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In the dark lying on top of you

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Alexandra forgives Pete and he is greatful for some make up s_e_x.

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Pete had been home for 16 hours now, I had gone to sleep right after we arrived, I had gone upstairs showered and before he could think about starting his story again I was out like a light.

This morning I found out he had slept on the couch, what a gentleman!

I had showered and went downstairs to find Mrs Wentz ready for our morning jog. We drank some milk and headed out. About an hour and a half later we were back and we were greeted by the image of Pete making pancakes.
By that I mean: trying.
Mrs Wentz went to help him as I walked to the fridge to get some water, I noticed his eyes were checking me out. He was like monitoring my every move. I had some juicy black pants that fit my body just right and a pink shirt.

"I'm going to take a shower...Sally gave me a day off today." I went upstairs. I took out my sweaty shirt leaving on a pink top that I wore underneath. I was just about to take off my pants when the door opened. I yelped. "WTF Pete! Knock before entering!" I glared at him then sighed; he seemed hurt by my outburst.

"I'm sorry I came to change my shirt..."he was once again checking me out. This time trying to be less obvious about it, his shirt was covered in flour and he thought it would be enough to convince me.
"okay then..."I shrugged and went to close the bathroom door.

"You can leave it open like you used to, you know...I'm not going to barge in.
"I will when I feel comfortable to do so. I'm sorry" I said as his face fell.
I noticed he had left and unlocked the door.

/Pete's p.o.v/
I thought I had reached her heart but by the way she has been treating me like shit, I knew I hadn't. Actually she is not mean by any means because that's just not how she is, but she has been distant, like last night when we arrived home she just left me in the car as she made her way inside then when I got there she was in our room showering, so I decided to give her sometime, I had went downstairs to wait for her, but she never really came down. She was already asleep when I entered the room bout half an hour later.
This morning I woke up and she was already gone, so I went downstairs to see if she was awake, but instead I found out that I was alone in the house.
There wasn't a note left telling their where abouts, probably my mom thought I wouldn't be up until much later today, since I was jet leg from the flight.

My stomach reminded me that I was hungry so I decided to do something to eat. I thought about some depressing food. No, there was no ice cream.
I decided that I'd make pancakes! Or I'd die trying.

I was busy watching over my pancakes when I heard the front door open and close, then I heard the sound of female laughter.
"OMG! My son is cooking! Isn't it priceless?" My own mother mocked me. I turned back to give a witty reply but it died on my tongue when I saw Alex.
She looked amazing, all sweaty, her pants hugging her body just right. Her shirt had a knot on the side so I could have a glimpse of her stomach, I sighed in defeat. I needed help or I'd go insane as she passed me to go to the fridge.

"I'm going to take a shower..."she commented as my mom took the spatula form my hand seeing how distracted I was.
"So...I see things are still shaky...You should try giving her space and sometime baby, she can't just swallow everything you say like go upstairs and change this shirt..."she shooed me with her other hand.

I went upstairs and without thinking I pulled the door open startling Alex that was in the process of shedding her pants. My whole body tensed seeing her bare legs that now looked a little more toned than before; I wondered how good it would be now to have it wra...her harsh voice telling me to knock before entering interrupted my thoughts.
She didn't believe my excuse that I just wanted to change my shirt.
I felt like nothing was working at my favor. Almost.

Around noon my mom appeared all dressed up at the door of the basement where I sat typing away in my laptop. If things were not working out at least I'd do something productive.

"I'm going out for a bit, run some errands...want anything?" she asked coming towards me and placing her hand in my shoulder.
"Nah, thanks. Mom? Do you think she will forgive me? It's weird you know...I fucked up big this time. I don't want you to tell her this but I've been secretly wanting to propose to her, so I can keep her forever..." I laughed bitterly, I was sure she couldn't just wait for the time to come so she could go back home and pretend she never met me.
"OMG, son...maybe you should think about it a little more, see if this is what you want to do...maybe you can help her to find another job...we can even help her financially to get into college...what do you think?" No way I'd let her go to college here, I could just imagine.
"Mom...I don't think she will like to experience of college life in here...and I don't even know if she really wants to stay, mom. We never discussed this before." I shrugged.
"Well, I gotta go...maybe you should try to go upstairs and talk to her, just let her get comfortable with being around you ...." She kissed my forehead and made her way to the door.
I sat there for about half an hour wondering what I could say to make things right again...

I went upstairs holding my breath; I heard some music was coming out of the room, it was some exotic music.
I opened the door slightly peering inside. My breath caught in my throat, there she was in all her glory dancing around, and she had a golden belt around her hips that held some kind of shiny things dangling all around it. She would sway her hips side to side, like she had no control over it. I was mesmerized, she had a little black bustier, it was simple, I guess she was just practicing.
I noticed the tiny little short she had underneath. I breathed heavy as I entered through the doorway, she noticed me. I knew the moment I saw her cheeks tinting. What surprised me was that she didn't stop, she just kept dancing and if I was correct she even seemed to be putting on a show for me as she seemed to flair her arms around her body. I made my way towards her on an impulse, I circled her she finally found my eyes and we started some kind of game. A very dangerous game, she started to do the same, my eyes never leaving hers. If she thought I'd back down she was mistaken. Placing the see through red scarf she had around her arms around her face under her eyes she approached me. The tension was so thick I'm sure it could be cut with a knife.

I don't know how to explain how this happened but she was now pushing me towards the bed, I adjusted myself on my elbows so I could watch the show.
She changed the song to something more upbeat, I could tell she was enjoying this when she smirked sexily at me. I now had to 'adjust' myself, because she was killing me...I was startled when she kneeled on the bed coming towards me crawling, she reached up to my face hovering over me, our lips only a few inches apart, I reached up to touch her lips but she pulled out, her fingers come to view as she shook them at me.
"Bad boy..." she whispered. I was starting to have mixed feelings about this.
She leaned in biting my bottom lip pulling at it a little. My left hand made it's way to her lower back and she adjusted herself straddling me, sitting flush into my lap, I grunted. I wanted to kiss her and make her feel her lips going numb.
"Come here..."I demanded, I could play her game as well. she shook her head trying to be cute, I was having none of it so I pulled her to me kissing her senseless, a little later after she had tried to bit me I managed to fight her for the upper hand. We had already rolled around the bed and now we were right next to the edge, my feet dangling as she now the one kissing me like she had invented it. I felt my toes curl and the thought of it made me chuckle. She pulled out her face unreadable.

"I'm so stupid..."she mumbled and hurriedly got off me, I reached out to hold her left elbow, she flinched.
"Alexandra, Stop it. It's enough. I just chuckled because you uhm I'm so embarrassed to had made my toes curl with your kiss, that's just so girly...but maybe me feel warm and fuzzy inside." She tried to keep her face serious but she cracked a smile, she sighed and then sat by my side.

Alex'a p.o.v

I sat besides him on the bed we had just been rehearsing a come back but then he chuckled and my mood had gone out the window. I don't know what had come over me but when I saw him entering the room eyeing me with so much lust and appreciation I had forgiven him right there, I missed his company I missed his voice, his touch and having him so close was killing me.
Mrs Wentz had also told me that he'd be leaving in the morning the other day and I didn't plan on staying mad at him. And since he had been so honest with me he really deserved a second chance.
"So you say you felt your toes curling?" I teased not looking at him.
"Yeah..." he said in a whisper, he seemed to be scared of me.
"That means you wouldn't mind if I kissed you again, then?" I asked looking up at him, he did a double take at my face then he smiled my favorite smile and leaned in. This time he commanded the kiss and I just let him do the work.
Suddenly we were again laying down, making up for the lost time.
"Oh I want this off..." he took out my black top and threw it somewhere else.
I reached for his pants; he wore some light sweat pants that already showed a tent forming. I smirked grabbing him.
"Oh wow...someone missed me..."
" If you keep this up it'll be no fun for you..." he bit my earlobe. His hand caressing my breast with care, we had slowed down a bit but this was different from our other time making love, maybe this was make up sex or something.
I pushed down on his sweat pants with my feet and he was now totally naked against my body, I could feel how hot and hard little Petey was, as he pressed up against me. I moaned in his ears, just to tease him.

/Peter's p.o.v/
She was finally being more vocal about this, I though as she moaned in my ear. Here I was naked lying on top of her, snuggling inside her legs, my heat pressing up against hers. I couldn't wait to take that short off her.
I felt her hand going to my buttocks and sighed. Weird. Then she broke out of the kiss to bite my ear, she made her way kissing and biting my neck as I shivered like crazy, her hands still stimulating my skin, as I started to grind on her, I felt the vibration of her moans on my skin, then she grabbed my right cheek, if you know what I mean and put her right leg over my hip. Hello sensation!
I searched for her lips I so desperately wanted to kiss but couldn't find it as she kept on kissing my neck.
"I wanna kiss you..." I whispered trying to pull her head to me.
"Not now..."she breathed before dislodging her leg and pushing me off to the side, she came right over, hovering over me again. I was in trouble if my woman wanted to take charge.
She pushed her hair to the side and looked at me now pulling back a little bit to sit on her calves. She looked at the window, it was still bright outside and the window was a little open on the side, she covered her breasts with her right hand and walked over there, shutting the windows then making sure the blinds were well shut as well, she looked at me and smirked, the room now was darker, I followed her every move as she made her way to the door locking it behind her. I was sweating like a pig with all that, I was so excited the anticipation was killing me. The music was still going so suddenly I was entranced as she begun dancing again, her hand still covering her breasts, I sat up a bit to admire her body as she danced so sensually, I almost didn't notice that she was actually talking to me. "Wanna come over here?" she asked dancing closer to the bed, she bend her head to the side as her hips were now doing a sexy wavy move. I came closer to the edge of the bed sitting on my calves bringing a pillow to cover my lap, what? I felt very vulnerable at the moment, okay?
She came closer placing both hands on each side of my face she inched closer just peaking my lips and letting go, I moved my hands to her hips. I wanted those shorts off a.s.a.p.
I pulled the short shorts down, it was almost like a second skin to her, her back was a little sweaty as my hand roamed over her back as she stepped out of the shorts, it was our first time having this kind of interaction during the day.
To my surprise she didn't seem nervous but I was.

I was so nervous, he had his hand on my back and I was completely naked save for the golden belt around my waist, I felt so stupid standing there, but I couldn't let him feel it so I reached around to take off that thing,
"Leave it on..." he said leaning in to kiss my cheek.
"No, it can hurt us." I breathed in and found the brave woman in me to finish what I had started...I pulled the pillow he had covered himself with, was he trying to hide the obvious? He stood there 'proudly' bending to the side ( LMAO )
I lifted my right knee to rest close to his hip and did the same with the other, straddling his legs his face was on my neck since I was in a higher level.
He kissed my neck and I shivered my palms on his chest pushed him on the bed, his feet were now dangling from the bed. I leaned down for a kiss. Quickly finding his tongue inside my mouth muting my moan of appreciation, I tried not to just let our bodies touch in fear it would make things happen faster than I wanted them to. Pete was basically devouring my face now. His hand that rested on my back now was sliding down to my butt; the other seemed to just hold my head still. Our eyes closed breathing heavily.

I wanted to let her run the show, I really did but damn I was craving this and she didn't seem to complain but I knew she had just gotten lost under my 'attack' so I let her go, our lips untangling from each other just lingering a bit.
She was moved up to sit on my stomach, I moaned feeling how ready she was and the anticipation was almost too much to take.
Leaving the next step to her, I just stood there massaging her back as she seemed a little out of it licking her lips, her eyes were unfocused.
"What's it?!" I whispered after sometime, afraid she was stopping.
"I...nothing...this is a little too much..." she smiled then reaching for my lips kissing me hungrily her hand moving to my stomach.
Her lips made it's way down to my neck biting ever so softly. My hands were sweating and I felt bold enough to give her a little tap on her butt.
She flinched biting a little harder, I definitely loved this.
She looked at me a little while later, her eyes full of lust I reached up to palm her breasts as she moved her hips back a little bit, now she was sitting on me. I was not sure I would survive as she started to tease me, moving her hips back and forth, If I pushed my hips a bit I cold get easily into her. But I let her do what she pleased. I didn't want to rush her in anyway.
A little while later I noticed how transfixed she was as she watched where our bodies met, I was still handling her breasts and the perspiration soaked through her chest now...her breathing erratic. It was totally hot so I decided to watch too, but I knew If we kept this up we could possibly end up skipping the condom. My hips involuntary jerked up at one point and when she came forward, we kinda were in a very particular situation. I was exactly where she wanted I knew it, to my surprise she adjusted her legs a bit and slid down on me. We gasped together, it was just mind numbing. "Help me here..."she whispered a little lost, she had tried to pull up but since we were a tight fit she was having a little hard time. I put my hands on her hips, and adjusted us a bit bringing my legs up on the bed lifting my hips and bringing us a little up to the middle of the bed. I don't know where the strength came from but it was not time to think about it.

So here I was right on top trying to satisfy my curiosity.
He was helping me, as I held on his chest for dear life. Not moving. I felt his hand adjusting my legs and woah!
His hands came to my hips as he tightly gripped starting to move it a bit, he was watching the way our bodies were molding together biting his lip, my hand still gripping his chest, we started out moving back and forth like before, but this time it was more like a spicy version of what I had been doing before.
I brought on of my hands up to adjust my hair that was mated to my sweaty neck and back as the other hand held on. He taught me the right pace and let go of my hips, now looking up at me. He put his hand on my hand that was on his chest lifting it up then with the other he reached for my other hand raising it up a little over his head, our hands giving me leverage to increase the movements. I knew I had gotten it right when I heard the little gasp that come from Pete, biting his lip, eyes tightly closed.
He sat up suddenly bringing my body closer to his; he adjusted his leg Indian style, kissing me all along. Our bodies flush against each other.
I reached down and slipped him in, now it was much more mellow and sweet than what I had already planned as we whispered little love confessions, our bodies moving as one lazily against each other then we picked up the pace, I let go of him throwing my body fall to the other side my hands holding my body up. We were almost there when Pete brought me up to him again kissing me desperately moaning in my mouth, we were both being loud this time. It felt kinky. The music still playing hopefully would drown out the sounds. Seeing that it was just not enough Pete reversed positions as my back hit the mattress and he came over me, sliding all the way in with a powerful thrust for a while. It was more than I could take, it was so good that I had tears running down my face as we both climaxed.
It was perfection.

A/N: In this chapter I tried changing things up a bit by seeing things by Pete's point of view as well. If it's too confusing let me know!!
So more smut grins
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