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Not so lyrical Lies

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Drama. Pete has a lot to explain, but is Alexandra willing to listen?

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Sunday morning arrived and I was feeling renewed after sleeping like a baby.
The morning had been uneventful so after spending the day with my _in laws_ I decided to go over to the Thompson's.
Kallena opened the front door giving me a sad smile she hugged me.
"Hey baby, what's going on?" I said worried trying to make her look at me.
"I'm so sorry, Alex I never thought he'd do something like that..." she said.
What's up with people lately with these random phrases?
"What are you talking about?"
"I was browsing a Lindsay Lohan fan site this morning and they had a pic of Pete and her kissing..." I couldn't hear anything after that. I felt a stab through my chest.
I felt so lost and sick.
"I gotta go..." I said reaching back for the door handle. She called my name but I couldn't make myself look back.
I aimlessly just went around town, stopped to get some coffee then went to the park where I just sat there thinking, my cell was on vibe and I could care less.

When I realized the sun was about to set and the wind was picking up a bit but I didn't feel cold. At all.
I wondered if everything that happened between Pete and I was just a dream or something I had made up in my mind, because this was turning out just like some dreams I used to have whenever I'm about to wake up something bad happens.
Why would he hook up with Lindsay for Christ's sake!!
I think I'd feel less offended if it was Ashlee Simpson or I don't know...her sister...Or...No, I wouldn't. I'd be offended the same way because he was my boyfriend and he had given in and he cheated on me with the first one willing. Maybe he had just made things easier for us. I could just ask for an earlier leave from the au pair program and go back home pretending nothing ever happened.
If he even felt like explaining himself, he was about to meet my stubborn side.

I opened the front door and suddenly the house that seemed to be asleep already came to live
"Sweety we were so worried about you! Kallena called saying you had left their house upset...I even went around looking for you..." they were both already in their pajamas and suddenly I felt guilty to put them through so much distress but before I could say anything else I simply broke down in front of them.
"Why did he have to spoil this?" I heard Mr Wentz saying as Mrs Wentz held me, trying to soothe my pain with sweet words
"I'm sure he didn't mean it...he already called about a 100 times trying to talk to his mother I should be taking his side but I can't in this case. He messed up, big time."
I hugged her; I really needed a shoulder to cry on right now.
After 2 hours between calming down and getting back to crying I finally stopped because I didn't have the energy to cry anymore. Mrs Wentz had made hot tea for me and now she sat by my side, brushing my hair talking about other stuff, she got up.
"I really hope my son can fix this. I really like you and I think you are one of the best things that happened to him in a long time." she kissed my temple and left the room quietly.
I let out a sigh thinking of the options I had. I still had to hear him out first, his father had called him to let him know I was safe at home, but I didn't want to talk to him. He had tried 3 times to make me talk to him, but I wasn't in the mood so I went to sleep not even checking my cell for missed calls.

I woke up the other day around noon. My eyes swollen and red, I got up and checked for the time in my clock, exactly 12:26pm. Just wonderful, I had missed work, jogging with Mrs Wentz and I had a killer headache going on.
"I wanna go home..." I cried silently in my pillow.
It was close to 1pm when I finally left my room, I had showered and now I felt a little better.
"Alexandra, my dear!! I was starting to worry about you. I tried to wake up twice this morning, you didn't even acknowledged my presence in the room." She was really worried about me, I could tell. She got up and took me to the kitchen where she insisted that I should eat.
"I'm sorry, I was so tired last night, I can't even remember how long I laid there trying to get to find sleep." she was standing in the kitchen supervising me.
"How are you feeling this morning? Sally called saying she wouldn't expect you today...she said that maybe you could call her..." she said trailing off.
"I wanna go home, Mrs Wentz." I blurted out, my voice already choking up, she reached for me pulling me in a hug.
"Oh no! How would that work? Don't you think my son deserves to explain himself first? I know this is all new for you and that you are hurt but you have to think before taking any action, sweety." She said calmly. I couldn't imagine how she was feeling trying to defend her son and at the same time I knew she was at my side.
"It's just I'm homesick. It's just I'm here leaving with the parent's of my cheating boyfriend! How weird is that? It's my first time going through something this hurtful, I wish I had my sister to listen to me, hug me and tell me everything will work out you know...I can't even get myself to call her...because I know she will be disappointed..." I cried harder trying to make sense.
"I understand, tell me what you want to do? Go back to the Thompson's when Peter is back? I are not leaving me!!" I smiled as she hugged me tighter;
"Aww. I'm so confused momma Wentz..."we laughed.
"Peter called this morning..."I looked at her, any trace of amusement leaving my face.
"I don't want to talk to him right now; I don't want to deal with this over the phone. It's too embarrassing having people seeing your boyfriend cheating on you all over the internet!" "Have you seen the pictures?" she looked at me wide eyed. "No, and I'm not sure I want to." I shrugged.
"Maybe you should, maybe you could see if this is really that accusing!"
"He is kissing her..." I said, my curiosity got the best of me so I run upstairs to look for my laptop. Logging in I heard the door opening as Mrs Wentz came is, sitting by my side.
I searched for the pictures and finally found what I was looking for.
I wish I didn't.

There was my man, the guy I love with all my heart flirting shamelessly with some Hollywood starlet. I gasped covering my mouth with my shaking hand.
I was beyond pissed at myself for believing that he'd settle for me when he could have anyone else.
"Enough honey, you are shaking..." Mrs Wentz closed the laptop; I didn't notice that I was crying so hard, she pulled me to her swinging back and forth.
"I'm so disappointed ..." I heard her whispering.

I woke up some time later feeling a little better with myself, I looked at the clock, it was around 4 o'clock. I sighed it was almost time to go to belly dance classes (it was Monday, Wednesday and Saturday) maybe it would cheer me up seeing some of my crazy class partners, they were definitely not friends, but their bubbly personality could help me right now.
I got up and went to get ready for my class that was inside of a huge gym place. The place was always empty but when I'd be leaving it was starting the rush hour, because most people would come right after work.
I decided to put some characteristic make up for the class today. I put my scarves and my attire inside my bag along with my water bottle, then pulling my hair out of the bum that was tied high in my head before the shower.
I left a note on the kitchen counter alerting that I had left for the class since I couldn't find Mrs Wentz anywhere.

Mean a while

"You definitely screwed up, little man!" Was the first thing my mom told me when she saw me. I looked like shit and I felt like it.
"Mom!!!" I whined not really up for a bashing in the middle of the airport.
"Don't mom-me Peter! Let's get out of! I forgot to leave a message for Alex." She didn't even hug me, she went ahead of me towards the car and left me struggling with my luggage and some other stuff I had brought.
In the car the silence was awkward and heavy.
"Mom...I..." I had tried to think of something to say, being the most honest possible, but the truth made me feel so dirty, I don't know if I wanted my mom to feel the some way. So I lied.
"I was drunk off my ass mom...she looked good and I felt lonely." Yeah it didn't sound that bad, if I was a little younger because at my age it sounded cheap and very stupid.
"Peter...and that just happened to be in front of some paparazzi?" she snorted, her laugh was dry and cold.
"I didn't know they were around...they are sneaky mom!! She was the one pulling me to that balcony...she had flirted through the night...I just gave in I guess. I know Alexa is hurt, I'm hurt too. I feel like I'm the biggest loser ever. Last night dad gave me the worse lecture ever, finishing with a 'Be a man and fix this!" " I just didn't tell my mom that dad knew what had happened.
Remember 'This is screaming photo op'? That's what it's all about. The big shots said we needed something and the only one willing was, well myself. That doesn't surprise you, right?
Inside I was hurting so bad for lying to my mom and obviously for Alex if she even got to listen to me. But it was my fault.
"Your father was there when the poor girl got home, broken and lost. I'm having a hard time seeing her sobbing her little heart out for you, son! We've been really close, she has been like a friend, it's a company that I missed. So it's difficult to balance the fact that you are my son and you are the one making her cry." She was frustrated I could tell. But I was too. I was mad. Patrick had even told me that I was a 'disgusting human being' and a sale out, I would never take those things to heart because he was pissed when he found out I had given in to the PR's demands.
We got home and everything was quiet. It was close to 6 o'clock and I was hungry, but I needed a shower and I needed to work things out with my girl.
This time my mom helped me with some of the bags. I was glad.
"Want me to make you a sandwich?" she asked.
"I could use a shower first mom, If I ever had problems sleeping, this past night was ten times worse." I was the one to notice the pink paper in the kitchen counter.
"Looks like she went out to 'bd' classes" I said my stomach turning slightly.
"Oh. I'm glad she went, she loves the belly dancing classes..." she trailed off her head coming out of the fridge her eyes wide. "You look like I wasn't supposed to know this little bit of information..." I was suspicious. "I...It was a supposed to be a surprise or something..."she shrugged it off.
"So my girlfriend has been dancing in some skimpy see through outfit and I didn't know about it?" like I had the right to say anything, but I felt like it.
"Oh Peter you are so dramatic! She was so excited to start this class, she was even teaching me some of it...she is really good..." Oh God, the thought of my mom belly dancing for dad alarmed me.
"I'm going upstairs mom...when I come back you are going to tell me where exactly she is and I'll go get her..." I said making my way upstairs not really leaving room for a reply.
The room smelled like her. The bed was unmade and there were pieces of clothes around. I took a shower and put on a polo shirt, jeans and some chucks on my feet; I got a hoodie and left the room. Downstairs I found my mom watching tv.
"Mom, where is this belly dance place?" she looked up at me.
"I don't know if this is any wise, you don't know what her reaction will be..." my mom was getting on my nerve, trying to protect Alex.
"Come on, Mom! Help me here, I'm trying..." I was getting exasperated.
After that mom wrote down the address for me, it was not very far, it was a big gym place actually.
I parked outside as I watched people coming in and out of the building. Waited there listening to some music, but after 30 min I got bored.
I went outside the car and sat on the hood. That's when I saw my girl coming out holding her bag to her side walking with a guy and a girl. They were just talking but I got jealous seeing her laughing along with them knowing that we probably wouldn't feel comfortable around each other for sometime.
My thoughts were halted when a big blond guy approached her holding on her elbow, he was taller than her and I couldn't help but wince when she leaned in to hear what he was saying. I clenched my fists, biting slightly on my bottom lip. The two other people that accompanied her left she hugged them and then turned back to Ken-Doll. Yeah I was already calling him names. See how mature I'm.
It was too much for me so I approached them, she didn't seem to notice so I could hear what he was saying. Gag me.
"So I've been seeing you around here for sometime, but you are never alone, tonight I was thinking maybe it'd be my chance..." that line was probably invented by Jesus.
"So I don't see a ring around your finger, I've asked your friends but they told me you have a boyfriend...but I really don't care because I've never seen him claiming his property" I shuddered. Alex face was priceless, she looked disgusted. "I really don't..." I cut her off. "I don't need to claim property on my girlfriend buddy, and If I were you I'd never try to pass one at her again.
You hear me?" The guy was less the threatened by me, tho when I approached he had widened his eyes.
"Oh yeah, I'm sorry. I didn't know she had a girlfriend, I mean boyfriend...with these girl pants I wouldn't know the difference really!" the ogre laughed and before my fist would make contact with his face Alexa put her hands on my chest pulling me back.
"You are such an asshole!" she said over her shoulder as we made our way to the car in silence.
"You didn't have to stop me, I could have taken him!" the guy was about double my size. "Oh yeah, he would have taken you straight to the emergency room..." she trailed off as we pulled out of the parking lot.
She looked out of the window for sometime; neither of us knew what to say at the moment.
"Wanna go somewhere to eat? I asked feeling a little dejected.
"No, I wanna go home and sleep." She stated simply not even looking at me.
"Well, that's too bad because I'm hungry and I'm stopping to get some coffee and food." I pulled to a starbucks I knew she loved it so I jumped out of the car and she just sat there, staring at me with a scowl at her face.
Sometime later I came back with two huge cups, one for me and one for her, her favorite, and some snacks.
"Here hold this for me" I said handing her the cups.
She looked up at me and I gulped. This was worse than I had thought, taking the cups from me she kept staring ahead as I adjusted my sit belt and went on with the trip, I decided to go somewhere to eat so I thought about our little spot overlooking the city, the place where I took her on our first date.
"Peter this is ridiculous, I wanna go home, right now." She had never sounded so desperate.
"We need to talk, baby...I came here so we can work things out..."I tried to hold her hand but she flinched at my touch.
"You cheated on me...I really don't want to talk to you right now...I feel like one of the most stupid people on earth for letting myself fall for you..." she cried then.
I reached out and to my surprise she let me hold her. Most girls would have screamed and even slapped me; I say that based on past experiences.
"I'm so sorry, I am ashamed for what I did to you, I not only cheated on my girlfriend but I disappointed my best friend and my parents. I feel like crap." I said honestly.
"I'm disappointed because I really trusted in you and you took it for granted." Her eyes peered at me; I knew she would give me a second chance by that look.
"I'm not going to lie to you, I can't. Uhm I should have warned you before it even happened but I didn't know it'd be happening so soon." She looked at me puzzled as I rambled on.
"What are you talking about?" she frowned.
"They wanted a photo op...they know I'm the only willing to please the pr people and the execs. So Lindsay was all flirty and shit, I know she loves attention and I do too in a certain extent but this time it was like I was whoring myself out, I felt dirty and that's why I'm here. The guys didn't approve and Patrick was pissed at me for doing I came home to try to explain it to you and make amends." she kissed my forehead and sat back on her sit.
"Let's go back home please?" she whispered sipping on her coffee.
What? That was it? I was forgotten?

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