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~!Chapter 13!~

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The girls have something up their sleeves! REVIEW!!!

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I woke to Brendon kissing my neck.

"Well, that is a nice way to wake up" I said as I kissed him again.

"Aww...look Spencer they are so in love." Payton said to Spencer as everyone else laughed. I looked around and found out fast that I was the last one to wake up.

"How, long has everyone been watching me sleep." I said laughing.
"Oh, just a little bit. You looked so peaceful we did not want to wake you. Or at least I told them not to." Lindsay told me. She knew that if you just told me to get up, then I would bite your head off.

"Well, what are we going to do just sit around and look at each other? I feel like cooking, so how about I make breakfast for everyone. What do you think?" I asked everyone.

"Wow Brendon you know how to pick 'em. I would love to have someone cook me breakfast. You better keep her name, or someone will come along and take her. Maybe me." Jon said. After that Becky smacked him upside the head and laughed. "Hey I meant it as a complement to Amber."

"And I thank you for it Jon. So I am thinking eggs, bacon, toast, and some type of potato. What do you think?"

"Well, sounds great, but I don't know if we have all of that." Brendon said.

"Well, then if you don't then the guys will go to the store and get what I need. So let me up Brendon and I will go make a list of stuff I need." I told Brendon, but instead of letting me get up, he picked me up and carried me bridal style into the kitchen. I laughed the whole way, and I could hear everyone else laughing. Once we got into the kitchen he let me out and kissed me. I pulled away. "Brendon if you want to eat this morning I think you should leave before I try to cook you." We laughed. I followed him and smacked his butt, and told the girls to come in and help me. We looked to see what Brendon had in his fridge, and stuff. Brendon was right, he had nothing. So I wrote down that we needed eggs, milk (both reg. and cocoa), bacon, bread, and a package of hash browns. (Now, I know what you are all thinking, why is he spending all this money. His parents pay him back for anything he spends when they are away.) So, once we gave the guys the list, we sent them on their ways. I had all the guys go, so us girls could plan something nice for them.

"So I am thinking, once them get back we tell them to go away and play video games or something. We make them a great breakfast, and we set the table all nice and such. Then once we are all done eating, we make them clean, and we all go get ready and have a girls day. Go to the mall, get our nails done, just have some fun. So good?" I asked.

"I love it Amber!" Lindsay said.

"Ok, Lindsay call Ryan up and tell them to take their time. And give us about 20 minutes. What we are going to do is go over to my house and grab some dresses and we are going to dress up like cute little home makers. The guys will love it. Who is up for it?" I asked them. They all smiled and Lindsay grabbed her phone and called Ryan. He said he would tell the guys and then she hung up with him.

"Ok, all set. Lets go." She smiled and we all went out to her car and drove to my house. I knew I had something for everyone. Lindsay and I were about the same size and Becky and Payton were also the same size. They were a little bit smaller then us, but we can find something. We got to my house and no one was home, so we went to my room. I pulled out a cute dress for Becky; it was halter top dress that was blue with white polka dots.
I found Payton a floral print strap dress with disco dot accents.
Lindsay grabbed the dress she wanted which was a long-fitting adjustable spaghetti strap tank with flower print. Lined and ruched budice with lace trim.
I grabbed my favorite dress with was a floral print tube dress with satin trim top and ruffle hem.
Everyone changed and we did our hair, and make-up. Once we were done we looked like we stepped out of the Stepford wives movie. This is what I wanted; I thought we would get a kick out of it, when the guys got home. We left in enough time to make it back to Brendon's and kind picked up around the house. We all agreed this was an act and as soon as we were done, we leave for the mall. Once we were done with picking up a little bit, the boy drove up the drive way. Show time.

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