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Chapter twenty

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It does not go well with Harry Potter. In order to increase Harry's magical power, Dumbledore infects Harry and two girls with a disease. And his power surges.

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Beta reader for this chapter is Rebby


Exams and attacks (continued)

All professors congratulated Harry and Hermione, who were still looking dazed.

"What was your average, Harry?"

"Less than yours. By 0.33."

"I want to sleep with you, Harry. I want to make love forever. Let's go to Potter's castle, lock the doors and kick out the elves, and do just that!"

Harry was shocked. "Hermione!" But then he started to grin.

"Yeah, we take a lot of food and water, some wine and butterbeer and then we will have fun. After some months they will find our skeletons intertwined, but we would have died happy."

"Harry, do you realize that we've broken a Hogwart's achievement record with these marks! And I beat you! Let's celebrate!"

"Oh I'll beat you tonight alright" Harry said in a teasing voice. "With a whip and chains and..."

"We're not married yet, silly."

"Soon...soon we will be..and then..."

"Well, then I will take my boots and thigh-highs.."

"No Hermione, it is my turn. We don't take your naughty whip and your big ugly black boots, but ... I'd use my wooden horse and beat you with its rhythm stick ..."

Harry's eyebrows went up and down. Hermione was bursting laughing and fell from her chair on the floor and so did Harry, falling on top of her.

Professor Dumbledore stood up from his chair and looked to the two with a straight face. He said loudly; "What you see here are the last paroxysmal moments of two students, who are now in the process of turning into teachers."

Hermione and Harry had an extra laugh attack and the rest of the professors watched bemusedly.

"Professors, our excuses and we are so sorry, we just can't help it. We've been under so much stress.."

Professor Dumbledore stood up from his chair and faced the great hall. Everyone went quiet and waited for the announcement of the professor, except Harry and Hermione, who were still laughing in the background.

"I have a nice announcement for everyone. Harry and Hermione received record-breaking N.E.W.T.'s, 22 of them, beating the old record of Tom Riddle by six. Harry and Hermione are also no longer students at Hogwarts. They will lead the new research department in Hogwarts and will continue teaching the DA."

Hermione stood up from the ground, pointed to her neck and mumbled "SONORUS". "Students of the DA, your classes today and tomorrow are canceled. Instead you need to prepare for a general test, which will be held at Tuesday."

Hermione mumbled "QUIETUS" and went to Harry. She grabbed the surprised Harry from the ground and helped him on a chair.

"What is that about Hermione?"

"Harry, I want us to concentrate on the DA lessons very carefully. We also have to prepare for our research projects, as well as Professor Snape's. There's simply too much work, and we need to be careful not to become overloaded. I want the DA training to be reorganized."

Harry was looking thoughtfully at Hermione. "Yes, you are right. Professor Dumbledore, I have an idea: what do you think about the idea of organizing part of the DA training to be held in workshops?"

Professor Dumbledore was already looking surprised, hesitated. "What do you mean by 'workshops'?"

Hermione took over.

"With workshops we mean that students form groups and receive assignments. They'll work together to solve the assignments. When they are finished, they will teach the others what they have learned. There will be one of us to assist them with the work and to take care for the organization in the beginning, but when everything goes well, we will be teaching them many things at the same time. We will teach them team work, also teaching, we will teach them to do research on their own and they will learn all the material. We would like to include all the classes, from the 1st to the 7th years."

Professor Dumbledore looked to Hermione, then Harry. "Organize one workshop for the 7th years and the other one for the 1st years, then I'll see them on Monday to evaluate their progress."

The professor paused for a moment.

"I want to have a mechanism in place where it is possible that the teaching staff can submit a request for research or even be able to perform the research him- or her self. Your premises at the 6th floor need to be able to handle these requests. Also I know that you have prepared classrooms and I want to know what you are going to do with them. I hope they're not only for the D.A."

"Yes, professor, the introduction meetings for the research will be held at Monday evening, after dinner if this is suitable for the staff. When we have our meeting about the workshops, we will also discuss the layout of the research labs, our programs and the organization of the research."

With that, everyone stood up and went to their classes; Harry and Hermione went to their dorm. At that moment, all students were streaming out of the great hall, except for Draco, Goyle, Crabbe, Hannah Abbott and Blaise Zabini, who left the great hall to an empty classroom next to Charms.

After the door closed, Draco placed silence charms over the classroom and turned to the group. "Crabbe, did you slip the potion into the professor's dinner?"


"Did everyone see if the scar head and his mudblood ate?"

Hannah answered "Their owls came before the meal- I'm not so sure they did."

Draco looked worried "Crabbe, did you poison their drinks?"

"No- you didn't tell me to."

"You shithead, Crabbe! This is a serious problem. When the Dark Lord comes, they'll be awake and cause trouble. And guess who he'll punish?"

Draco pointed his wand to Crabbe. "CRUCIO!"

Crabbe collapsed to the ground, trembling and shaking in pain and terror. His face became deep red, and his eyes popped out of his head, he screamed like no one had ever heard before. His neck muscles started to spasm and Draco continued to keep his wand pointing to Crabbe. Draco's face was distorted and full of sadistical please. Hannah and Blaise urged Draco to stop the torture, but Draco continued. Crabbe stopped screaming and went silent.

"You killed him!"

"That what he earned by being so stupid!"

Hannah went over to Crabbe and checked for his heartbeat. "He's dead." Her voice was flat and emotionless.

"Drag him into that corner and we let him there to rot. The Dark Lord will come soon enough tonight when the students are sleeping. Nobody will be able to resurrect the teachers on time and I've temporarily disconnected the floo network. The potion will do its work in two hours and until then we need to keep a low profile. When the potion takes effect and the teachers will be disabled, I wouldn't mind doing some chicks before our Lord gets here. Then he can deal with that Potter and mudblood. Let's go."

They took the spells from the classroom and went to classes.

"Harry, I received an owl from Molly Weasley. She said that the doctors were able to help Ron. He is so much improved and he is able to talk to his family again, even to Percy. They say he's completely cured. They asked Dumbledore for his permission to send him to school again."

"Do you know if Dumbledore agreed?"

"I don't know. The letter didn't say."

"I am hungry- we skipped dinner."

"You're always hungry."

"Do you have energy to go with me to the kitchens?"

"No, I'm tired, and I think I might be getting sick. A glass of water would do me good, though. Anyway, we should get to sleep, we have a full day of work tomorrow."

Herbology had ended at last. Draco stood up and went in the direction of the great hall for lunch. He was curious if there was any staff member present, because all professors were supposed to be asleep already because of his potion. If there were no professors, he would give the signal to the Dark Lord and the plan could continue. The Dark Lord would arrive at Hogwarts then at about eight pm. So he had a lot of time to have some fun with some 5th and 6th years in the Slytherin girls' dorm. Arriving at the great hall he went to the Slytherin's table and sat down. He looked at the teacher's table and indeed, none of the teachers were present. He continued to monitor the table throughout lunch, but still no teachers appeared. It seemed that nobody noticed or cared. He heard a lot of commotion because of the extra studies for the DA given by those two idiots..

Soon he turned his attention to Greta Wardock, a 6th year Slytherin, and she looked very juicy. With a few hours of patience and she would lie in front of him.

Soon it was time for class, and no professors. This was great! He stood up from his chair and went with the rest to class. He had defense from that werewolf Lupin, -hopefully he wouldn't show up. He arrived with the rest of the class in the classroom for defense, but no Lupin. Normally, the werewolf would already been waiting for them, but not this time. Draco was smirking.

Everybody was entertaining themselves patiently and he slipped out of the classroom. He exited the castle and pointed his wand skywards. "Aduro contendo!" A fireball was shot into the air. Draco returned to the castle and went to his dorms to wait.

Harry woke suddenly up and looked around him. Hermione stirred awake as well. "Harry ... what is the matter, Harry? ... Harry!"

Harry looked to the wall. "I don't know, Hermione. Don't you feel it, something's wrong with the castle."

"Yes ...", Hermione whispered. "Something is indeed wrong."

They stood up and dressed. Harry took his wand and placed it in his robes. They both exited the dorm and entered the corridor. They checked the Gryffindor common room, and they found it full with students. "What's everyone doing in the dorm? Don't you have classes?"

"We can't have class without teachers," was the general reply.

"Where are they?" Hermione asked surprised.

"We don't know, they didn't show up! So we went back to our dorms. We expect that the teachers will make an announcement or something like that. But it is already five."

"Did somebody look for McGonagall?"

"Yep, but we can't find anybody."

"And did anybody try to get us? "

"Yes we did as well, except that your dorm was locked."

Harry had enough. "It is very clear, that something is dreadfully wrong. I'll get the D.A together." He took his coin and pressed the button three times. "We'll meet in the Room of Requirement in half an hour."

"Hermione, let's search for the teachers in the teachers room and see what is going on, quickly."

Harry got a feeling of dread. He feared that Hogwarts was under attack. They hurried to the teachers' lounge. Arrived at the room, the first thing what Harry saw McGonagall lying on the ground, very still. Next to her laid Sinistra and Flitwick and on their chairs he saw Sprout and Lupin. Hermione and Harry checked on them, but they seem to be alright, only asleep. And no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't wake them.

"Something was in their food!" Harry exclaimed.

"Hermione, do you know how to operate the speaker system in the castle?"

"Not a clue."

"Then let's go to the room of requirement and see what we can do with the DA.."

They hastened to the room of requirements, which was already filled with almost all the DA members. "People", Harry yelled, "Please pay attention. The castle is under attack, the teachers are knocked out already. We think they are poisoned during breakfast or dinner."

"Dean, you go to check on professor Dumbledore. The password for the gargoyle is Salty Drop."

Dean left immediately.

"Seamus, go to our dorm and warn them. Close the dorm and don't let anyone in except people you know- but be careful of fakes. Padma, please do the same for Ravenclaw dorm.Susan, you do the same for the Hufflepuff dorm and Deidra, you do the Slytherin's dorm. The password to control the dorms is 'santa'- go now. Parvati, you know how to operate the floo network in the castle. Please send the alarm to the ministry and ask for aurors. Tell them that we are under attack."

Deidra, Susan and Padma left the room and disappeared to their dorms.

"The rest of us must be prepared. We'll move to the Great Hall. Neville, please stay here and tell everyone from the DA who comes here to go to there. When the instructions change, we will send you a short message with the message spell we taught you in the DA lessons. Understand? By the way, where are Justin Dorenbourgh, Hannah and Blaise?"

Nobody knew.

Suddenly a silver bird flew from the wall straight into Harry. "Hermione, Deidra sent me a message- she's in trouble at the Slytherin dorm- she's being attacked by Malfoy.

A second bird appeared from the wall and flew to Harry. "She is being raped by Malfoy and Goyle! Everyone stay put! We will go to the Slytherin dorm."

Harry and Hermione ran as fast as they could to Dierdra's aid.

Draco had waited long enough. He dragged him self from his bed and went to the common room. Almost every Slytherin was there waiting and talking; nobody had any idea what was going on. The door opened and he saw Deidra enter. Before anyone knew what was happening, Draco went through the door, dragging Deidra with him. The door closed and dragged her, struggling, further down the corridor. He heard the door open again, and saw that Goyle exiting and looking concernedly at him and Deidra. Draco didn't care. By now Deidra was screaming.

"Let me loose, what the hell are you doing?! I need to warn everyone! We're under attack!"

Draco pointed his wand to her: "Silencio!".

Her mouth was moving, but she was no longer making any noise.

Draco started to pull on her robes, and Deidra gasped, her eyes wide and her mouth open, looking horrified. Soon he was past her robes, and on to her muggle clothes which were underneath. He tore her shirt and gaped at her breasts. He started to pull on her jeans and Deidra was shocked into fighting. She started to hit him and tried to knee him in the groin, but for all his brutishness Draco was quick, and he slapped her in the face. Goyle knelt and held her arms behind her back. Draco finally managed to get her jeans off and then ripped her panties from her bodyleaving her completely naked. He took a moment to look her over, pleased.

"Goyle, disappear."

Goyle did as he was told, and left for the dorm.

Draco dropped his ropes and lowered his underwear. He dropped himself above Deidra and felt his dick growing. Deidra was still struggling fiercely. But Draco pinned her down. She tried to hit him, but failed. He dipped his head to kiss her, but she moved up to bite him, so Draco hit her in the mouth. She was still trying to scream and tears were streaming down her face.

Draco shifted his weight and braced her legs open.

Suddenly Draco's world went back and there was nothing more.


Beta reader for this chapter is Rebby
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