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After Hrs

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Gerard just missed his chance again. He silently cursed himself and laid his head against the glass. Frank looked at him. "What's wrong with you man?" Gerard sighed and looked athim. "Nothing, I just...can't think thats all..." They laughed and hung out, did sound check and got ready for the concert. While Gerard was out on stage, singing his lungs out, he felt like someone in particular was staring at him. He paused for a momnent and looked out into the crowd. He didn't see anything bad so he went back to singing. Well the concert was over and they were resting in the back. Gerard was wiping the sweat off his forehead and smiling. "This was awesome. The fans coulnd't have been any crazier." Bob laughed and threw his wet towl at him. "That was I was talking about earlier. every state we go too the fans go crazy. Next thing we know...we'll be trying to beat them off of us." Gerard and the others laughed. Mikey stood up. "I'm going to call --- and tell her how it went..." Then he walked off. Gerard sighed and stood up. "I'm going to get some fresh air. I'll be back." They nodded and he walked off. He had been walking outside for a while when he spotted a girl sitting in the grass looking up at the stars. He threw all caution to the wind and walked up to her. "What are you doing, sitting here all by yourself?" The girl looked up at him, and he felt his blood rush up to his head. "Oh, I'm just enjoying the stars. You played an awesome concert tonight. I loved it." He extended his hand and she took it lightly. He helped her up and let her hand go quickly. In the dim light, he could see her green eyes looking at him. He cleared his throat a little and smiled. "Have we met before?" She giggled and nodded. "Yes, we have...but not under good circumstances." She looked down then back up at him. "I'm Amarie Mionette. The girl you bumped into in town earlier." He felt his face get even hotter.He couldn't help but look her over. She was slender, with a curvy body, long straight black hair that came to her mid back, with blue streaks, a bit on the short side, and beautiful. His eyes paused at her pink lips and her green eyes, though, they did stare at her chest for a good bit too. She extened her hand to him and he shook it. "Hi Amarie, nice to meet you." She giggled. "Nice to meet you too." She let go and moved some hair behind her ears. "So Gerard, what brings you to back here?" She looked at him intently. He smiled. "The fresh air." She giggled. " too." She sat back down and he followed. They talked for a good hr before the guys came out there. Ray looked at him. "Hey, Gerard. What are you doing man? We've got to get going." Gerard looked them and they both stood up. The guys practically stared at her. Gerard smiled and put a hand on her shoulder. "Guys, this is Amarie." They all waved and so did she. "Uh, I guess I should let you guys go huh?" They nodded and she smiled. "Ok, well, it was nice meeting all of you. And it was nice tlking to you Gerard."

Gerard's P.O.V

Amarie. She's a great girl. she's 22 and amazing. When she looked at me, I could tell that she was listening. Not like all the other air headed fan girls that try to get with me. She gave me her full attention and laughed at all the jokes I told her. Now, I see her walking off. What am I doing? I can't just let her go....but I can't talk either...With everything I could muster up, I ran to her. "Amarie!" She stopped and turned. Her smile made it hard for me to think. "Uh...I was wondering...if you...if you didn't mind...Could I get your number? Maybe call you sometime?" She looked at me with those bright green eyes and smiled sweetly. "Now why would you, Gerard Way, want my number? I'm just a fan.." I could hear the uncertainty in her voice. "Because, you, Amarie Mionette, are a great person to talk to. And I wouldn't mind haveing someone to talk to everyonce in a while." Amarie let out this small giggle. "Ok, I guess I could give it to you." I couldn't help but smile when she took her sharpie and wrote her number on my arm. "I should get going Gerard. I don't want my friends to go crazy on me." I felt a bit sad, but, I hardly knew this girl, so I let her go. "Ok, I guess I'll call you sometime then." She nodded and walked off. "Bye Gerard." And she was gone out of my sight. I smiled and looked at my arm. Her handwriting was so neat, and well done. Her number was etched in my head for a good while. I turned and walked back onto the bus with the guys. Frank smiled. "So man. You talked to...Amarieeee? for a good bit..." I couldn't help but feel adgitaed. "Its Amarie, Frank. And yeah, I did. She's a funny girl." Mikey looked at me and gave a side smirk. "Yeah, I bet she is. What did you guys talk about?" I coudn't help but smile. "Nothing. Just, this tour, her life, my life...what we both did, and how we met in town today." Ray raised his eyebrow. "You both met already and your meeting behind the stadium?" I sighed and smiled. "No, I bumped into her and knocked all her stuff down.....I coudn't see her face..but she remembered me....." I looked off into space and sighed. "Amarie has these amazingly green eyes. That's all I could remember about her. Was her eyes." I sighed again and looked down at my arm...I decided I was going to call her.

Third P.O.V

After a few hrs, Gerared dialed her number and smiled as he heard it ring. "Hello?" He gluped down and cleared his throat. "Hi, Amarie. It's me, Gerard." He heard a soft noise and believed it was her footsteps. "Hi. I didn't think you'd call so soon. I figured you'd call in like a day or so." He smiled and gave a chuckle. "Well, I just wanted to talk to you. Why wait so long to do that?" She giggled and sighed. "True...So what do you want to talk about?" He looked up at the ceiling and smiled. "Good point...Uh, why don't we talk about...trees.." She burst out laughing and he could imagine all her dimples showing like crazy. "Tree's? You called at 2 in the morning to talk about trees?" He looked at his clock at realized that everyone was asleep and it was late. "Man, I didn't know I called you this late...I guess we should talk again later? So I should let you sleep?" She giggled and let out a soft chuckle. "Yeah Gerard. That would be wise. I tomorrow." She thought for a moment. "OR was I supposed to visit mom? Uh, oh well. I'll just talk to you later.." He laughed. "Ok, Bye Amarie." She smiled. "Ok, Bye Gerard." They hung up and he sighed. Is it me, or am I falling for a girl I just met today? He sat there till he drifted off into a good sleep.
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