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Epilogue thingy

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read it, its the last chapter

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The last chapter! Im sad and happy at the same time! okay, after this please review! and if you are totally bored after this check out my other fic, My Chemically Crazed Life Starring MCR
Katrina eventually forgave Brendon and they became best friends.

Breanne started to date Spencer, which started because of a comment made by Jon. They had a very serious relationship for about a year before Spencer proposed, they now have twins, two girls named Brenda and Joanne, named somewhat, after Brendon and Jon.

Pete eventually got the girl that dumped him to take him back by lots of begging. A week after they started dating, Pete proposed, she said yes. The day of their wedding, Pete left her at the altar, BURN! Oh, and he made her cover all the expenses.

This is what brings us to today, a wedding, can you guess who's?

"I know pronounce you, George Ryan Ross and Katrina Renee Poges, husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." the priest said.

Ryan pulled Katrina close and kissed her hard on the lips.

"I love you baby." he said.

"I love you too." Katrina said smiling.

She looked around. The beautiful ceremony took place in a secluded garden in the middle of nowhere. Her and Ryan had found it when they were trying to find a place to be alone.

Her bridesmaids were Breanne and two of her cousins, the groomsmen were Brendon, Spencer, and Jon.

Katrina's life was perfect, she had her dream husband, dream wedding, and the best friends in the whole world.

She really did live happily ever after.
Love it? Hate it? Hate me? TELL ME!!!!! okay, i dont know if im going to write a sequel or not, but i probably wont. Im gonna halt all other story writing until i finish My Chemically Crazed Life Starring MCR, so read that if you want to read something by me. PLEASE REVIEW! IT MAKES ME ALL WARM AND TINGLY INSIDE!!!
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