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New Years Eve

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This chapter is cute and it has a little bit of drama between Ryan and Simone. Frank and Simone have been inseparable since the night that they were caught by the Way brothers. Enjoy!!

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"I love New York!" exclaimed Simone as she walked hand in hand with her boyfriend, Frank.
They each had a coffee in their hands and each other's hand; while making their way to Rockafeller Center, and on their way they stopped at a Virgin Records store. Simone bought the latest issue of 'Spin' magazine and asked Frank to autograph it. He laughed and then signed it.
Simone then noticed a girl, that was not much older than 16, looking at MCR's new cd in awe. Simone walked over to the girl and handed her the magazine.
"This was signed by the REAL Frank Iero," said Simone sweetly.
The fan girl's eyes lit up and she hugged Simone. Simone then beckoned Frank to come over to them. He did and introduced himself to the fan girl. After a few minutes of their little 'meet and greet' session, Simone and Frank left the store and went on their way.
Once they made it to their hotel, they met up with the rest of MCR and Panic!. Simone ran over to Aricia, whom was standing by Spencer.
"Hey, Simone," said Spencer.
"Hey, Spence," Simone replied.
"Are you excited for the show tonight?" asked Spencer.
Simone nodded and took a deep breath. She then met up with Gerard and they did some vocal warm-ups together. Once they were warmed-up, they decided to get dressed for their performance.
An hour later, Simone was right behind stage, and she was waiting in anticipation to go on. Frank had her in his arms and he was keeping her warm. Just then they got the signal to go on-stage.
"I have a little treat for you, tonight. I give you, my kid sister, Simone," exclaimed Gerard as Simone walked on-stage.
She looked absolutely stunning. Her hair was up in a high curly pony-tail.
"How's everybody tonight?" Simone asked the crowd.
They all cheered and Simone and Gerard started to sing. The song went great and when it was over Simone blew a kiss and waved to the crowd. MCR then played 'Famous Last Words', and then they met up with Simone, back-stage.
Panic! went on after MCR; the time was now, 11:45pm.
"15 minutes 'til the New Year!!" exclaimed Simone.
Panic finished their set and joined MCR behind stage. Brendon and Aricia were passing around champagne. Frank had Simone in his arms, he was keeping her warm and kissing her head.
It was now 1 minute until the New Year and the count-down was well under way.
"5-4-3-2-1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!" screamed Simone and Aricia.
Simone and Frank kissed, looked at each other, and smiled. Then Simone turned her attention to the very much in-love, Aricia and Spencer.
"Awe, look Frankie, they like each other," laughed Simone.
Frank smiled and kissed Simone again.
"Happy New Year, pooks," said a very buzzed, Mikey.
Simone laughed and clinked her champagne glass with her brother. She then joined in everyone in the toast to the New Year. Everyone then went back to their hotel. Once they were in the MCR suite, Aricia and Simone were dancing to a mix of Panic, Fall Out Boy, AFI, HelloGoodbye, and MCR. Frank and Spencer joined them and they broke-out into a tango. The rest of Panic! started to laugh at the sight of 'I Write Sins, Not Tradegies', turned out to be a ballroom dance number.
"Sis, when did you learn how to dance?" asked Gerard.
"Mom, signed me up for ballroom dancing a few years back, remember?" asked Simone.
"Ohh, yea, she ALWAYS made us come to your recitals," replied Gerard.
The four then stopped dancing and sat down on the couch. They were watching the rest of various New Years Eve specials.
Hours later, everyone were pretty much passed-out on either each other or on the floor. Frank and Simone fell asleep in each other's arms; and the same with Aricia and Spencer, on a couch, opposite them. Bob and Ray were passed-out on the floor.
However, Brendon, Ryan, Jon, and Gerard were still up, and they were playing cards. They were talking about the night at the club.
"I still think Simone's jealous of me. That's the only reason she and Frank are together," exclaimed Ryan.
"Dude....Ry!! She's NOT making you jealous. She and Frank obviously like each other and they aren't doing this to make YOU jealous," exclaimed Jon.
"Yea, I agree, you need to MOVE-ON like she has," Brendon added.
"Whatever, I just think it was a little fast," said Ryan.
Ryan was just annoyed at this point. He wanted Simone back, but also knew that she'd reject him, after what happened.
Gerard lit-up a cigarette and didn't say anything. He knew that if he did, he would just regret it and loose his sister's trust by fighting. So, Gerard just kept his cool and poured himself a drink.
Mikey came-over to where Simone and Frank were sleeping and passed-out on the floor. The guys all laughed at the unconcious Mikey. Gerard walked over to his brother and took off his glasses; so they wouldn't break. He then put a blanket on him; that's just what older brothers do.
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