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Chapter 1

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[Battle of the Planets] Jason has a bad habit of falling for the wrong person. This time he manages it in a rather spectacular manner Set before, during and after the episode "The Alien Bigfoot"

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Disclaimer: Battle of the Planets is owned by Sandy Frank. Gatchaman is the property of Tatsunko. No money is being made from the use of characters owned by Tatsunko or Sandy Frank.

He couldn't be sure when he started to desire Tal. It had come on so gradually, that at first, Jason hadn't noticed it. Hadn't noticed when his admiration of his friend's competence, had become admiration of how elegant he was; when watching those slender hands teaching all manner of things, had become watching those same hands and wondering what they would feel like on his own body.

The biggest jolt came the day that he found himself talking to his friend and getting hard as he listened to the way that light tenor dissected the movie they were watching on TV. It was then that he had admitted to himself that he was attracted to his, very male, friend Tal. That he wanted desperately to crush that mouth under his, to have those hands, that mouth, trace a route down his own body.

Shakily, he rose and pulled another beer out of the fridge, the final realisation hitting him as he straightened and he leaned heavily against the bench.

He wanted Tal. He wanted to fuck and be fucked by him. Wanted to be completely possessed by him. To tell him he loved him.

Jason couldn't stop the shaking that had come over him, and dimly heard his breathing become harsher. He was, for the first time in his life desiring, wanting, and needing another man. He could hear Tal calling his name felt a hand touch his shoulder, and forced himself back under control.

He straightened and turned, coming face to face with the object of his desire, faces inches away from each other. "You OK, Jason? You're looking a bit green."

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Hit my head on the door last night, and still feeling a bit off."

Tal looked concerned. "Jason, you're the most klutzy person of my acquaintance. You need a keeper!" he laughed.

Jason forced himself to look at his friend's face, and found himself drowning in the other man's eyes. Yes, he thought, please be my keeper. "Yeah. I've been told that before. Beer?"

Tal nodded and took the offered drink, moving back to the sofa. He worried about his friend - especially his seeming clumsiness did that resulted in him being covered in bruises or other injuries.

Secrets, they both had them, and Tal wondered if it would ever be safe to let Jason know his secrets. He shook his head slightly. No. For Jason's own sake, he couldn't let him know. It would be too dangerous for both of them, and he didn't want to put this young man he had fallen in love with in any danger. Bad enough the level of danger they were in as friends.

Jason sat next to him and made some remark about the dodgy logic of the outcome of the movie, and they were off again. Both of them enjoyed these debates, often ending in shouting matches, often taking opposite sides just for the sake of a good argument.

It was an unusual friendship. Tal, suave - the sort of person you found at high society functions; and Jason, the impulsive loner.

Even their looks screamed their difference, Tal with his fair hair worn long, but always neatly tied back, slender and almost femininely handsome, and Jason, rugged and much rougher around the edges, almost too craggy to be handsome.

But they found shared interests, the main one being their love of hang gliding, and of hiking through the solitary fastness of forests. They both loved to find the most lonely and beautiful places on Earth, something in both their souls needing these places.

Both of them, unknown to the other, completely dedicated to opposite sides of the same cause.

They'd met whilst hang gliding, both coming afoul of the same downdraft, friendship forged as they had to climb down the mountain to safety.

And they both had their secrets, things that they couldn't tell each other. Jason made sure that he always appeared as drunk as Tal, even though his implant gave him a very high alcohol tolerance, and Tal always made sure that he seemed to be hungry when Jason was, his own metabolism needing less food less often.

And Tal never spoke of how he had fallen in love with the young man.

But things had changed in the space of a few hours. Jason watched his friend through half-closed eyes, feigning drunkenness. They slumped from the couch to the floor, and found themselves leaning against each other.

Jason couldn't help himself, and slipped an arm around his friend, revelling in the touch, the closeness. Contrary to popular belief, he did think before he acted. But this time, he decided that thought would only complicate the process. He moved closer and took the kiss he'd been longing for.

He felt Tal stiffen, but only to move position, and his arms moved around Jason, embracing him, and Jason returned the embrace, content to let the kiss linger, overjoyed by the feeling of Tal returning the kiss, tongues moving together, tasting, exploring.

Lack of air forced an end and Tal's hand moved to his face, caressing. In his eyes was sadness and regret, as well as desire.

Jason smiled at him and moved to renew the kiss. The other stopped him, leaning his forehead against his.

"You're pissed, Jason," he said softly. "You wouldn't be doing this otherwise." Jason went to reply when he felt a soft kiss against his forehead. "If I let you go further, you'd hate me later." Then, more words, at the very edge of his augmented hearing. "Oh my Dearling. I wish it was otherwise."

Jason sat up, and looked at the other man, those eyes seemed deeper and sadder than ever. "I'm as pissed as you are, Tal."

Two secrets in the open now.

Jason saw hope flash briefly in Tal's eyes. "I'm ten years older than you, Jason. And you've got a reputation as being a ladies man. I won't be an experiment for you."

Jason moved forward, pressing another kiss to his friend's lips. He took the plunge, about to let another secret into the open. "Reputations can be a lot of hot air, and that's what mine is. I've kissed a lot of girls, but you have to believe me when I say that this isn't an experiment. I've never felt like this about anybody - man or woman. Never needed anybody like this before. You're ten years older than me - that's ten years more experience. You've taught me a lot, Tal. Teach me this, too." His voice broke with the emotions he was letting himself show. He'd never been this open before.

Tal pulled back, taking in the implications of Jason's statement, his own hands shaking badly as he caressed the dear face before him. "Oh sweet lord," he began, and pressed soft kisses to his friend's lips.

Jason looked embarrassed, about to tell something that nobody, even his best friend and brother knew. "I'm a virgin, Tal. Teach me. Show me. Make love to me."

A third secret.

An embrace, more kisses, and Jason's hands started to move, caressing and Tal began to shake with longing again. He broke the kiss and looked around at where they were and shuddered. He absolutely hated Jason's trailer, and he wanted to make the younger man's first time memorable. "Not here, Dearling. Not now," the hardest words he'd ever had to say. "I want you to think about this first. To be sure it's what you want." Jason started to speak, and Tal silenced him with a soft kiss.

"I want you to be sure of yourself. Because if this is just something brought on by alcohol, I couldn't bear the pain of loosing you. If it is what you want, if you love me, then I want to make your first time special."

Tal pulled him into an embrace, holding him tightly, caressing the strong back and nuzzling at the side of Jason's neck. Jason gasped at the caresses his head tipping back, and both of them could feel his erection through his jeans. Tal's hand moved to that hardness as he nibbled at the bared neck. So good. He tasted so good.

Tal forced himself to stop, and was surprised at Jason's snarl. "I'm sure," he said roughly, trying to grab Tal.

Tal moved away, "Dearling," he whispered, and Jason felt his heart swell at the endearment, and heard an embarrassing almost-sob come from his own lips. Immediately the other was there, holding and caressing. "Dearling. You are, you know. But for both of us, all I ask is that you think on this for 24 hours. At the end of that time, if you still feel the same way, then call me." Tal kissed him, softly, lovingly. "Let me make this something for you to remember, Jason."

Jason returned the kiss. "I'm not gunna change my mind, you know. But I'll give you your 24 hours."
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