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Katrina finds herself questioning Brendon's boyfriend qualities.

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ok, not much to say, just that this story isnt going to be as long as I had planned
"Okay okay, now that you're a thing, you can stop with all the impressing and flirting and crap, oh, and stop with all the kissing. okay? It's grossing me out." Ryan said to the newly formed couple making out on the curb, they just ignored him. "Well, im gonna go back in and see what everyones doing." still no response. "This is gonna be fun." he said more to himself then Brendon and Katrina.

"I win! Ha ha you losers! You got beat in a burping contest by a girl!" Breanne yelled as Ryan walked in.

"Oh great, more fun." said Ryan.

"Where are Brendon and Katrina?" Spencer asked.

"Making out on the curb outside." Ryan said, Jon spit out the beer he was drinking.

"What?" Jon asked in disbelief.

"I said they. Are. Making. Out. On. The. Curb. Outside." Ryan said slowly and clearly.

"I know, I heard you, its just wierd. I didnt think he was trying to impress her" Jon said.

"Whats wrong with Katrina?" asked Ryan defensively.

"Nothing, its just, she doesnt really seem his type, more yours." Jon said, at that Ryan spit his soda out.

"What?" Ryan yelled.

"I said she doesnt seem to be Brendons type." Jon said taking a sip of his beer.

"No, after that." Ryan said.

"She seems to be more of a girl you would go for." Jon said, after swallowing.

'so im not the only one that thinks that.' Ryan thought to himself. "Oh." Ryan said as Brendon and Katrina walked in.

"Congrats on your wierd forming of a couple." said Jon.

"What do you mean?" Brendon asked.

"You two dont seem to be each other's types." Jon said.

"Oh, whatever." Brendon said.

And what Jon said turned out to be true.

"What the hell is wrong with you you asshole?" Katrina asked Brendon, who was currently underneath some other girl, they were both naked.

"Uh, um, I should go." the girl said, as she slipped on her clothes and ran off the tour bus.

"I came on tour with you, you said you loved me!" Katrina yelled at Brendon.

"I did, it's just, what Jon said turned out to be true." Brendon said.

"And you couldnt just tell me that?" she screamed.

"No, I didnt want you to be mad at me." Brendon said.

"Oh, well, you ruined that by letting me catch you with that slut." Katrina yelled.

"Okay one, she is not a slut, and two, you werent supposed to catch me." Brendon said.

"GO TO HELL!" Katrina yelled, grabbing her bags and throwing everything into them, then she stormed out of the bus, Ryan, Spencer, and Jon were on a picnic table outside.

"Where are you going? Whats wrong?" Ryan asked concerned, him and Katrina had grown to be close friends over the time they were cooped up in the tour bus.

"That asshole was cheating on me with the slut that just ran out here." Katrina said, starting to cry. "Im leaving, im gonna catch a bus home or something, I dont really care, I just wanna get out of here." she sobbed.

"Come here." Ryan said, pulling her into a hug. "Its gonna be okay, can you just stay for the rest of the tour? I would miss you so much if you left." Ryan asked her, she was now sobbing into his chest.

"Okay, fine, but just for you. Im not going to make up with that asshole and I dont plan to." Katrina said, wiping her eyes.

"Okay." Ryan said, patting her back.

"I told you guys, you werent eachothers type." Jon said.

"Jon, just shut up, okay. Its your fault, you drilled that crazy idea into his head." Katrina said.

"I cant believe you would say that! Its not my fault he cheated on you, you werent good enough for him." Jon said.

"What?" Katrina and Ryan both yelled at the same time.

"You said she was more my type, does that mean that Brendon is better than me?" Ryan yelled.

"Huh?" Katrina asked.

"No Ry, I never said that, its just, I was angry okay, Brendon is my friend and I wanted to stick up for him, but now that I think he was dumb to cheat on Katrina. Im sorry to Katrina too, I kinda blew up on you. Oh, and when I first found out about you and Brendon I said it was kind of weird, because it seemed like Ryan was more your type." Jon explained.

'So im not the only one who thought that.'Katrina thought to herself. "Oh, im sorry for blowing up on you to, he's responsible for his own actions." Katrina said.

She looked up at Ryan and noticed he was staring at her. He looked away embarassed.

"Thanks for being here for me Ryan." Katrina said to him.

"Its no problem, your a friend, thats what friends do." Ryan said.

"Oh god, why dont you two just go at it already." Brendon said walking angrily out of the tourbus.

"Excuse me?" Ryan asked him.

"You heard what I said, I know you like her, the way you've been looking at her, and Katrina, I know you like him too, you talk in your sleep." Brendon said.

"Why dont you go find your slut?" Katrina asked angrily.

"That sounds like a plan." Brendon said as he walked away.

"What an ass." Katrina said shaking her head.

"Is it true?" Ryan asked her.

"What?" she asked.

"Do you like me?" Ryan asked her, she blushed.

"Um, yea, sort of." Katrina said, looking at her feet.

"Yes or no?" Ryan asked.

"Yes. Do you like me?" she asked.

"Yes." Ryan said, Katrina kissed him. "So, will you stay until the end of the tour?"

"I dunno, it depends, do I have a boyfriend to bunk with?" Katrina asked.

"I dunno, do you want one?" Ryan asked.

"Yes, very much." Katrina said.

"Then you do." Ryan said kissing her.

"Oh my god, she moves on way too quick." Brendon said, coming back with a different girl then before.

"Oh, you're one to be talking, what happened to the other slut? And who's this one? Some random girl you found walking around?" Katrina asked.

"Actually no, this is Breanne, I believe you two know eachother?" Brendon asked sarcasticly.

"Oh my god! Really?" Katrina jumped up and hugged her best friend, they hadnt seen eachother in over 8 monthes, Katrina was touring around the world with the guys. "You look so different! I didnt recognize you!" Katrina said happily. "Why Brendon? Why are you being nice to me all of a sudden?" Katrina asked him angrily.

"Because I hate that your mad at me. Im sorry, I relize I should of told you that I wanted to see different people. I am sooooo sorry, can you forgive me?" Brendon asked with puppy dog eyes.

"I dont know Brendon. You really hurt me." Katrina said sadly.

"I know, im sorry, you dont have to forgive me, but please think about it." Brendon said.

"Okay Bren, im just not ready to yet." Katrina said.
Okay, the next chapter is the last. Its going to be something like an epilogue thing, just read it to see what happens. Please review!

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