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Chapter six.

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night shifts and getting lost.

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okay well here's the long awaited CHAPTER SIX!!! hehe....once again i own nobody. nobody but myself and myself isn't even in the story...wait no i own the setting but that's about it....ENJOY! note:: thoughts will be in italics

Ryan asked nearly whispering, "Are w-we lost?"

Gerard said, "Maybe..."

Ryan asked his eyes wide, "We're not going to d-die here r-right???"

Brendon said comforting him, "No. No Ryan we won't."

Ryan calmed down and continued to walk along the maze of dingy hallways.

Ray and Bob were lagging behind them all.

Gerard looked up and saw this, "You guys need to speed up..."

Ray replied yawning, "But i'm tired..."

Bob said nothing.

Gerard stopped as everybody else did and looked around. He sighed.

Everybody there looked dead with the exception of Frank and Pete.

Mikey yawned swaying slightly, "Can we sleep please?"

Gerard shuddered as a cold draft found its way through the hall.

Brendon replied, "Yes please....."

He turns to one of the doors and opens it. He steps into a dingy, dirty, foul smelling room. "Ugh...gross..." He walks out and closes the door. "Not even if i was paid..."

Everybody was amused but only slightly seeing as they were in a bad situation at the moment.

Ray yawned, "I'll sleep in the god damned hallway for all i care..."

Ryan asked scared, "Shouldn't there be a look out?"

Pete said, "Most deffinatly."

Frank said disdainfully, "Well then home sweet home..." He drops to the ground by the cracked wall.

Ray curls up into a ball by one a rather large crack in the wall opposite of Frank.

Ray fell asleep not more than a mere minute later.

Frank sat huddled in a ball shivering slightly as a cold draft wafted throughout the hallway again.

Gerard sighed and sat down by Frank.

Bob fell asleep on the floor by Ray.

Brendon sat down next to Ryan to comfort him.

Pete asked, "So who's the look out?"

Gerard replied, "I'll be it....are we taking shifts or anything?"

Frank said, "Um...maybe we should..."

Pete said, "Probably for the best." He continued questioning, "But who?"

Brendon chimed in, "I'll be second..."

Frank said trying to help out, "I'll he third."

Pete said, "And me fourth. Three hour shifts okay?"

Gerard nodded.

Ryan had fallen asleep against the wall with his head buried in his knees and his arms curled around his head.

Frank yawned and said, "Wake me up when my turn's here Brendon..."

Brendon nodded as Frank drifted off into an uneasy sleep.

Gerard stood up as Pete sat down.

Gerard stretched and willed himself to stay awake. He ignored his head which was spinning still from dizziness.

"Three whole hours...i can barely stay awake now...

He heard something move down the hallway. He strained his eyes to see what it was.

The light in the hallway was so dim...Gerard called out, "Who's there?" There was a hint of fear in his voice.

The noise stopped and there was nothing.

Gerard didn't relax at all. He was scared out of his mind. Even with the dim lighting he couldn't see a thing ten feet in front of him. It was starting to hurt his head more.

"Why am i playing look out? Why couldn't i have kept my mouth shut. It hasn't even been ten minutes and this stupid place is starting to get to me...

He looked around and saw that everybody was asleep. He found himself nodding off every now and then.

"Ack! I can't fall asleep....let's see...i can...umm...well i can think...or play a game. Yeah that's it i'll play a game of....uh...I Spy. Yes...but...all by myself. Oh who am i kidding...i'm scared and tired and my head's spinning...owww....

Gerard sighed and leaned against the wall rubbing his aching head.

Suddenly out of nowhere a loud 'CRASH' came from around the corner alerting everybody awake. There were a few small screams as they were jerked out of their nightmarish dreams. They were all thinking the same thing...

"What was that?!" "Are we going to die!?" "Somebody help!"

There was another loud 'CRASH'. There were a few screams and jumps as the dim lights went out. Gerard fully alert now asked, "Is everybody okay??"


yes cliffhanger. i know you guys probably hate them....but i'm sorry i'll write more tomorrow i promise!!!! =). REVIEW PLEASE so i know that i'm loved enough to write the next chapter!!! =). till the next! =D
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