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The Concert

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Okay, I am sooooo sorry about the long wait. I changed some stuff thats gonna happen with help from my friend, but everything thats already happened is the same. Oh god, its been like a month since I updated this, I hope you guys still like it. And the P.O.V. thing is just gonna be an outside one unless I change my mind, k? And this outsider can read peoples minds, because sometimes Im gonna want you to know what the characters are thinking.

Katrina and Breanne went to the Xcel Center, where the concert was. They walked in and told the guy at the ticket counter that Ryan Ross was going to give them tickets.

"Hey, um Ryan Ross said he was gonna give us some backstage pass tickets for the Panic concert tonight." Katrina said, the man at the counter looked at them like they were crazy.

"Sure he did." the guy said.

"He did, what will it take for you to believe us." Katrina asked him.

"Well, if you know him, call him on that doohickie in your hand, then tell him to come out here and talk to Steve." the guy said.


"That would be moi." he said, resting his elbows on the counter and setting his chin in his hand, as if expecting some sort of show.

Veronica flipped open her sidekick (the doohickie, lol) and dialed Ryan's number, a panting Ryan answered.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Hey Ry, sorry im bugging you, you were probably doin something important. The guy at the ticket counter, he said his name was Steve, told me to call you and have you come out here and talk to him. He doesnt believe us." Katrina said, then flashed Steve a dirty look.

"Okay, ill be right out." Ryan said.

"Bye Ry."

"Bye Kat." they both hung up.

"I hope you're happy Steve, he was busy, but he's comin." Katrina said, Breanne couldnt hold still, she was really excited. Ryan appeared from a black door to the left of the counter.

"Hey Kat, Breanne." he said waving, Katrina said hey, Breanne waved shakily. "Um, you're Steve?" Ryan asked the guy, the guy looked shocked, his mouth hanging open, eyes open wide.

"Y-yea." Steve stuttered, closing his mouth.

"I told our ticket manager to hold them some backstage passes, he said he told you." Ryan told him.

"Oh, he didnt, one second." Steve said, picking up the phone next to him and punching in some numbers. "Hello sir, Ryan Ross and his friends are here about some held tickets. Yes. Yes, okay. Bye sir." Steve said, then hung up the phone. "Yes, he said he held them, let me just get them for you sir." Steve said, then walked off.

"While we're waiting for the dim wit, I see you changed your hair." Ryan said to Katrina. She now had washed out the black die she had in her hair, her natural color was blonde.

"Yea, the black was temporary, im a natural blonde." Katrina said, running a hand through her shoulder length blonde curls. Steve came in holding two passes on lanyards.

"Here you go Mister Ross, sorry about the mix-up." Steve said as he handed both passes to Ryan.

"Here ya go." Ryan said as he handed the passes to the girls. "Okay, we're still doing soundcheck, but we can take a break so the guys can meet you." The girls followed Ryan backstage.

"Hey Ry. Where the hell were you? You just left." Spencer said annoyed. Then they saw the girls.

"Hey, look, pretty ladys!" shouted Jon, jumping up.

"Ry, its not Christmas yet." said Brendon. Breanne and Katrina both blushed at these comments.

"Guys, this is Katrina and her friend Breanne." Ryan said pointing at them.

"Hello pretty lady." said Brendon, kissing Katrina's hand.

"Brendon, quit being such a flirt, you're scaring them." yelled Jon, smacking Brendon on the head. "Hello Katrina, may I call you Kat? and hello Breanne, im Jon, the bass player."

"Sure you can Jon, nice to meet you." Katrina said, reaching out to shake his hand, he shook it and they started laughing.

"Im Spencer. I play drums." Spencer said to them.

"I know." said Breanne.

"Ok, Breanne, dont be rude please. Hey Spencer." Katrina said.

"I wasnt being rude." Breanne said.

"Okay whatever, lets not fight, we're here to have fun." said Brendon.

"Bren, are you high?" Ryan asked him.

"Yes, high on hot girls." Brendon said, flashing Katrina a smile.

"Oh my god, Ryan did you tell him?" Katrina asked Ryan, refering to when she told him she liked Brendon.

"Tell me what?" Brendon asked confused.

"That I like you." Katrina said, then gasped at Brendon's expression and Ryan's franticly shaking head. "You didnt tell him, did you." Katrina said embarrassed.

"Nope, you just did. He was just being full of himself, in other words, being Brendon. You just fueled his fire, brace yourselves people." Ryan said laughing.

"You like me?" Brendon asked raising an eyebrow.

"Well, I thought you were cute, I dont really know you, so really like likeing you would be hard." Katrina said.

"Oh, okay, whatever. We need to get back to soundcheck guys, before they kick our asses for not being ready already." Brendon said walking to the stage and starting to do voice exercises.

Katrina was thinking 'Wow, Brendon know's I think he's cute and he didnt totally flip. Probably because he hears that everyday.'

"Kat, earth to Kat, anybody home?" asked Jon, knocking on her head.

"Oh, yea, sorry, I was just thinking. What did you want?" Katrina asked.

"We're going out to do sound check, are you gonna come?" he asked her.

"Yea sure." said Katrina, then she followed Jon to the stage.

The guys all tuned their instruments and then went through a couple songs.

"Guys, we're opening the doors to let people in in a few, get back here and get ready." their manager shouted from the side of the stage, the guys ran out to go get ready.

"Lets go get into our seats, that way we wont get trampled." Breanne said.

"Sure, lets go." Katrina said, she jumped off the stage and onto the ground floor. They went up to one of the ushers. "Can you show us where these seats are?"

"Sure Miss, right this way." the usher said, he brought them to a seat right in the middle of the front row.

"Oh my god, these seats are amazing!" Breanne shouted happily.

"I know, im gonna hit Ryan when the show is over, these seats are too good." Katrina said laughing. The doors open and a big crowd of fans poured in. Once most of them were seated the overhead lights dimmed and the hall was shrouded in shadow.

A single spotlight flashed on, lighting up none other than the hot frontman, Brendon. Then another came on, lighting up Ryan, then another lighting up Jon, then one for Spencer. They started playing I Write Sins Not Tragedies and dancers wearing skimpy dresses twirled around the stage. A couple came and danced on Brendon, his face got a big grin.

They played well, after they went through some more songs and a few costume changes, they ran backstage and the lights came back on. Katrina and Breanne ran out and went to the backstage door.
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