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~!Chapter 14!~

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The girls idea! REVIEW!!

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All of us girls went into the kitchen and were sitting at the table with glasses of sparkling cider in them. (Which I grabbed, before we left my house.) We heard the door open and the guys were laughing about something. Oh, girls we're home. I mouthed 'you know what to do' to the girls and they nodded and smiled. We all got up and ran into the living room.

"Hunny, your home." I said as I ran to Brendon and gave him a hug. I pulled away and toke the bag that was in his hand. I smiled and the other girls were doing the same. The guys were speechless. We push the guys down onto the couch.

"Go play some games, practice, what ever you want to do. We are going to make some breakfast." I said to the guys, as the girls and I walked into the kitchen. Once inside the kitchen we put the bags down and started to laugh.

"Did you see the look on their faces." Payton said. I nodded and laughed. I took the stuff out of the bags, and took a couple of pans out and put them on the stove. I started to make breakfast. I put the bacon in one of the pans and turn it to medium.

"How about you guys set the table, and ask the guys what kind of milk to they want while I make the food." I said and the other 3 girls took plates and cups out. I started to crack the eggs and mix them with some milk, salt and pepper. I knew I would have to make about 2 batches of eggs to feed everyone. I also took the hash browns and put a couple in another pan with a little bit of oil and turn it to medium as well as another one for the eggs. After about 10 minutes I already had all the bacon and hash browns done and the second batch of eggs were going. I already had the girls do the toast and they were almost done. Finally the food was done and the table was set and we were ready to call the guys in.
"Ok guys, breakfast is done. Come and get it." I called into them. Every girl friend was standing behind a chair and ready to pull it out for our lovely boyfriends. Once everyone was seated, I picked up the plate of eggs, and spooned some for Brendon and then some for me. I passed it to Lindsay. Next I took a couple of pieces of bacon for me and Brendon and a piece of toast for him and me. I then picked up the plate of hash browns and gave one to him and took one for me. I passed the plate next to Lindsay. Once everyone had food, we all started to eat.

"So, what is this all about?" Jon asked.

"Well, Amber thought we should do something for our guys." Becky said I smiled and everyone looked at me.

"Yea, everything you have done for me, I thought it would be nice to repay you guys, and then I got the other girls in on it." I told them. Brendon leaned over and kissed my cheek. Everyone ate till all of the food was gone. Once we were all done, the girls waited to see if the guys would volunteer to clean. Knowing that even if they didn't, we would make them. But, thank fully Ryan spoke up.

"Why don't the guys and I clean up. Seeing that you girls did make everything."

"Aw..thank you Ryan. I think the girls and I are going to head over to the mall for the day. We will meet up with you 4 later on today." Lindsay said as us girls got up and walked out of the kitchen and we head towards Lindsay's car. We spent the day at the mall, talking and shopping. Later on we met up with the guys and went to dinner. After dinner the 4 couples went their own ways. Brendon and I went to his house. My mom knew I was spending the weekend with him, and my mom and dad were out of town for the weekend we thought it best we spent sometime alone.

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