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The Break down

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Frank over-reacts.

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******Frank's POV**********

I found myself leaving my fiancé upset and needing me in our apartment. I start walking everything is blurry because I'm crying. I look up and I find myself in front of Sam's parent's house and knocking on the door.

"Frank?" Sam's mom said answers the door.

"Where is he?" I asked her with angry swelling up inside me.

"Who?" She asked like she did not know what I was talking about.

"Your husband" I was so angry I wanted to beat the shit out of him.

"He's in the living room"

I walked in and saw him my anger took over I walked over and told him to stand up and to my surprise he did, as soon as he stood up I punched him in the face hard he fell to the ground with his lip bleeding.

"GET UP!" I yell at him

"What the hell was that for" He said kind of angry

"You hurt my Sam and now I'm going to hurt you like you hurt her" I screamed punching him in the face over and over again with tears spilling out of my eyes.

"She was a bad girl she slept with anything that had a dick" he said with a grin on his face.

"No she did not I took he virginity" I yelled at him.

"Sure you did"

He said that and I snapped I punched him again hard and he fell to the ground. Then I looked out the window to see a car pull into the driveway it was gee's car. I Started to cry harder knowing Sam was probably with him.

I backed into the wall and slid down it crying at what I did he was moving but not really. He then sat up touching all the places that where bleeding and glared at me evilly.

I was really upset I couldn't think strait and Sam and Gee run in Gee runs up to me and asked me if I was ok I just nodded. Sam just looked at me and looked at her Dad. Then she started crying I feel so bad. Gee picks me up and carries me to his car with me looking over his shoulder at Sam who was fallowing us crying. He sits me in the backseat. Sam Sits next to me I look at her and she hugs me.

"I'm Sorry" I whisper in her ear crying on her shoulder. She did not say anything which made me cry harder.


Im sorry it's so short i'm really sleepy REVEIWS PLEAZ
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