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Chapter 6

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an appointment and alot of cats

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"Ummm, where the hell are we going?"
Ray asked after they passed the last building in New Jersey on the eatside.
"Well, I have an appointment and I don't want to be alone."
Adie said pressing the gas even harder.
Bob grabbed onto the 'oh shit' bar and squeezed his eyes shut.
"Adie, please slow down. We'd like to live a little longer."
Frank said as he and Gerard held onto eachother for dear life.
"No time, gotta hurry."
She said as trees whizzed by.
When they finally got to their destination Adie got out.
No one else moved.
She said.
One by one they filed out of the black corvett they'd managed to squeeze into.
They stood infront of a tiny shack.
"So why are we here?"
Mikey asked less than enthused.
"You know not everyone lives in a penthouse in the city."
Adie said approaching the door.
She knocked lightly.
A few minutes later an elderly woman opened the door.
"Afternoon, Mrs. Sarah."
Adie said, smiling.
"Adrianna? Oh, it's good to see you, come in come in."
The woman said opening the door.
"Oh, who are your friends?"
"Well this is My Chemical Romance. Bob, Ray, Mikey, Gerard and Frank."
Adie said addressing them all.
"What attractive young men."
The woman said dissapearing into the house.
"You'll have to ignore that..."
Adie said following.
The guys all looked at one another, then crept in.
The house was amazingly clean.
Despite it's size on the outside it looked as if it could easily house ten people on the inside.
Frank led the band into a large room where Adie and Mrs. sarah were seated.
"Could I get you boys some tea?"
She asked.
"No thanks."
Frank answered for them.
The guys filed in and made them selves comfy.
"What did you need sweetheart?"
Mrs. Sarah said looking at Adie.
"Well, I was wondering if you could read my cards."
Adie said.
The woman took a serious attitude.
"Of course, my dear. Come, It'll be easier without such a crowd."
Mrs. Sarah led Adie to a back room.
"You boys can play with the cats or watch television. We'll be done soon."
Then her head dissapeared around the door frame.
The guys looked around the room.
Okay, this redefined crazy cat lady...
Wherever there was space there was a cat.
God, this better not take long.
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