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A Chance Encounter

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This is Not my first Fanfiction. Ok, yeah, my first GERARD fanfiction, but, not my first fanfiction altogether. If I get the characters off, please, don't kill me...just kill my brain....But, please read and review my means alot to me... Thanks!!! Amarie

**P.S..If you don't know...Amarie is not my real name and I use this name in all my fanfictions...Its easier for me this way cuz I don't get the names confused in the fanfictions I write....And its pretty and easy to read, am I right? Ok, onward with the on!!!

He was sitting by the window of the bus, looking out into the city. God its beatiful. The city lights are so addicting He sighed and shifted in his seat. Gerard looked at his younger brother and felt this small twinge in the pit of his stomach. Mikey was smiling and talking softly to his /girlfriend/. Gerard was feeling old. He wasn't getting any younger and he felt like, the world was going by slowly, only making his pain of being alive and single even worse. He looked at Ray. "Hey man, where we off to now?" Ray sighed. "Uh, ask Mikey. He keeps up with stuff like this." Gerard turned back to his younger brother. "Mikey?" No answer. "MIKEY??" Mikey didn't even flinch. He was too engrossed with the coversation he was having with ------ (at the moment, i don't know her name...^-^ +) Gerard shook his head in defeat and slumped back against the window. The ride itself was silent. Well, for Gerard, it was. For some odd reason, he didn't feel much like talking. He fell asleep, in the same position against the window, silently snoring. The next morning, the bus pulled over into a small Starbucks. (mmmmhmmm coffee....drools) He stretched and stood up. He needed the coffee if he was going to be top notch for the concert later on that day. The others seemed to wake as soon as he stood. He got off the bus and walked in. It wasn't as crowed inside as he thought it would be. Gerard and the guys took a seat at a big enough table and talked. Bob spoke. "Man, I can't wait for this concert. It feels like everytime I play, the crowd gets crazier. I want to know how crazy its gonna get." The others laughed. Mikey yawned. "I just want to get it over with. I'm tired." Gerard scoffed. "Well, if you didn't take all that energy and time talking to ----, you wouldn't be so tired. And besides who talks to a person till 3 in the morning anyway?" Mikey blushed as the guys started laughing. "Gerard, your just mad because you don't have a girl that likes you for who you are, and wants to talk to you just to hear your voice." Gerard fell silent. So did the others. "Mikey, that was a low blow.." Gerard stood up and took his coffee. "I'm going for a walk. I'll be back." Then he walked off.

Gerard's P.O.V

I can't believe my own brother would throw a blow like that towards me. I didn't think he'd ever get the balls to do that. I walked on. I don't know where I'm going, but I just need space to think. Mikeys right. I don't have a girl. But, I don't need one right? I sighed and saw some of my breath in the cold air. I sipped my coffee and looked around me. I didn't walk that far, I could still see the bus. I figured I'd just take a walk around the block, that way I wont get lost. I was just walking in silence when I bumped into some one. I must've been walking pretty fast because I knocked them down. I looked down and saw a small girl picking up her things from the ground. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to do that. I wasn't watching where I was going." The girl looked up at me and all I could do was stare. Her green eyes looked into mine. I couldn't see her face, but those eyes....they were amazing. She shook her head and walked off. And me being the idiot that I was, I let her walk off. And by the time I realized this, she was gone. I huffed all the way back to the bus. When I got on, everyone was talking and lounging around. I sighed and sat on the sofa.

Third Person P.O.V

Gerard sat on the sofa and sighed. Frank looked at me. "What's up with you? You ok?" Gerard nodded and looked out the window as the bus started moving. MIkey spoke. "I'm sorry Gee. I didn't mean to make it sound as bad as it did." Gerard smiled at him. "Its ok Mikey. It was the truth. I don't have a girl. But frankly, I don't need one." Gerard turned back at the window. Just as he did, he saw her. Her green eyes looked at the bus, and his breath caught in his throat. He needed to talk to her....find out who she was. Again, by the time he found hs voice, she was too far...and gone. Gerard felt his mind die....He didn't know who she was, why was he acting like this? All becasue of a chance enounter.
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