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Exactly what the title says. Enjoy!!

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"Meg, I need to talk to you," said Ally.
"What's up Als?" asked Meg sweetly.
"It's about you and Patrick," replied Ally.
"What about me and Patrick? We broke up, remember?" asked Megan.
"That's not the point, you too just broke-up and only because you had to move. I thought you loved him and now look what you go and do. That's pretty low, Meg," said Ally sternly.
"Oh, this is about Pete isn't it? Well, I don't know, it just happened. We've always been touchy and well I guess things happen with out our control," explained Megan.
Megan was acting as if it was nothing. She was hurting Patrick and didn't care. Megan was about to lose Ally as a friend, all because of the desicions that she was making.
"Megan don't you get it? You're whoring yourself to his BEST FRIEND!" yelled Ally.
Ally was now pissed off and Megan couldn't believe what she was saying.
"Ally, don't even worry about, k? It's my life, and I can kiss whomever I damn well please," said Megan sternly.
"Megan, I just don't want to see you get hurt. You're my best friend, and I can't and won't let that happen to you," said Ally.
"Pete's a great guy and it was only one time," explained Megan.
"Yea, but Megan you've done this before and then you and Patrick stayed together for awhile. Doesn't that make any sense to you?" asked Ally.
"I knew this was a bad idea to come back. I knew no one wanted me here," said Megan as she stormed off.
"You've changed Megan and everyone can see it. You come back here like you're top shit and everyone's supose to adore you. Guess what? NO ONE CARES!!" yelled Ally.
They were starting to make a scene; they continued yelling at each other, which drew a crowd. Megan then walked over to Kristian, whom witnessed the entire fight.
"What was that all about?" asked Kristian.
"Ally's jealous of me. Figures," laughed Megan.
Kristian nodded and rolled her eyes.
"What's with her anyway? Always hanging around your ex like she's in-love with him or something," laughed Kristian.
"Not to mention that she can't see how happy I am now. I'm so glad that I left this stupid place. Everyone's just jealous of me," said Megan.
Kristian nodded in agreement.
"You okay, babe?" asked Rusty.
Megan nodded and smiled.
"Let's go home," said Kristian.
"Yea, but I want to say good-bye to Pete," exclaimed Megan, blushing.
Kristian laughed and teased, "One kiss for the road?"
Megan nodded and skampered off to Pete. Pete gave her a big hug and kissed her on the lips for everyone to see. Patrick tryed not to take it personally. He hugged Megan good-bye and then packed-up his guitar.
On the ride home, Pete texted Megan and told her that he wanted to see her again. She agreed and told him to come to her play that was in a few weeks. Pete told her that he would and that made Megan happy.
Over the next course of weeks, Megan and Pete's relationship grew. All of Naperville High knew about them and were jealous. Megan had a lead role in her new school's play; she was also becoming more and more popular.
When opening-night finally came around, Pete was watching Megan act and he fell more in-love with her; she was becoming irrestistable to his eyes. After the play was over, Pete presented Megan with a bouquet of white roses. He kissed her passionately infront of a group of guys that wanted Megan. They all shrugged their shoulders and walked away; heartbroken.
"You did a great job, babe," said Pete.
"Thanks, baby," replied Megan.
Pete and Megan then met up with the rest of the cast and everyone seemed to like Pete; some girls even thought he was cute.
"Oh my gosh, Pete!!" said Kristian.
"Hey Krissy," Pete replied.
"How are you? Thanks for coming tonight!" exclaimed Kristian.
"I'm great and you're welcome. I wouldn't have missed my girls in action," Pete said sweetly.
"We're the best in drama club, shh don't tell the desperate freshys," laughed Kristian.
"What a way to be concieted, Kris," laughed Megan.
"Who's up for an after party at Dairy Queen?" asked Pete.
In unison, Megan and Kristian said, "ME!!" Then they laughed and Pete escourted them out to his car.
Little did they know, Patrick had driven all the way from Chicago to see Megan's play, but more importantly, Megan. Patrick watched the three walk outside and drive away.
Pete drove the girls to Dairy Queen and paid for their icecreams. They were all having a blast, until Ally walked in with Andy.
"Look at the whore in action," laughed Ally.
"What the hell, Ally," said Pete.
"Oh don't worry about her, she's just jealous and apparently, a stalker," laughed Megan.
Ally rolled her eyes and joined Andy at the ordering counter. They got their icecreams to go and Ally shot a dirty look at Megan on her way out.
"Ohh I'm scared, Ally. Seriously, bring it, bitch," laughed Megan.
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