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Chapter twenty one

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It does not go well with Harry Potter. In order to increase Harry's magical power, Dumbledore infects Harry and two girls with a disease. And his power surges.

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Beta reader for this chapter is Hayley


Exams and attacks (continued)

Harry and Hermione arrived at the corridor outside the Slytherin Common Room. The first thing Harry saw was Malfoy, raping Diedra.

"Dormo depono" Harry yelled.

Malfoy collapsed onto Diedra, unconscious.

Hermione dragged Malfoy off Diedra, and helped her stand up. Diedra was crying hysterically, and Hermione was trying to comfort her. Deidra was hysterically crying and Hermione was busy trying to comfort her. Harry opened the Slytherin dorm and entered. His eyes were ablaze and looked around the common room. Everyone fell quiet. "The castle is under attack by Voldemort. You all have to stay in the dorm, and you don't let anyone in, except for DA members and teachers. Is that understood?" Harry ordered.

Everybody looked shocked and stared at Deidra, who collapsed on a chair. "Help her." Harry pointed to Diedra, then left the dorm with Hermione. He locked the dorm, then he and Hermione ran to the Great Hall together.

"Draco will stay for unconscious for many hours. When this is all over, we don't want to forget this rapist. "

Harry entered the Great Hall, and froze. He did not expect this. He saw the Voldemort and his Death Eaters. All of the members of the DA lay on the ground with their hands on their heads, surrounded by Death Eaters pointing their wands at them.

Voldemort was busy torturing Katie Bell. She was screaming from pain and rolling around on the ground. Voldemort immediately stopped his Crucio and stared at Harry. The strange thing was that his scar was not burning. He felt nothing from it, and Voldemort was standing in front of him!

"Drop your wands!" Voldemore screamed, pointing his wand at them.

"We don't have wands anymore, Voldi-peens!" Harry felt the fear almost paralyzing him. He thought about Hermione and was so afraid something might happen to her. He watched Voldemort, who looked back at him with a very surprised expression on what was left of his face.

"You called me WHAT?" Voldemort roared.

Hermione took Harry's hand and looked intensively at him. He felt strength and confidence streaming into his body, then straightened his back at looked defiantly at Voldemort. "You are Voldi-peens and you are the reptile who murdered my parents and thousands of others. Now I am going to make you pay."He pointed both his hands to at Voldemort and said"Destructiva!"

A purple beam flew from his hands to Voldemort. Voldemort managed to build a shield around him, but it was immediately shattered by the force of the spell. Voldemort started to scream, a high pitched sound coming from the hole in his face that was once a mouth.Harry could see his body expanding then shrinking, as blood flowed from his mouth.

At the same time, Hermione cast the shield against the Unforgivables.

"Contego letum!"

She was just in time, because most of the Death Eaters were firing Crucio or Avada Kedavra at them. She then managed to knock down five Death Eaters with a wave of her hand, continuously murmuring.

"Conscindo" screamed Harry, pointing at Voldemort.


Curse after curse was fired at Voldemort, who was screaming like a pig and bleeding from everywhere.

"Do you know how I can kill this bastard, Hermione?"

"I have no idea, Harry. He will not die. Try the killing curse."

Harry had his hands still pointing at Voldemort. "Avada Kedavra"
The spell hit Voldemort, who collapsed on the ground, but wasn't dead. He rolled under the Gryffindor table, where he suddenly disappeared, right before their eyes. "Look out everybody, Voldi-peens is invisible now, but still here. Be aware of everything and stay put. " Harry warned.

All the Death Eater lay on the ground, knocked out. Hermione had cast a shield around the DA members and they were all waiting. No Voldemort. Harry held his right hand up and summoned his Marauder's map. He activated the map and looked for Tom Riddle. He saw Voldemort, exiting the castle from a small side door near the Slytherin towerHe looked for Tim Riddle and indeed he saw Voldemort. He was exiting the castle from a smaller side door near the Slytherin tower.

He is leaving the castle.

"FINITE Contego orbis terrarium"

The shield surrounding the DA members disappeared. Everyone started to talk at the same time, excited that Voldemort was wounded, and had been beaten so thoroughly.

"Is anyone wounded or have any problems here? " Harry asked.

Nobody answered.

"Okay, those people who locked the dorms, please go back, unlock them and ask everyone to come to the Great Hall. Did anybody think of sending owls to the Aurors?"

Lavender spoke up. "Yes, we did. After the Floo network did not work, we sent owls. "

"Excellent. Dean, can you go to the kitchens and ask the elves to prepare a small feast in the great hall; I think we all need it. "

In the mean time, most of the DA members were laughing because Harry called the Dark Lord Voldi-peens.

"Seamus, Lavender, Parvati, Neville, Padma, Katie and Justin, can you go to the teachers' common room, and levitate them to the hospital wing? Oh yes, Susan and Justin, can you do the same with professor Dumbledore? Dora, Karen and Jimmy, please go to the corridor in front of the Slytherindorm, and pick up Malfoy. You need to bind him before you levitate him. Now, we wait for the infantry to arrive."

Harry was continuously monitoring the Marauder's Map, so he could see what was going on. He saw the teachers moving through the corridors, and he could see that Dora, Karen and Jimmy had reached Malfoy and were now returning to the Great Hall. He could also see that the people from Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor were moving to the Great Hall as well.

"Great, everything is rolling now, "Harry said.

Hermione stood with a straight back next to him, proudly looking around her. "The DA saved the castle" she screamed. "Long live the DA!"

Now the members of the DA were screaming and having fun. Ginny and Colin were standing on the Gryffindor tables and dancing. Food, juice, cookies and chocolates appeared on the table, and Ginny lost her balance, crashing into several large dishes of butter cookies. She had juice all over her, but she was laughing as Colin kissed her, both of them relieved and happy.

In the mean time, all the students except the Slytherins streamed into the Great Hall. Harry stood on a table and asked for attention.

"Hear all. The school was under attack by Voldi-peens and his death eaters, but the DA kicked their butt. The death eaters are here, unconscious and bound, and Voldi-peens ran away as fast as he could. The teachers are still unconscious and the Aurors are on theirway. I think that, since Hermione and I are the most senior teachers in the school who are awake at this moment, I declare that all lessons for today and tomorrow are cancelled, and that we will have a wild party in the Great Hall tonight, from eight until eleven pm. From that point, you people can continue partying in your dorms. Do you all agree?"

"Yes, we agree!"

Everyone screamed happily and started to eat the junk food on their tables.

"Where are the Slytherins? "Helen Bearshover, a 6th from Gryffindor, asked.

"We will keep them in their dorm until we can organize some security here."

Suddenly everyone was aware of Draco Malfoy, who sat in a corner between Dora, Karen and Jimmy, with hate radiating from him.

"He raped Deidra! "

Hermione ran to the teacher's table and asked again for attention. "People, please don't touch that dirt. He was trying to rape Diedra when we caught him. Justice will be done - I hope he will rot in Azkaban with the Dementors.

At last the first Aurors appeared in the great hall, looking baffled. Those Aurors were followed by Tonks, Kingsley, Mundungus and twenty more Aurors, all with wands drawn and wide eyes. Tonks, Kingsley and Mundungus walked to Harry and Hermione, who were updating them as fast and completely as possible. The Aurors started to roam the castle, and used the Marauder's Map to monitor any Death Eater activity. The castle was again connected to the Floo Network, Healers arrived to take care of the teachers, and the prisoners were led to the ministry.

Harry and Hermione went to the teachers' platform, and asked for attention.

"Please, everyone, tone your voices down. Ginny and Colin, please get down from the curtains and back to your places. I'd like to ask you all the return to your dorms and stay there for the time being. Tonight at eight o'clock, members of the DA will pick you up, and we will have a party. The party is for all years, so first years are included. Dinner will be at eight, and we will have a lot of food. Until further notice, there will a curfew after the party." Harry smiled and looked around. "You all know I have the Marauder's Map, so I can see who breaks the rules, and I will pick any rule breakers up myself. Because the rest of the teachers are sleeping, I asked Kingsley to leave thirty Aurors here. They will not bother you, but will guard the school and us. Does anyone have any questions?"

"Yes, who called the Dark Lord Voldi-peens?"

People started to laugh again.

"What ever! Anymore questions?"

Out of the corner of his eye, Harry saw Dumbledore appear in the Great Hall, followed by Professors McGonagall, Flitwik, Lupin and Snape."

"Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Professor Dumbledore!" He waved to the approaching professors and stepped back.

Pleased, Dumbledore looked at Harry and Hermione. He took their shoulders, pushed them forward, and turned to face the students.

"Dear students, we were in good hands. What did Harry promise you? "

"A party and no classes today or tomorrow!" was the answer from the students.

Dumbledore looked at Harry and Hermione with an amused expression on his face. "It is a little to late to have any lessons today, so tomorrow and the day after, there will be no lessons. I confirm that there will be a party tonight, and there will be a big ball on Saturday evening. I think the DA will still pick you up, that is indeed a very good idea. We will see you tonight, here in the Great Hall, for a smashing party!"

Everyone was happy with this, and left for their dorms.

"Professor, the Slytherin dorm is still locked." Harry said to Dumbledore.

"Professor Snape, would you be so good as to look at their dorm, please?"

Snape immediately turned and went to the Slytherin dorm.

Hermione turned to Professor Dumbledore. "Professor, would you do me the honor of having a dance with me tonight at the party?"

Professor Dumbledore laughed loudly, his laughter rolling over the Great Hall. Everyone looked at the Professor in surprise; they had never heard him laugh like that.

"Hermione, this will not succeed. I might be old, but not slow and dimwitted yet. Yes, I'd love to have that dance with you, as long as Harry doesn't mind. No, you will not take my attention from things that you don't want to discuss. I was updated by Kingsley about what happened here. Now tell us your story. Start from the beginning when you noticed something was wrong. "

So Harry and Hermione told him what had happened from the moment that Harry woke up thatafternoon. He told him also that his scar was not hurting him anymore; the link with Voldemort was gone!

In the mean time, the elves had begun preparing the Great Hall for the party.
Professor Snape entered the great hall, dragging Goyle with him. "Headmaster, this student tried to rape a fellow student, but was overpowered by the rest of the students. I'd like to have him arrested by the Aurors. "

Professor Dumbledore nodded, and Snape took Goyle over to the Aurors.

"Harry and Hermione ... please go to your dorm and freshen up a little - you are to be honored tonight. Be here at eight like everyone else."

Harry and Hermione quickly escaped the great hall and ran to their dorm.

"Great, now we are the bloody heroes." Harry mumbled.

"I heard that"

Harry kissed Hermione, slowly and deeply.

They took a very hot shower together, and they kissed again, slowly and deeply.

When Harry and Hermione entered the great hall, they could not believe their eyes. Everything was different. The large house tables had disappeared, and had been replaced by small round tables, each with four chairs. There were blazing fireplaces along the walls, and the hall itself looked smaller, although that could have been because the colors of the walls had been changed to blue and green.

There were plants, trees and floating candles everywhere. The sky of the Great Hall was full of stars, which was an amazing effort. (In the middle of the hall was a large open space, apparently for dancing. When Harry looked at the teacher's platform, he did not see the teachers sitting there, but instead there was an orchestra, made entirely of ghosts. He could see the Bloody Baron and Nearly Headless Nick, among others, looking at the students.

A smiling Professor McGonagall approached them. "Harry and Hermione, please be so kind as to follow me. "

Professor McGonagall led them to some tables in the corner next to the orchestra, where most of the professors already were seated. "Please Harry and Hermione, sit down. "
In the mean time, the great hall was starting to fill. When they were waiting for everyone to arrive, Hermione noticed her father and mother approaching them.

"Dad and Mum! how come you are here "Hermione exclaimed happily and jumped straight into the open arms of her father.

"Professor Dumbledore contacted us and we came. You saved the school! You are amazing. Let me congratulate Harry as well - let's go. I want to see my son in law. "

After hugs, they went back to their tables, while the hall was filling with students and other guests.

"Harry, look, there are the Weasleys!"

Harry followed the direction of her hand and indeed, he saw the Weasleys approaching. He stood up, because the Weasleys went straight to him, with Mrs. Weasleys arms wide open. She gave him a huge hug and she squeezed him tightly. Looking over her shoulder, he saw Ron standing there, with his head down and hands behind his back. "Ron." Harry choked out.

"Harry ... I am sorry for what I did, it was terrible. "

"We will talk later, Ron". Harry squeezed Mrs. Weasley. "Thank you, Mrs. Weasley. I am now so happy and with Ron we will be complete again. "

"You are welcome, my dear. I heard what you did, it was excellent. Nobody could do it better than you."

"No, Mrs. Weasley, it is thanks to Hermione I am what I am now. You and Hermione are my two favorite women in my life."

He gave her a kiss on her cheek. "Ah Mr. Potter", Hermione exclaimed. "Kissing other girls, are you? "

Harry smiled shyly "Only one of my favorite women in the world. "

Professor Dumbledore stood up from his table. "Ahem ... Ahem" The hall became quiet. "I want to make a toast to Harry and Hermione, who today showed leadership and resolve. I also want to make a toast to the DA, because they saved the day and Hogwarts from Voldi-peens. "

Everyone in the hall was laughing now. "Please Harry, Hermione and all the members of the DA - stand up, and let's have this toast, shall we?"

All the members of the DA, including Harry and Hermione, stood up and drank their wine and juice.
The ghost orchestra started to play the first waltz. Harry turned immediately towards Hermione, bowed, took her hand tenderly and moved to the dance floor. They started to dance the waltz and forgot the rest of the world from that moment on. When the waltz ended, Harry felt someone tapping on his shoulder. He turned and saw Professor Dumbledore waiting. "I believe that this dance was promised to me. "

Hermione smiled, and Professor Dumbledore took her hands and danced the next waltz. Harry went to Professor McGonagall and asked her for the dance. Professor McGonagall looked extremely pleased. "Oh Harry, I'd love to. "

Together they waltzed over the dance floor. "It was only four months ago that the boy Harry Potter left the school for his summer holidays. And in September the young man Harry Potter returned. Time goes so fast and you have grown so much. You are a fine man, Harry Potter and you have a great future in front of you. And I am so happy that you both have accepted the job of the managing the research department at Hogwarts. That also means that you can stay here at Hogwarts. Your parents would be so proud of you. And I am also so proud." Professor McGonagall smiled "You are an excellent dancer, Mr. Potter. I see that the influence of Ms. Grangeris seeping through. "

Harry laughed. "Yes Professor, it certainly is, isn't it?"

Harry and Hermione took the next dance, because it was a tango. When the tango was finished, Professor Dumbledore asked for attention. "Please everyone, we need to eat, the dinner is ready. "

With this, they all sat and ate.

"Harry, I talked to my parents, and they reminded me about our offer that they could move into the castle. They'd like to accept our offer. "

Harry beamed. "That is great, and I'm pleased."

He looked at Hermione and kissed her on the lips. "I see you are too. " She nodded silently and happily. "They will move in as quickly as possible and try to let the house to others. They want to move into the castle thiscoming weekend.

"Great Hermione, I want to talk with your father and I need some advice about things ... you are not allowed to know yet. "

Hermione snorted.

Harry stood up, walked over to Mrs. Granger and asked her to dance the tango. Mrs. Granger stood up with a big smile on her face, and they danced.

"Mrs. Granger, I can see why Hermione's dancing is so great. I am so pleased that she taught me how to dance, it is such a pleasure."

The couple moved aroundthe dance floor in near-perfection. When the tango was finished, Hermione took over. The whole school was watching, and everyone agreed that Harry and Hermione were the best dancers, perfect in everything they did on the dance floor.

"I will ask Professor Dumbledore to include dance lessons in the curriculum. I think that Fleur would be the best teacher for that, "said Hermione.

At a table at the back of the Great Hall sat Ron, with Charlie and the twins. He was watching Harry and Hermione. Fred was also looking. "I think that are a great couple, and they are very much in love with each other. "

Ron said nothing ... he only looked.

"Harry, where is Sirius?" Hermione asked. "We have not heard from him for weeks now. Is he still not back from his mission?"

"Hermione, I have no idea. I assume that Professor Dumbledore will tell us what is going on very soon. By the way, I think that Fleur Delacour is perfect for the dance lessons at Hogwarts. You are a genius. "

"Yes I know"

Harry kissed Hermione tenderly on her lips.

"Not too much, otherwise we'll have an extra merge, Harry," Hermione was whispering now.

"I love you, Hermione. "

Harry and Hermione could not help it, they continued dancing.

Dean and Seamus went too to the table where Ron was sitting with his hands on his head, looking at the table. "Hi Ron, what's up mate? "

Ron looked up, relieved. "I'm well, and you two?"

Dean and Seamus sat down.

"Are you going to attend classes, Ron? Are you alright now?"

"Yes, I am all right. The Healers have cured whatever was wrong with me, and Professor Dumbledore decided that it would be better if I continued my classes, so I have the chance to finish my N.E.W.Ts. Otherwise I would end up with Ginny next year, and everyone agreed that would not be a good idea."

Dean laughed. "You can say that again. She's with Colin now, and they are dating." Ron's expression changed, and his eyes became slits, looking for Colin.

He immediately changed his expression when he looked back at Dean. "What's new? "

"Everything is new, Ron. Harry doesn't sleep in our dorm anymore, and neither does Hermione - they're living in the prefects' dorms. Harry and Hermione took their N.E.W.T.'s and they will be teaching. They had 22 N.E.W.T.'s each! They are now Heads of research at Hogwarts...those two are amazing. Lavender is going with Jimmy Dockers, and Parvati is going with Justin Dorenbourgh, they're both 7th year Ravenclaws. and Neville with Helen Bearshover, who is a 6th year Gryffindor. Oh yes, and there will be a party after his one, so be prepared for a long night. And we have a lot of fire whiskey, so everyone can drink until the end of time, and we have a lot of music. Before we can start our party, we need to make a stop at the kitchens to nick some extra food. What do you say, Ron? "

Ron grinned happily. "That is much better then staying home and talking to my mother. When is this stupid party over anyway? It is so boring. "

Dean looked annoyed. "Ron, this party was possible because of Harry. When none of the teachers was available, Harry and Hermione were the most senior teachers present and decided to throw a party thisevening. When Professor Dumbledore showed up, he only confirmed it. This party is because we beatVoldi-peens and his Death Eaters. Maybe it is too boring for you, but it is not for us. "

With that Dean stood up and went back to the tables where the rest of Gryffindor sat.

Seamus looked Ron in the eye. "I don't know what happened with you, Ron. But we have a happy group in Gryffindor. It is not a good idea too mess around with it. And before I go, I would like to advise you that maybe it is a good idea not to drink whiskey in your current state. ". Then Seamus walked away to the Gryffindor tables.

"Ron, you were speaking very stupidly and rudely, and if you keep doing that, you'll be very lonely, even with your friends in Gryffindor. I don't know, and don't understand what changed you, but what you said was not nice. I am very worried about you." Bill Weasley looked at Ron, worried,

"Whatever." Ron said, then stood up and left the hall, going to his dorm without saying anything to anybody or looking back.

By eleven o'clock, the party was over, and everyone was on their way to the dorm with the DA. Harry and Hermione went to their dorm and relaxed in the chairs opposite the blazing fire. "Did you see Ron, Harry? He did not want to speak with us, but maybe we need to give him a change to speak? "

"I'm not sure Hermione. I have the feeling that Ron is still not OK and there is something looming in his eyes ... I don't know. I would feel very uncomfortable if Ron appeared in our dorm."

Both of them were looking into the fire. "Do you think we should give him a chance to talk to us?Maybe we are wrong about it, and maybe he is cured, maybe he is alright, only terribly lonely and guilty."

"Yes, maybe. Let's see if we can speak with him tomorrow, but please not in our dorm. I would feel violated if he came here...and I did not like it when he was looking at you like he did this evening." Harry told her.

"Do you want to join the party with the other Gryffindors? " Hermione offered.

"You know that neither of us is in the mood for that party, Hermione, especially with Ron lurking in a corner of the room. Then there is the fire whiskey they have organized...when Ron starts drinking, I don't know what is going to happen, but I don't think it will be good."


Beta reader for this chapter is Hayley
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