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Megan has broke the news to everyone....especcially Patrick, and she is off to her new home in Naperville. Patrick and Megan break-up because of the distance; they're both devastated from the separ...

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"You're moving?" asked Patrick.
Megan nodded and sighed.
"I can't believe it, either. It seems like everything that I have and what I've done will be worthless. I have to spend my senior year, in another school," cried Megan.
Patrick hugged Megan and tryed to calm her down, but it was too hard to comprehend. They're blissful romance will soon come to an end.
"Babe, what's going to happen to us?" asked Patrick.
Megan whipped away her tears and said, "I think we're going to have to break-up. Naperville's far away and I know that I won't be able to come out here as often as I like."
Patrick nodded in agreement; he hated what was happening, but he knew that it was for the best.
Later, Patrick drove Megan home, one last time and told her that he'd see her the next day when she was leaving. She nodded and gave him a good-bye kiss on the lips; eventhough they had just broken-up.
The next day came, Ally, Patrick, and Pete were all at Megan's house, to say good-bye.
"Call me everyday?" asked Ally.
"Of course!! Ally girl, you're my best friend!!" promised Megan.
They hugged and Megan turned her attention to Pete.
"Have a good trip, Meg," said Pete.
Megan hugged Pete and said, "Pete, you're like my brother, I can't believe I won't see you everyday."
"Yea, I can't give my sis her coffee in 1st hour anymore," replied Pete.
Megan had tears in her eyes when she turned and saw Patrick. Patrick wasn't his usual happy-go-lucky self; no he was heartbroken.
"I'll see ya, kid," he said to Megan.
Megan wrapped her arms around Patrick and gave him a kiss; a kiss that they will forever remember. Patrick was surprised at the fact that she kissed him like that. The four then had one last group, good-bye hug, the Megan got into her parents' car and they drove away.
Weeks went by and Megan started her new school, in Naperville. There she met her new friends, Kristian, Rusty, and Frank. She was sitting at lunch with them, one day and she mentioned 'Fall Out Boy'. The three seemed interested and asked when they could go and hear them play. Megan mentioned a gig that the guys had that coming Friday night; everyone agreed to go and before they knew it, Friday had arrived.
"Is this cute?" Megan asked Kristian.
"Yea, totally. I love it," said Kristian.
"Thanks. I can't believe we're going tonight!" exclaimed Megan.
The two girls were so excited for tonight. Just then, Frank and Rusty knocked on Megan's door. Megan ran downstairs to answer the door. They four left together and headed for Chicago.
An hour later, they arrived and Ally immediately saw Megan and ran over to her.
"MEG!! I can't believe you're here!! And you've brought....friends. Attractive ones at that," said Ally.
Frank and Rusty laughed and introduced themselves. Suddenly Patrick and Pete noticed Megan and ran over to them. Pete gave Megan a hug and a kiss on the cheek; which she was NOT expecting, but took it as a friendly kiss.
After meeting all of Megan's new friends, the guys started the concert. Megan and her friends were having a blast and they were dancing to the bands.
"You were right, Meg, 'Fall Out Boy', rocks!" exclaimed Frank to Megan.
"See, I told you!!" exclaimed Megan.
Patrick and Pete walked over to Megan after their gig and asked if they wanted to grab something to eat. 'Fall Out Boy' had two sets that night and were allowed to have a break in between, so the other bands could play. Megan and her friends agreed to go to eat with them. Luckily, there was a diner right across the street from the outside venue, where the guys played. Megan and Pete were constantly flirting and it began to bother Patrick. Megan's a sweet girl and she's nice to everyone she meets, but there was something that she and Pete had that wasn't in the 'just friends' category.
After finishing their meals, they decided to head back to the venue to watch the others play.
"Hey Meg, come here," said Pete as he took her hand.
Megan was confused at first, but then giggled. Pete showed her Patrick's keys to his car and he then opened up the back seat to Pat's car. Megan decided to go with it and then one thing led to another and they started making-out.
"Hey where's Meg?" asked Ally to Patrick.
"I don't know, but hey where's Pete?" asked Patrick.
"I think he said that he needed to get something from your car," announced Kristian.
Just then it hit Patrick that Pete and Megan were probably in the same place, together. Patrick ran-over to his car and saw opened the door.
"PETE!?!" yelled Patrick.
Pete and Megan both jumped off of each other. They were mortifyed; they had no idea that Patrick would find them.
After 20 minutes of agrueing and yelling, 'Fall Out Boy' had to go back on-stage to finish their second set. Patrick had an announcement for the crowd.
"This song goes out to the one that got away," Patrick said over the microphone.
He then smiled at Megan and added, "It's entitled, 'Where is your boy tonight?'.
Megan smiled nervously back at Patrick; she then looked at Pete, whom started playing guitar.
"Where is your boy tonight? I hope he is a gentleman, and maybe he won't find out what I know, because Megan, darling, you were the last good thing about this part of town," sang Patrick sarcastically.
Megan froze and she felt a sense of embarrasment. How could she have betrayed Patrick like that?
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