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Gerard's day isn't so good but one of these people is having the best day ever! Could it be a)Bob, b)Jamia, c)Alicia, or d)Mikey?

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The sound of the doorbell awoke Alicia, Mikey, and their guests. Frank and Jamia fell asleep while watching T.V. and were too tired to drive back home. Bob had been with their kids the entire night, so they didn't have any obligation to go home, anyway.

"Alicia!" Mikey, lazily swatted his hand around the air.

"What?" Alicia's voice was muffled by the pillow her face was buried in.


"You get it," Alicia commanded.

"Why?" He just barely heard Alicia sigh. "That's what I thought."

"'Cause you're closer, now get it!"

"I don't have to do what you say!"

"Yeah, you do."

"Give me one good reason!"

"Cause you're married, dammit. She controls you and you obey, now get the fucking door!" Frank agitatedly yelled. His voice was hushed slightly since his back was facing them the entire time.

"Why couldn't you just go home, Frank?" Mikey rolled over on the carpet a little, then pulled himself up, using the arm of the couch for support.

The doorbell rang once more before Mikey got to the door, "What?" Mikey winced at the morning light. He didn't mean to be rude but he was tired and really needed some coffee.

"Uhh, Armando, Santino, and Marina got worried when Frank and Jamia didn't come home last night," Mikey sighed and looked back at his friends.

"Frank, you're kids think you're dead. Get out of here before you traumatize them for life!" Frank moved into the couch even more, so that he was smothering Jamia.

"Frank, we gotta go home at one point or another," Jamia confessed.

"Yeah, but doesn't mean we have to go right now, Bob can handle them for a couple of days."

"Excuse me? DAYS? You realize you're talking about YOUR kids, right? They're little monsters, my gosh!" Frank sighed and got up.

"You just don't know how to handle them," Bob raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, really and what, exactly, is it that I'm doing wrong?" Bob leaned against the doorway and Mikey went into the kitchen.

"Well, let's see. Did you give 'em candy?"

"No, they stole it."

"That's funny, I thought I locked up the candy supply before I left."

"You did, but they found a crowbar in the garage."

"Why'd you let them go in the garage?"

"'Cause you're little princess, Marina, has been trained, thoroughly, by your boys. She got me to braid her hair and then..." Frank held up his hand.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, you braided my little girl's hair? How?" Frank grinned.

"Ray's been known to let me play with his hair, at times."

"Among other things!" Mikey added from the kitchen. The strong aroma of coffee was surrounding the apartment.

"Screw you!" Jamia turned over on the couch.

"Hey, no fighting before breakfast boys!" Bob walked over to the couch with a smile plastered on his face.

"Ah, the good Iero. Thank god for you Jamia! I have no idea how you do it everyday," Bob admired her as he gave Jamia a tight squeeze.

"Oh, Bob you're just overreacting! You were, after all, stuck with them for an entire night all by yourself. Sorry we forgot to call you, you know how things can get," Bob nodded in approval.

"No problem, I understand how you have a lot on your mind, being married to Frank and all," Jamia giggled.

"What about me, Bob?" Alicia got off the floor and spread her arms open.

"I could never forget you, Licia!" Bob rushed into Alicia, picked her up, and spun around.

"Bob!!" Everyone spun around to see a tall, little girl with long, dark brown hair in two pigtails. Her sweet eyes were much lighter than her hair. Her strong nose resembled Mikey's but, overall, she looked more like Alicia. She sprung into Bob's arms and he whirled her around just as he did with her mother. He set her down and bowed just as he had done with Emma five years ago, when they had first met.

"Ms. Samantha, it's been ages?" Samantha curtsied with her red t-shirt ,since she was wearing jeans that day.

"Yes, it has Sir Bob, we must visit more often."

"You know, you're gonna grow out of this in a couple years, and when you do, I'll cry like mad," Samantha smiled like her dad did on certain occasions. Giving off a flash of white so big, then taking it away as soon as everyone else did.

"Bob, I'm only twelve and I'll probably never stop, its pretty much a habit now. I do it to Dad sometimes, he thinks its weird and says you have issues," Bob pretended to look hurt and fell on the couch.

"How could he? He knows I'm sensitive! What has the world come to?" Bob's speech ended just as Mikey came in.

"Morning, Sammy," he bent down and kissed her. "Go get some breakfast, we're gonna visit Uncle Gerard today."

"Kay...eew, is that coffee, I don't know how you guys can drink that stuff, it's nasty. Same with smoking too, glad Gerard stopped, it made all of you guys cut back too."

"You know, sometimes, she reminds me of an old lady when she rambles like that," Frank admitted. They all giggled a little.

"So, you guys mind if I go with you when you visit Gerard? I got a beat for the drums I thought would be really cool for a song on the album."

"Yeah, but I think there's something you should know before you go over there," all eyes turned to Bob.

"What?" Bob looked from Jamia to Frank to Mikey to Alicia.

"Okay, give it to me what's the big secret that everybody knows except, of course, me."

"Actually, nobody told Ray yet so you're second to last this time. Go Bob!" Frank jumped up like a cheerleader and attempted to do a toe touch, but his leg cramped up when he got half way there.

"I'm okay, just tell him Alicia, it's all good," Frank sent a thumbs up and Alicia started.

"Well, Bob, Charlotte and Gerard are..."


"Gerard, can you get the door?" Charlotte asked from the bathroom. He could hear her throwing up again.

"Yeah, babe," Gerard pushed his half finished plate away and walked over to the front door.

Frank, Mikey, and everyone else were standing at the door. Bob was standing at the very front of the group with a huge grin on his face, "Gerard, you horny little devil!" Bob picked up Gerard and spun him around, when Bob was happy Bob was happy and there was nothing you could do but take it.

"Bob, there are people around, do you really want people to know about US, especially with Charlotte in the next room?" Gerard joked.

"Aww, I'd slap you right now, but I'm so freakin' happy!" Bob jumped up and down like Alicia and Jamia did when they found out about the good news.

"Who is it, Gerard?" Charlotte came at the top of the stairs.

"Charlotte! Look at the angel!" Bob ran up to Charlotte and picked her up. "Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte, it's about time!"

"Bob, what are you-Oh, they told you! Well, glad we have your support."

"I will always have your support!" Emma and Charlie came in from the dining room. "Aww, look at the new couple! I always knew you two would end up together, I just knew it! Don't think I'll ever forget about you, Emma! If you ever wanna elope with Charlie, tell me, 'cause I wanna come to the wedding, I promise I won't tell anyone. I know how Gerard is, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the scenario," Gerard elbowed Bob in the ribs.

"Okay, Bob I think it's time we escort Bob back to the short yellow bus," Bob hugged Gerard once again.

"Aww, I know you don't mean that, even if you did,I couldn't care less, because this is the best day EVER!!!"
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