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Chapter Seven

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enter Ville!

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hey all! here's chapter seven. I OWN NOBODY. okay well enough of my babbling! ENJOY!

There was silence.

Gerard asked once again his voice quivering, "I-is everyb-body ok-kay?"

Frank replied scared, "I'm fine..."

Gerard waited for the other's answers.

Pete said quietly but audible, "Me, Brendon and Ryan are okay."

Gerard nodded even though they could not see him because the dim lights had gone out.

Mikey said finally finding his voice, "I'm here..."

There was silence from Ray and Bob.

Gerard choked out barely speaking, "R-ray? B-bob? A-are you g-guys ok-kay?"

There was silence still.

Suddenly the dim lighting flicked back on and Jade was standing there with blood on his shirt.

Everybody jumped and there were scattered screams.

Gerard looked around frantically searching for his friends.

Jade said smoothly, "We need to get out of this hallway."

Gerard asked his anger flaring up, "Where's Bob and Ray?"

Jade said calmly, "No time for that let's get out of here now."

Davey was standing far behind Jade. He however did not have any blood on him. Jade was covered in it.

Brendon got up and objected his anger coming back as well, "Why should we trust you!? Two people are missing and you're covered in blood!"

Pete added in as well, "You expect us to follow you?"

They were all on their feet by now.

Jade replied putting a hand to his head, "Would you just follow me? It's not what it seems. I'm trying to help you out."

Mikey asked his voice loud, "How do we even know you're helping?"

Ryan stayed quiet through this all his eyes wide staring past Jade and Davey as a figure came towards them. As the others were all fighting the figure got closer and closer.

Frank noticed that Ryan was staying quiet. He made his way over to the scared guitarist. "Ryan you okay?" He waved his hand in Ryan's face to get his attention.

Ryan heard Frank and couldn't seem to get his voice to work. So instead he pointed a shaky finger and squeaked out, "L-look..."

Frank turned his head and looked on past Davey and saw the figure. "Oh shit," was all he could manage to say.

The figure was looming ever so much closer with each and every step.

All the while the others were all yelling at each other.

Davey turned to see what Frank and Ryan were staring at. He turned and saw the figure and froze. He became instantly frightened. He couldn't move or talk.

Frank finally coming to his senses snapped out of it. He shouted, "You guys shut the fuck up!!!"

The others paid no attention. Pete, Brendon, Gerard and Mikey continued to yell at Jade.

Frank saw that Davey was frozen with fright. He mumbled under his breath, "Shit..." He ran over to Davey quickly and grabbed onto his arm. "Come on we gotta get away from that thing!"

Davey tore his gaze away from the figure and turned to Frank who was trying to drag him off. "What?"

Frank said in one breath, "We gotta go now c'mon move!!!"

Davey didn't object and followed Frank quickly back over to where Ryan was standing trembling.

Frank asked Ryan, "Are you okay?"

Ryan finally found his voice, "N-no..."

His trembling was causing his neck to hurt. He tried to stop moving but found that it was harder than what he had thought.

The figure was getting even closer.

Frank rushed over to the others to try to stop them from fighting so they could see the danger coming closer and closer with each step.

Davey was trying to comfort Ryan, who was still trembling and scared.

The figure was not more than a mere ten feet away. A person came into their view. He was wearing a black leather jacket over a simple black t-shirt. He had on a pair of black, faded, torn jeans and a little bit of eyeliner and some makeup. His hair was rather short and black.

Ryan calmed down now able to see the person but he was still trembling.

The person called out realizing there were other people there, "Hey?"

Nobody but Frank, Davey and Ryan seemed to notice there was another person there.

Frank stopped trying to stop the fight and walked over to where Davey and Ryan still were.

The person looked up and asked his accent thick, "Who are you?"

Frank assumed that he was talking to him, Davey and Ryan so he answered, "I'm Frank. This is Davey and this one here is Ryan."

Davey said in a quiet voice, "Hello..."

Ryan just nodded unable to find his voice to speak.

Frank questioned, "And you are??"

The person walked over so he wouldn't have to talk too loud. "Sorry, I'm Ville," he said when he got close enough.

Ryan was still trembling scared.

Ville noticed this and said trying to calm him down, "Don't worry I don't bite."

Ryan offered a small smile before calming down.

Ville looked towards the others and noticed they were still fighting. "Any reason their yelling?" His accent was very thick.

Frank said, "Two of our friends disappeared and then Jade showed up with blood on his shirt."

Ville nodded.

Davey asked Ville, "Uh not to be rude or anything...but where are you from?"

Ville smiled, "Oh it's not rude at all. I'm from Finland."

Davey nodded, "Ah okay."

Ryan stayed quiet.

Ville had his hands in his pockets.

Frank said with a smile, "Well once you get to meet them...that's Gerard over there with the hoodie on. Mikey's the one with glasses. Pete has the tattoos and Brendon's the one Pete's holding back. Jade is the one with blood on him."

Ville nodded again and took note of each one.

Frank sighed as Brendon broke loose from Pete's grip and advanced on Jade.

Davey asked, "Should I help?"

Frank said muffled by his hand, "No...they can figure this out themselves..."

Davey shrugged and turned to Ryan, "Are you going to be okay now?"

Ryan said calmed down quite a bit from before, "Yeah...I'm good..."

Ville smiled and ignored the fight, " did you guys end up here?"

Davey said, "Jade drug me here...I don't really remember how I got here though..."

Frank said, "I woke up here..."

Ryan said, "I did too..."

Ville replied, "Same with me...I've been wandering around for a few hours and then the lights went out and I couldn't see I stopped and they came back on so I was walking until well now..."

The others stayed silent but were still listening.

They heard a door slam and Ryan, Frank, Ville and Davey all looked up to see that Jade had barricaded himself in one of the rooms.

Davey sighed.

Frank asked the others, "What happened?"

Gerard replied anger still dominating his voice; "The stupid fuck barricaded himself in that room..."

Brendon was pounding on the door, "OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR!!!"

Pete was trying to calm Brendon down. Mikey was trying to calm Gerard down.

Pete said trying his best to keep from screaming, "Brendon calm down! This isn't going to help you out!"

Brendon retorted, "I DON'T GIVE A CARE!!!!!!" He was still ramming himself into the door trying to get the door open.

Davey shouted out, "You guys stop! This is helping nothing!"

Everybody fell silent.

Frank added, "We need to find a way out not kill each other!"

Gerard sighed, "You guys are right..." He made himself calm down.

Brendon sighed annoyed still.

Pete and Mikey walked over to where Frank, Davey, Ryan and Ville were.

Pete was confused as to who the new person was.

Mikey asked seeing Ville, "And you are?"

Ville said breaking from his thoughts, "Huh? Oh! Yeah sorry...I'm Ville."


well hope you guys LOVED it. lol! okay well you better review cause that's the ONLY way i know to write more!!!! =) till the next! =D
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