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We're in this together....

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This chapter is pretty intense....and romantic. We learn a little something about 2 female characters.

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"Hello Simone. I'm Doctor Grey. How may I help you?" asked Doctor Grey sweetly.
"I uh, I've missed my period and it's been 3 weeks so far," said Simone nervously.
Doctor Grey nodded and started asking Simone about her sexual life and how long it's been. Simone explained her sexual life and mentioned her boyfriend, Frank. Doctor Grey went to grab a pregnancy test from the hallway closet. Simone took it and then Doctor Grey went to analyze it.
"What if I'm pregnant? Gee and Mikey would KILL Frankie and then our baby wouldn't have a father. Great now look what we've got ourselves into." Simone thought to herself. She was panicing and was hating the anticipation of her results.
Suddenly, Doctor Grey came back into the room that Simone was in. She was smiling and holding Simone's test results.
"Well, Miss Way, you're going to have a baby," Doctor Grey said sweetly.
Simone's eyes lit up and she couldn't believe what she was hearing. She knew that she HAD to tell Frank right away, but more importantly, her best friend, Aricia.
"I'm pregnant. Ok, well, um thanks?" said Simone nervously.
She then walked out of the doctor's office in shock. This was REALLY happening. She was going to have Frank Iero's baby. This was normal, this happens, nature thrives on it, oh dear, she was having a KID!
"Baby? Hi, Frankie, uhh are you free? Ok. Good. No I'm fine, I think. Um, can I see you? Yea, it's urgent. No it's not bad," said Simone into her cell phone to Frank.
Simone drove to MCR's hotel, she walked into their suite and saw Frank sitting on the couch, awaiting her arrival.
"Hi baby," Simone said to Frank, sweetly, but still nervous as to what he was going to say or how he was going to react.
"Hey babe. Is everything alright?" Frank asked.
Simone nodded, then half smiled and announced, "I went to the doctors today and well, I've missed my period."
"Wait, are you telling me that you," Frank started to say.
"Yes, Frankie, I'm I'm 2-weeks, pregnant," Simone interrupted.
By now, Simone started to cry and Frank was surprised. He then walked over to her and planted a passionate kiss on her lips. She was taken aback from the kiss and then they started to make-out. That then led to well....ya know.
"You're going to be a great mommy," said Frank sweetly.
The two lay in bed together and Simone had her head on Frank's chest.
Just then, they heard someone open the door to the room and the two froze. The both knew for sure that it was Gerard and Mikey. Mikey walked into the room that Frank and Simone were in and his jaw dropped.
"Simone? Frank? GEEEE you better get in here!" yelled Mikey.
Gerard came into the room and was also surprised.
"Frank get the hell away from my sister!" yelled Gerard.
"Gee, I can explain," said Simone.
"Oh there's no explaining, I know what's going on," said Gerard.
Frank grabbed his clothes and tryed desperately to cover-up. Simone was covering her body under the covers. Frank quickly got dressed and returned to the room.
To his surprise, Gerard was sitting on the bed next to Simone and seemed to be pissed. Gerard looked at Frank, then stood-up and grabbed his shirt.
"My sister is PREGNANT! And guess who the father is!" yelled Gerard.
"Gee stop it! Please! I love Frank and he loves me!" yelled Simone.
"I do, I love Simone with ALL my heart and soul! I'd die for her and our un-born child that is growing inside of her," explained Frank.
Gerard then let go of his grip. Simone explained that she and Frank were going to take care of the baby and give it love and care. Gerard then went outside and lit up a cigarette. Mikey was quiet, he didn't know how to react. Simone and Frank just looked at each other in shock.
The next day, Frank, Aricia, Spencer, and Simone were out to breakfast. Aricia was happy for Frank and Simone's new arrival. They finished their breakfast and went shopping.
Frank and Simone were looking at baby stuff and Simone was reading the latest issue of 'Pregnancy' magazine. Just then, Brendon and Ryan saw Aricia and Spencer and started to talk to them. Ryan saw Frank and Simone and he walked over to them.
"Hey Simone," Ryan said.
"Hello Ryan," said Simone as she continued looking through her magazine.
"Awe, havin' a baby are you?" asked Ryan with a smirk on his face.
Simone smiled and nodded.
"Finally got the boys out and sexed little Simoney?" asked Ryan sarcastically to Frank.
"Dude, that's too much, stop it. Don't you have a life?" asked Frank, defending himself.
Aricia, Spencer and Brendon all saw what was going on and broke-up what was about to become a fight.
Months went by and Ryan kept on threatening Frank. Ryan obviously still loved Simone, but Simone had moved on.
The happy couple were at Simone, Mikey, and Gerard's house in New Jersey. Mrs. Way was thrilled to hear the news of her daughter and Frank.
"Look at these cute babies, Frankie," said Simone sweetly.
She and Frank were cuddling on the couch and Simone was reading her magazine. Frank was rubbing Simone's head and was drinking coffee that Mrs. Way had made. Simone was big and pregnant by now, it had been 4 months now and she was still beautiful as can be, in Frank's eyes.
"Oooo," said Simone as she touched her stomach.
"Whaat? Is the baby here? Did your water break?" said Frank nervously.
Simone laughed and shook her head.
"No, she kicked," replied Simone, sweetly.
"Oh. Can I feel?" asked Frank.
Simone nodded, took his hand and put it on her stomach. Frank felt his un-born daughter kick his hand. His eyes began to water and he smiled.
"You're going to be a great daddy," said Simone.
Frank and Simone then kissed again, but were interrupted by their daughter's kicking.
"I think she's happy that we're so much in-love," laughed Simone.
"I agree," replied Frank as he continued to kiss Simone.
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