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Band Practice

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Katrina meets the guys (sorry, i suck at summaries)

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Katrina's Point of View
The Next Day

I jolted awake. 'It's Saturday, why is my alarm on?' I thought to myself as I rolled out of bed. I glanced at the clock on my dresser 'Wait a minute, my alarm is set to go off at 5:00 AM, not 12:00 PM.' I remembered, scratching my head confused.

'Duh!' I slapped myself in the head, 'My cellphone'. I walked across the room to my desk and picked it up. It blinked One new message in little letters on the screen. I pressed listen and held the phone to my ear.

"Hi, this is Ryan. And Spencer and Brendon!" two faint voices yelled in the background along with Ryan's. I laughed. "I was calling about hanging out later. Well, the guys and I have a band practice today at 2, I kinda forgot about it." My heart sunk, I was really looking forward to hanging out with them. "Um, It cant be cancelled, but I was wondering if you and your friend wanted to come and watch us. Maybe we could do something after? Well, I dunno, call me back when you get this, bye."

"End of message." the computer voice on my cellphone said.

I dug around in my pocket for Ryan's number. When I found it I punched it in.

Unknown:"Hullo?" a groggy voice answered.
Me:"Hello, this is Katrina, im looking for Ryan. May I ask who this is?"
Unknown:"Hey Katrina, this is Jon. May I ask if you're Ryans's girlfriend."
Me:I laugh, "No, im not his girlfriend, im just his friend. Can I talk to him?"
Jon:"No, what if you're a creepy stalker or sumthin?" he asked
Me:"Come on, please let me talk to him, he told me to call him." I giggle.
Jon:"Nope, no can do."
Me:"Why not?" I ask, getting impatient.
Jon:"Don't get your panties in a bunch, he's not here at the moment. He'll be back soon."
Me:"Oh," I laugh, "Why didnt you just say that in the first place then?"
Jon:"I dunno, I guess I just didnt wanna."
Unknown voice in the background:"Lemme talk to her!"
Jon:"No dude, You'll scare her away, then Ryan will be Pissed."
Unknown voice in the background:"No I wont, I promise."
Jon:"Fine, but if shes not on the phone when Ryan gets back you can explain why. He's been waiting for this call."
Unknown voice:"Hi Katrina! This is Brendon." he yelled into the phone.
Me:"Hi Brendon! Could you please talk quieter, you're hurting my ears."
Brendon:"Oh, sorry." he sounded disappointed.
Me:"That's ok. Can I ask you a question?"
Brendon:"Sure, ask away."
Me:"Did you eat sugar for breakfast?" I asked him laughing.
Brendon:"Nope, I just had some Captain Crunch and Mountain Dew." he replied laughing
Me:"Oh," I giggled, "thats technically the same thing though."
Brendon:"Well, yea, but you asked if I had sugar, and its not just sugar."
Me:"I suppose you got me there." I giggled.
Brendon:"Well, I gotta go, cuz your boyfriend's back and he wants to talk to you."
Me:"Ok, but Brendon?"
Me:"He's not my boyfriend."
Brendon:"Okie doie, whatever you say. Bye Kit-kat." I giggled, Kit-kats were my favorite type of candy.
Me:"Bye bye Brendon."
Ryan:"Hi Kat."
Me:"Hi Ryan, hows it goin?
Ryan:"Crazy, we have a concert tonight."
Me:"Oh, I knew that. Me and Breanne were gonna get tickets, but they were sold out."
Ryan:"That sucks! Wait, I can get you tickets." he said laughing, most likely remembering that it was his bands concert
Me:"Ry, thats too much work. You dont have to."
Ryan:"Please let me, I want to."
Me:"Fine, when is your band practice again?"
Ryan:"It's really sound check for our concert, it's in an hour.Can you go?"
Me:"Yea, where is it?"
Ryan:"Nonsense, I'll pick you up."
Me:"Okay, is the concert right after it?"
Ryan:"Yep, I'll pick you up in half an hour?"
Me:"Sure thing, see you soon, bye."
Ryan:"Bye." he said happily then hung up.

I was excited. I ran downstairs and told my mom that I was going to the concert after all. She told me to have fun and not to come home late. I wondered why she didnt ask questions, but then I realized she probably talked to Ryan's mom about it. Heck, she probably knew Ryan was in my favorite band the moment she made the plans for us to hang out. I was too excited and in a hurry to be mad though.

I called Breanne and told her that I got tickets to the concert. After she finished flipping out I told her to be ready and at my house in twenty minutes. Then I hopped in the shower, when I came out, Breanne was in my room.

"I know im early, but im just so excited!" she screamed. Then she helped me pick out my outfit and finish getting ready.

Ryan's Point of View

I couldnt wait to see Katrina. I knew it was dumb, but I missed her already. I know it may seem sad, but shes my only friend besides the guys. We didnt know eachother real well, but she was like a sister to me.

I told the guys she was coming to the concert and that we needed to leave for sound check.

A/N:Sorry, thats shorter than I wanted it, but I have to get off now. Chapter four will just be longer I guess. Im sorry if ur mad, but I have to eat and do homework. Please review, and I'll get chapter 4 posted asap
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