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We're Such A Beautiful Disaster

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Can something so precious flush down the toilet, just like that?

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Chapter 11: We're Such A Beautiful Disaster

But suddenly, the door opened just as Alice stood by the door to listen to what was happening in the other room. It seemed that Brendon was sort of mad, as he opened the door, accidentally bashing Alice in the nose. (Causing her to get a bloody nose...)

But when Brendon closed the door, he noticed an impaled Alice. "Oh, shit." Brendon murmured, and rushed to Alice's side. /This wasn't how I imagined it to be.../Alice thought quietly to herself as Brendon insisted on carrying her back to bed. However, to cover her nose (to stop the blood from falling) she had to let go of the quilt that covered her (obviously) naked body. Brendon didn't really seem to take much notice, which struck an odd chord within Alice. They didn't really see each other in the dark when they were having sex, of course-for heaven's sakes, it was the dark. Feeling wasn't the same thing as seeing in broad daylight. So why did Brendon make it all as no big deal?

Or maybe he's been with the same situation over and over...and I'm just another one of his regulars... Alice thought at first. But she silently shook herself out of that idea. She was, by far, Brendon's longest girlfriend. The band knew that. Her friends knew that. Brendon knew it. And, of course, she was supposed to know as well...she just didn't trust the idea quite yet.

"Hey...are you okay? Here's some tissues. Sorry I did your nose...I really didn't mean it...especially after...after...our..." Brendon stammered, looking into Alice's eyes with a sudden plead in his voice. Alice's heart melted instantaneously, and she made out a small smile. "It's okay, Bren. You don't have to say it...I guess I didn't expect getting a bloody nose right after my first time making love with someone that"

Making love. That just made Brendon's heart soar with glee. It was such a wonderful phrase-the kind that would make a guy whoop for joy. Then, Brendon realized Alice's nakedness. He grinned cheekily, and it took a few moments for Alice to re-recognize the fact that she was-really-naked. Her face turned more crimson than beet red. Brendon laughed, and hugged her close. "It's okay, my love..." He murmured into her hair, which smelled softly like...well, for lack of better, and soft perfume.

Luckily, Alice managed to cover herself just appropriately enough so that when Jon burst into the room (great timing...) she was at least somewhat decent, in between planting soft kisses on Brendon's cheek and holding up the quilt against her supple skin.

"Oh...Jesus Christ." Jon whispered to himself, and covered his eyes, just standing there like a lost kid in a huge mansion. Brendon and Alice giggled, until Brendon asked, "Why didn't you just knock, Walker? Or do you have no sense of privacy?"

Jon mumbled, "Both."

Alice laughed, before grabbing the nearest pair of shorts (oh wait, was that Brendon's boxers? Oh well...) and her t-shirt and slipping it on. Brendon was in one of Jon's shirts (the guys just borrowed and never gave back clothes, so they all just share clothes...) and also wearing his boxers. "I'm decent!" Alice laughed, watching Jon uncover his eyes.

"Aw, god dude...I'm never gonna let you use any more of my shirts when she's around..." Jon said disgustedly, looking at Brendon's lopsided grin and his wrinkled shirt that Brendon was wearing. Brendon chuckled.

"Jon," Ryan called from his bedroom. Jon looked back. He frowned, before asking, "What?!"

Alice giggled, and snuggled in next to Brendon. Jon and Ryan were less than a few feet away from each other, but they were still yelling as if the person was in the next apartment down.

"We're outta groceries...could you go get some?" Ryan asked exhaustedly. Alice got up instantly, following Jon to the door. "I'll come with you, Jon!"

Brendon groaned. "No, don't go..."

"It'll only be a few moments, dear. Just sit and wait." Alice teased, kissing the tip of Brendon's nose before slipping on a pair of pants and her jacket. Before Brendon knew it, Alice and Jon had walked out the door.

Shit...Why didn't I just go with them? Brendon asked himself.


What the FUCK does he want now? I got mad at him earlier and Alice was impaled because of it... "Yeah, Ry." Brendon responded as calmly as possible.

Ryan appeared at Brendon's door. He leaned against the doorframe cutely, his white t-shirt with the band name 'Queen' plastered on it. Skinny jeans fitted his profile nicely, and Brendon kept thinking about what Ryan was wearing until Ryan himself brought Brendon out of his daydream. "Hello? Brendon? You listening?"

"Huh? Yeah..." Brendon trailed off, sitting back on his bed. He patted the spot next to him. "Come sit." He stated plainly to Ryan, who just shrugged and sidled over to Brendon's bed and sat down next to him. The two were silent for a few moments, until Brendon said, "Well I-"

But at the same time, Ryan uttered, "So I-"

They both caught themselves, and started laughing. Although they had only known each other for about four to five years now, they still could do the most ridiculous things and laugh at them. The beauty of friendship, I guess... Brendon thought to himself silently as he let Ryan talk first.

"Okay...I know it's a bad time to talk about it, but..." Ryan started slowly, but Brendon cut him off.

"I already told you earlier, Ry. I don't want to do it. I don't want to be touring while Alice is around. Can't we just...settle for another like...two months? Cuz then, like, school will be over for her and-"

"Bren. We can't put off this tour anymore. We did so already like...a month back...and we're not gonna get much concerts in if we don't do one now." Ryan was definitely trying to reason with Brendon. But with a lovestricken Brendon, it was hard to reason.

"But I love her!" Brendon proclaimed. Ryan nodded, and sighed. "Yes, well, we know that. I love Keltie too. But we-"

"It's different for her! She's like...what, twenty four? She doesn't need to go to school anymore. Hell, she could like tour with us! But not Alice...Alice won't tour. She'll reject me like last time. She'll-"

"Are you completely insecure about this Alice situation? Because if you are, maybe then you should just marry her and stop touring with us completely." Ryan said stubbornly, and folded his arms.

/He's kicking me out of the band?/... Brendon thought incredulously. " c..I couldn't do that, Ry. The band is everything." Brendon whispered carefully. Ryan nodded, trying to encourage Brendon to say more. But nothing else would come out of Brendon's mouth. Ryan sighed again, rubbing his temples.

"Just tell her you're touring. She'll be busy with school anyways."

"We don't just tour for two months, Ry! We tour for like a fucking year before we're done and start writing another album! Alice will find someone else by then and I...I can't...I wouldn't be able to stand it." Brendon yelled at his friend, completely out of breath now.

"Yes, well...What other solution do you have, Urie?" Ryan asked gently, touching Brendon's shoulder. Brendon only shrugged it off.

"Look. How many more years of college does she have?" Ryan asked again, trying to patch things up. " more after this." Brendon said, looking at Ryan's turning thoughts.

"So tell her to wait a year. It won't hurt, right?"

"..." Brendon didn't say anything. Ryan sighed, and scooted closer to his friend. He sniffed. "Dude, did you take a shower yet?" Ryan asked, off-topic, scrunching his nose up.

Brendon rolled his eyes. "Do you THINK I've had time for one, Ross?" He asked sarcastically, placing his hand on his hip. Ryan smiled wryly, and half-hugged his good friend. They hadn't known each other as long as he and Spencer had, but over the past few years-burping, farting, having girlfriends, dumping girlfriends, eating moldy pizza on the tour bus-it just made him feel that much closer to someone he'd known for about four years.

Brendon pushed Ryan's arm off of him and pinned him to the bed. "Oh, you're in for it now." Brendon grinned evilly. Ryan struggled, but alas-someone of Ryan's skinny stature would be no match for that of Brendon's...pear shaped body?...

Ryan chuckled, and stopped resisting. "So what're you gonna tell her, Bren?"

Bren snarled at his friend. Why did he have to bring that back up?...

"I'll think about that. But right now...I need to..." Brendon said, his voice slowly rising, before Brendon released Ryan and jumped on top of him.

It really was a weird sight-Brendon, only in his boxers, squashing Ryan underneath him. (Even though Ryan was fully clothed.)

"Brendon!" Ryan gasped, but Brendon just kept laughing.

"Come on, Ross, you know you're enjoying it."


"Amazing?" Brendon asked, before leaping off of Ryan and grabbing a pair of nearby scissors. Uh-oh. Brendon + scissors...not a great combination. A little dash of there's something you don't EVER want to encounter.

Ryan's eyes grew large, as he asked, "Brendon, what are you...?"

Brendon pushed Ryan back onto the mattress and somehow managed to cut a bit of Ryan's shirt. Ryan threw a fit, screaming, "Hey!"

But as the two scrabbled around, pushing each other, grunting and fighting like a pair of two lion cubs, Ryan's shirt soon ripped to shreds, leaving him shirtless as well. Then they both collapsed on the floor, gasping for air.

"Brendon Urie...I swear to god..."

"Come on, Ross. You know it was a good workout." Brendon winked playfully, meaning nothing but pure friendship banter in his voice.

But as the door creaked open slowly...Ryan perked up. He sat up, fully aware of who was now standing at the door.

"That wasn't what you thought you heard..." Ryan whispered cautiously to the person standing at the door.

Brendon suddenly caught sight of who it was, and before he had the chance to say anything, she ran off.


God, why does everything happen at the wrong place and the wrong time?...

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