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Chapter 5

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heh...Brians pissed...heh...~laughs insanley~

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They were all gathered around the television watching The Ring when the doorbell rang.
Adie jumped over the couch and curled in a fetal postion on the floor behind it.
"'s the door."
Frank said looking over his shoulder at the shaking form on the floor.
Adie stood up.
"Oh, yes...I knew that."
She said putting her hair up in a ponytail and straghtening her clothes.
Mikey stood up and opened the door.
Someone yelled from the outside.
Brian came storming in.
He went right over to Adie.
He screamed holding up a picture of Adie kissing Frank.
(I put Adie kissing Mikey first...ooops..srry Frank..Don't know where that came from...~innocent look~)
"Well there were alot more pics I couldve sent you, but they were alittle too..x-rated."
She said, going over to sit next to Frank.
The spectators in the room all gave her suspicious, grossed out and mortified looks.
Frank stood up.
"And how the hell did I miss that?"
He said leaning down in her face with mock anger.
"Hmm, don't know...maybe you were in such fits of passion that you thought it was a dream."
She smirked at him.
Franks face flushed as images that would fit such a description flashed before his eyes.
He stood up straight and thought for a moment.
"Thats some kinky shit."
He said sitting down again.
Brian stood there gaping at them.
Adie smirked evily and leaned in on Frank.
Brians eye began to twitch.
Bob coughed as the two began an all out make out session right before their eyes.
Brain ran out looking as if it had burned his eyes.
When they were sure he was out of hearing range the whole house went into throws of laughter.
Adie grabbed her stomach and fell on the floor.
After about ten minutes everyone had calmed down enough to breath.
Gerard broke the silence.
"You know, he might quit."
Everyone looked at one another.
They all said in union.
Adie jumped up.
"Aww man! I totally forgot!"
She said running to her room.
Everyone looked at Frank expectantly.
"You really think I know."
He said.
The whole group nodded.
"She's a woman, theres always something speacial she's forgotten."
He said.
He sighed.
Adie yelled from down the hall.
Everyone stared at Frank again.
"Need a speacial invatation?C'mon lets go."
He said shooing the boys in the general direction of their rooms.
Frank sighed.
Now he was the leader of the pack, geez.
Wellz what'd ya think? my damn keyboard stopped working right in the middle of my story!But iz workin again thankully.
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