on my hands so I mischievously pressed the can to his tight, he let out a yelp and we could hear shushing sounds, but I couldn't help but giggle at his expense.
"You know I'll get you back for that..." he said in my ear then just as I was about to giggle again he bit my ear softly. My whole body shook at this.
I kept my attention on the movie that seemed to be going on for hours!!

The movie was finally over as the final credits started, just when I was about to look at him to ask what he thought I was blown away as his lips took mine in an urgency that I realized come from both of us. I was in heaven. His tongue massaged by bottom lip, I didn't know what he wanted but I opened my lips a little, Pete deepened the kiss as he held my head still his other hand on my hip, I was holding the arm chair on his other side and his shirt collar, trying to not knock him over.
The light came up and we knew people were seeing us, because some kids started to cheer us on. I let go of Pete and we were breathing hard. I was blushing, he just took my hand as we headed out. The kids kept staring at us cheering on saying those stupid things...I was so embarrassed.
We exit the cine complex walking towards the food court.
We sat side by side I could feel he was staring at me.
"Let's go somewhere else Alex? I mean are you hungry or something?" he asked as I looked up at him. Gah did I want to go 'somewhere else' with him?
An invitation to sin!! I nodded my head anyways betraying my better judgment. What was I doing?

So anyways we got in the car and drove off to somewhere. The car stopped and Pete looked at me before jumping out and making his way around the car to open the door for me. The place was overlooking the city; it was a beautiful place and had an amazing view as the night fell over.
It was not cold but there was a light breeze going. I felt a pair of arms coming from behind and Pete hugged me. I sighed. We only knew each other for less then 24 hours.
"So tell me something about yourself" Pete said from behind me.
I told him stories, fears, things I had dreamed and that had fallen through, my ambitions. By the time I was 'finished' we had moved to the floor, he had my back to his chest, and even if it seemed like it was so over intimate I felt comfortable being like that.
"So now you are going to tell me a little about yourself? I want to know about Peter Wentz...this one here with me..." I said as I looked sideways trying to look at his face.
"It's weird man. I'm always around people that assume they know me, so every time I meet someone new I make this 'introducing Pete Wentz book 1/3' thing in my head and actually no one cares to hear from me who I really am. Better yet, they think they know who I think I am. That's far more complex that anything I could tell you." He smirked. He looked so adorable pouring his heart out I reached up for his chin and pulled him down for a kiss.
He seemed to be startled at the first 3 seconds but now he was the aggressor.
He was basically teaching me the kissing art. Sucking my bottom lip and everything; I felt breathless and hot.
His hand was in my hip as the other caressed my neck.
"So this is making out?" I mused as we broke apart. He nodded putting his head on my shoulder. I felt like I could fly literally.
"There's much more to it, but I think you've had enough for today" he mused. I nodded feeling his fingers curling on my sides "Kiss me again" he whispered.
I looked back at him and granted his wish, this time the kiss was tame but it didn't lack on passion. I changed positions so I was giving him better access.
I gripped on his collar like at the movie theater, he moved me so I was sitting besides him as he hovered over me, our chests pressed together.
I think I could get used to this. "Shit..." Pete murmured as he slowly pulled out not really letting go and giving me peaks as he commented "You will be the death of me, girl. I can already feel that" he said then we started kissing again.
My mouth was sore from the exercise, lips were swollen but I didn't care. I was having the time of my life. We even tried the sloppy kiss thing and even though it was a little gross it was hum too good.
"I guess we have to head back hun" he was dark only the car lights were on around us. We had moved inside the car about half an hour ago when it had started raining.
In the car things had gotten heated fast, all I will say was that Pete needed some time out and I was embarrassed as hell _he was too.
Because well it was after all our first date and even though it went different from any date concept I've heard we were going too fast.
So back to the present we went back home Pete gave me a light kiss and said he'd be going to L.A for some video shoot but he'd be back in two days.
I closed the door and was met with Sally and Kallena with huge grins on their faces.
"OMG" we all squealed. I couldn't for him to call me back.
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