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Chapter 8 Slow Descent

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Cloud gets taken by Sephiroth when he looks for him in the mountains. Leads to a relationship, but the past can never truly be forgotten. dark themes sc zc

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Unrequited Desires

Chapter 8 Slow Descent


Cloud nervously stared up into the fearful eyes of the SOLDIER he had come to know as Zack. It was more like he had come to curse him as Zack. He hated these dreams, he hated the way he couldn't do anything while in them. Mostly though he hated the fact that he couldn't tell the difference between dream and reality anymore, and that was definitely a line he didn't want to cross over lightly.

"Cloud I'm so glad you came." Cloud nervously glanced around the small apartment that every first class SOLDIER received, and even though this usually felt like home to him, this time it was nothing but uncomfortable.

The blond walked over and sank into his plush chair that Zack had bought him for Christmas. It made him feel a little more at home, and Cloud could see how happy just seeing him sitting there made Zack. "I did...but." Zack's eyes had lit up, and darkened once again at the word but. "I am only here to find out why...why did you do it?"

Zack's leg began bouncing up and down, a habit Cloud knew only too well he did when he was nervous. "You don't understand the whole situation don't know anything about Aeris."

"Aeris..." Cloud felt broken, and he had no doubt his voice portrayed that feeling. "Is that her name?" Why had he come here in the first place? Cloud could feel his dream self dying inside, and he couldn't help but reciprocate the feeling.

Zack, who had been up until now waiting patiently on the couch, got up and came to kneel before Cloud. "Baby don't...don't pull away from me again."

He could feel the weight of his hands resting on his thighs, but refused to meet the amber eyes that were no doubt staring at him. The comment had affected him, and even though he would rather stay out of it, he just couldn't let it go. Blue eyes narrowed. "No you don't! Don't you dare call me that! Don't you dare pretend like you still care about me!" A lone tear escaped down his face, and for that he cursed himself. He had promised himself he wasn't going to cry. He had promised himself that he wouldn't let Zack see him so weak.

The SOLDIER pulled the small blond towards him, and Cloud couldn't help but lean into the embrace. It felt so natural to be in Zack's arms. It could just be like before when all they had was each other, and they didn't need to worry about all the lies and deceit. "Cloud of course I care for. I love you more than life itself and that's why I did what I did. You must understand." But he didn't understand, not one bit. What was that even supposed to mean? How could he cheat on him because he loved him?

Cloud laid his head on his lover's chest, and let himself be held. "I don't...I don't understand." Cloud picked his head up to stare directly into Zack's eyes for probably the first time that night. Very timidly he stroked his love's face, and noticed how Zack completely leaned into the touch. "Please Zack...You've got to tell me."

Zack leaned in close to Cloud, and the blond knew what he was planning to do. He wanted to kiss him, but he couldn't allow that. No matter how much his heart ached for Zack, he couldn't until he knew why. Right as the SOLDIER leaned in, Cloud turned his face the other way. Zack sighed, before sinking all the way down to the floor, and laying his head in the blond's lap.

"I never wanted you to find out about her Spike, and the night that you did I can imagine what you went through." Without really knowing why, Cloud began to slightly stroke Zack's long spikes. "Because I went through the same thing when I saw you in Sephiroth's arms." Cloud's heart caught in his chest, and he tried to remember to breathe.

"I want you to know Zack that if I hadn't seen the two of you together..." His voice faltered a little as he tried to get what he needed out. "If I hadn't seen you with her, I would never of even thought about letting someone else touch me."

With those words Zack wrapped his arms around the small waist, and gripped the boy rather hard. "I know you wouldn't baby, but there's something you need to know about that night." Zack's grip still remained, but his head lifted off of the blond's lap to look him in the eyes. "When I went to her that night it was to end it, because I had realized how deeply in love with you I actually was, and no promise I made in the past mattered anymore."

Cloud saw his lover's eyes beginning to fill with tears, and he couldn't take it anymore. He needed to know what was going on. "Zack what are you talking about?" The blond slowly reached out, wiping away the unfallen tears. This little action caused Zack to smile, making Cloud's heart start to melt inside.

"Don't you understand baby, it wasn't you I was cheating on with her. It was her I was cheating on with you." Cloud knew what Zack was going to say before he even heard it. How could he have been so stupid? How could he have thought Zack would actually have betrayed him like that.

"How..." Cloud's voice was still cracky. "How close were the two of you?" Why was he asking this question? Did he really want to know the answer? Cloud's head was spinning with both his thoughts and his dreams self's thoughts, and he really just wished it would all slow down.

Zack, obviously not being able to take not holding Cloud anymore, made his way onto the chair, pulling the blond on his lap as he did so. Cloud was too upset to disagree with the situation, and instead just snuggled into Zack's chest. "I met her the first day I came to Midgar, and well we were together ever since...we were supposed to get married this summer."

Cloud pulled away, looking shockingly at Zack. "Married? You were going to marry her!" Zack just slightly smiled at Cloud's reaction, and ran a hand through his blond locks.

"Yes...but that was before I met you. Now there's no one I want but you." Now he knew this was supposed to make him feel better, but it didn't.

"Did you love her?" Zack saw the maddening expression on the blond's face, and upon seeing it his smile faded.

"I thought I did once...but now I can't be so sure." In truth Cloud had no idea why his dream self was getting so hysterical, but inside he could feel his own emotions about ready to blow.

"You think you loved her!" Cloud ripped himself out of Zack's arms, and made his way onto the floor, pacing around the small apartment. "You almost fucked me the first night I met you Zack! Do you remember that? Did you fucking love her then! Did you love her all those nights you spent whispering sweet nothings into my ear!" Cloud pointed an accusing finger at the shocked looking soldier's chest. "If you loved like you say you love me then we should never have gotten together in the first place."

He had to hand it to himself, he had a point. If Zack was really so in love with him as he said he was, as in love with him as he was with Aeris, then he would never have cheated on Aeris and got together with him in the first place. He was just a big walking contradiction.

"That's not the same thing at all and you know it Cloud!" Despite the voices inside of his head screaming at him to let this go, and to just go throw himself into Zack's arms, he couldn't. He couldn't let this go without a fight.

"How is not the same thing!" In all the time he had been with Zack, he had never seen him get mad. But he saw furry in his eyes that reminded him exactly why Zack was one of the most feared SOLDIERS.

Zack jumped up from the chair, and grabbed Cloud. Spinning them both around, he pinned Cloud to the nearest wall, crushing their lips together in a harsh kiss. After a few moments of sucking the life out of him, Zack pulled away, remaining close to his lover's face. "It's different Cloud, because it's you." He touched their lips together again, only more softly. "I cheated on her with you Cloud. I left her for you. I would do anything in my power for you baby. Just say you'll be with me...please tell me you're not going to leave me."

Still mildly in shock, Cloud felt his arms move around Zack of their own accord. "Zack...of course I won't." Cloud felt the tears rolling down his face. "I love you...I'll always love you." He kissed Zack's cheek, and turned them around so that Zack was the one against the wall. "I'll never leave your side again."

"Liar." That voice. No, it couldn't be. It couldn't be him. Cloud spun around on his heels, realizing that for some reason he could now control his body. He held his hand in front of his face, flexing his fingers, watching as the muscles contracted of his will. Why did he have control now, and why was he here?

"Sephiroth?" The man was sitting in the chair him and Zack had just been occupying. A black cloak was covering his face, but he would recognize the hair and voice anywhere.

The man completely ignored him, and just continued to talk. "You shouldn't lie to people like that Strife. It gives them the idea that you're actually trustworthy." Cloud's eyes widened when he saw the gleam of aqua from underneath the cloak. Why was he here? Why was he in this dream about Zack? Just remembering that the raven haired SOLDIER was still in the room, Cloud turned around to see that he had disappeared.

"What are you doing here? How did you get into my dream?" Pale hands reached up to take the hood from his head, revealing Sephiroth's lean face.

"I would have thought you would know by now that I can find you anywhere." Cloud's chest expanded at seeing Sephiroth for the first time in months. All the love he had previously felt for his general came rushing back, and he in turn rushed into his lover's arms, or rather tried. As soon as he had got close enough to touch, Sephiroth disappeared.

"Tell me Strife did it feel good?" Cloud spun around once again, and saw that Sephiroth was now sitting on the couch in nothing more than his leather pants.

Cloud made a motion to once more go by Sephiroth, but a hand stopped him where he stood. Why was he doing this? He didn't understand any of this. "Sephiroth what are you talking about?"

Sephiroth smirked, and turned cold green eyes to look at him. "Oh you don't remember?" Not really knowing what else to do, Cloud slowly shook his head. "Well then let me remind you." The pale haired warrior snapped his fingers, revealing something Cloud never wanted to see.

Yuffie was straddling Sephiroth's waist, making a trail down his chest with her tongue. Cloud watched as her naked body covered that of his beloved's, and as if that wasn't enough Sephiroth's hands came up to stroke her thighs, to cup her round breasts.

"What? What are you doing? Stop this!" But he didn't stop, in fact the pants that had once been on Sephiroth disappeared, leaving them both naked now. Cloud wanted to shield his eyes as Yuffie brought herself down onto Sephiroth's cock, and began riding him for her pleasure.

She gasped in pleasure, and to his disgust he heard Sephiroth moan as well. Why? Why was he doing this to him? Cloud felt the warm tears roll down his cheek as he watched the one he loved more than anything having his way with someone he considered a friend. "Sephiroth please don't..."

Harsh green eyes snapped open. "And who says I'm doing this Cloud?" A smirk appeared on his face as he grabbed at the ninja's ass, and no doubt came inside her. Not being able to take anymore, Cloud ran over to the couch to pull them apart, but as soon as his fingertips touched Sephiroth's skin, both the silver haired warrior and Yuffie exploded into a million pieces of glass.

As the glass broke the small apartment started to fade into blackness until all that was left was Cloud looking out into a black abyss. His solitude however didn't last for long, because those pieces of glass began to swirl around him, forming a type of mirror everywhere he looked.

The mirrors soon provided a picture of what he had just been witnessing. He watched as Yuffie picked herself up to slide him out of her, and made her way down to rest in between his thighs. He watched as her mouth touched the most private part of his lover, and he thought he would die just then.

Sinking to his knees, Cloud placed to hands onto his head, trying to shield it from the images and sounds invading his senses. "Why! Why are you doing this to me!" The blond was fully shaking now as he rocked himself back and forth on his haunches.

"Watch more closely Strife." Cloud head snapped up at the sound of Sephiroth's voice, and he saw Yuffie riding Sephiroth once again. "You will find that not all is as it seems, and the betrayer is not who you would expect."

Cloud wanted to ask what that meant, but he was too transfixed on what was happening to even be able to think. He watched as the Wutanese girl threw her head back in a scream of pleasure, and it was in that moment that he realized a sickening truth. For the girl hadn't called out Sephiroth's name like he expected, but rather she had called out... "Cloud!"

He watched in horrified fascination as Sephiroth's body transformed into that of his own. A much older body than he inhabited in this dream, his present body. Cloud tried to shut out the images in the mirrors, but each one burned a hole in his soul too deep to fill. How could this have happened? He would never... "I would never do that to you!"

In his outburst his mirror self had paused, and was now looking directly at him. "Oh but you have." He watched himself smirk before the glass once again shattered into a million pieces. Cloud had to shield his face to avoid the debris, and when he looked up again he saw just Sephiroth standing there.

Sephiroth was standing fully armored in all of his glory with a furry in his eyes he had only seen that night at Nibelheim. The very sight of him made Cloud's knees go weak. "Cloud, you've been a very, very, naughty little puppy."

With that said Sephiroth began to also fade into the abyss, despite Cloud best efforts to grab at his non-corporeal body. "No...Sephiroth no..." His vision to began to fade, and he knew that this dream, whatever it was, was ending. And in a last ditch effort he once more screamed. "Sephiroth!...


"NO!" Cloud shot up, surprised himself by his outburst. He clung to his chest, willing his heart to slow it's beat. He shook his head to dislodge the images of his dream that were still threatening to claw their way to the surface. He couldn't dwell on that any longer, it was just a dream...wasn't it?

"Cloudy what's wrong?" He froze at that, and slowly turned to see Yuffie tangled in the sheets. At that moment he felt without a doubt that he was going to be really sick.


"It's so good to see you again Zack." Zack gave a polite smile at seeing his ex-fiancé again. Though truthfully he wanted nothing more than to bum rush the hotel room next door and take Cloud into his arms. When Aeris called him she had mentioned not to come yet, but like hell Zack was going to do that. He caught the fairy to the Golden Saucer as quickly as his legs would carry him.

"Yeah it's good to see you too Aeris, still lovely as ever." The brunette actually blushed at that. You know you would think that after you had slept with a person, a simple compliment wouldn't make you turn such a deep shade of red. The only thing he could figure was that she was spending a lot more time with Cloud, he always did shit like that. That was one of the reasons he loved him so much. "So what did you want to tell me?"

He was a little miffed about being manhandled into this room as he was about to pound on Cloud's door, and he was expecting an answer. The girl for her part just looked nervously to the side. "It's just Zack that I don't think it would be a very good idea if you saw Cloud yet." Whatever he had been expecting, it definitely wasn't that.

"What the fuck are you talking about? Of course I'm gonna go see him!" Was she just messing with him? That had to be it right, because no one would ever actually say something that cruel.

Aeris was looking down at her hands, apparently she didn't want to say this anymore than Zack wanted to hear it. "I know you want to see him Zack, but..." She looked completely to the side now. "I don't think he wants to see you."

Zack couldn't help it, he was completely floored by those words. He slowly sunk onto the ratty hotel bed, and laid his head between his knees. "Doesn't want to see me?" Had he really wronged him that much? He had given his life to save him...did Cloud not realize that? Zack stopped that train of thought right there, Cloud didn't even remember him...let alone remember something that happened when he had mako poisoning.

The girl, obviously sensing his sorrow, leaned down by the bed. "I'm sure in a little bit he'll want to see you...after he gets more of his memories back, but he was really shaken up when he saw Reno yesterday and I'm not sure he's ready for another past encounter."

Now two things really stood out about that statement, but one really pissed him off more than the other. "What the fuck do you mean Reno saw him!" He pushed himself off the bed, and was now angrily pacing around the small room. "That sneaky fucking Turk."

He saw the way Aeris was startled at his reaction, but he really concern himself with that right now. How dare that Turk! Now that had parted ways after their exploration of the Northern Continent, but that didn't mean that he shouldn't have been informed if he had found Cloud. But no he had just sneaked off behind his back to no doubt take advantage of Cloud's memory loss and bugger him into the floor. What a bastard.

Aeris, obviously not sensing Zack's inner turmoil, calmly stated in an attempt to make him feel better. "Oh Reno didn't find him, Cloud found Reno." The sad part was that she probably thought that was supposed to make him feel better.

Zack stopped his pacing, and now just stood there stunned in the middle of the room. "He...he was looking for Reno, but not me?" Sensing a possible hazardous situation, Aeris quickly followed her earlier statement.

"You don't understand Zack, his memories are slowly being restored, but right now he thinks they're being restored as a conspiracy against him. He knew Reno was real so he went to confront him about the lies, but he still thinks you don't exist at all." Oh, was really the only thought that would go through his mind. So Cloud was slowly remembering him...that was good. How though? Zack was about to ask her just that, but her there was a knock at the door.

She glanced fearfully back at him. "Listen Zack you've got to one can know you've been here yet." As an afterthought she added. "I'll call you if anything changes." Not really wanting to leave, but not knowing what else to do, Zack gave a slight wave and crawled out the window. If things didn't change soon he was going to see Cloud whether he had Aeris's permission or not.


Cloud looked up from his permanent spot inside a toilet bowl when he heard the door open. He heard both Aeris and Yuffie walk in, they both seemed to be in a heated argument. The only parts he heard were the ones being yelled by Aeris, and they really were good points. Those points being, "How could you sleep with him?" and "Really Yuffie what were you thinking?"

He couldn't help but think somewhere along the lines of the same thing, only he really couldn't blame Yuffie. What had he been thinking? He didn't remember doing it, but still...he had slept with Yuffie. He deserved that terrible nightmare he received, in fact he deserved all that and more.

"It's not like I raped him or anything Aeris...he was fully consensual." Cloud did kind of feel bad about making Yuffie get a lecture, it wasn't her fault or anything.

"Like that matters, you know how sensitive he is lately. He can't handle something like this." Okay now they were just making him sound pathetic. Though if he thought about it the entire statement was true, but that's beside the point. "Do you know how stupid it was...I don't care if he was drunk he's still..." But he didn't get to hear about what he still was, because Aeris's PHS rang at that moment.

Hauling himself out of the toilet, he grabbed a toothbrush and began to clean his now soiled mouth. In the two minutes it took for him to brush, Aeris had come into the bathroom. He would have told her to give him some space, but at her stark white face he didn't think it would prudent.

"Cid just called." Was that all? By the way she was looking he was expecting her to tell him the world was ending.

Not really knowing what else to say, he went with. "That's...good." He smiled a little, but when her face didn't change his smile soon faded. "Aeris what's the matter?" He wasn't completely worried before, but when a lone tear rolled down her face he began to panic.

"Cloud I didn't want to tell you this, but you really the only one that's been able to stop him so far." That's really all she needed to say. He knew who she was referring to, and he didn't know whether or not he should be ecstatic or terrified by the statement.

"Sephiroth..." She gave a quick nod. Now it was time to ask the really important question. "Where is he?" His skin was tingling in anticipation, and if she didn't answer him soon he was going to strangle her.

She seemed to be wandering whether or not to tell him, but it seemed the need for his help won out. "Rocket Town...he's burning it to cinders." Anyone joy he had been feeling at the chance to see his lover again, faded when he heard what the man was up to. Burning the town? That meant that he was probably killing the people in it as well.

Aeris was looking towards him for an answer, but he couldn't give her one. In fact he thought he was doing a pretty decent job at just staying on his feet. "I see..." He pushed past her, and grabbed his cloak from the chair. Without really even thinking about it he slipped it on and headed for the door.

"Cloud where are you going?" Wasn't that obvious? Why did she have to ask him so many questions when he was fighting his hardest just to keep breathing.

He headed towards the door, grabbing his weapon on the way. With one backwards glance muttered. "To find Sephiroth." With that said he left the hotel room to go find his lover.


Ash clouded the air and filled his lungs, making just the simple task of breathing difficult. The sky was an angry red from the flames and all those unfortunate souls who happened to get in the way of Sephiroth's blade. The town reeked of burning flesh, and Cloud was trying his best not to be nauseous. Why had Sephiroth come here? What did he want with this town?

As Cloud walked through the narrow streets of Cid's village it was like deja vue. He could still remember Nibelheim, the way his town was set aflame and everyone he knew and loved burned alive. How could he do this again? How could he do this to him?

A comforting hand was placed on his shoulder, and he looked back to see that Aeris and Yuffie had followed him on Chocobos all the way here. Though he couldn't say he was exactly happy to see them. What he had to do was going to be hard enough, let alone if you threw witnesses in the mix. What he had to do? The thought just came to him, and although he knew what needed to be done, he didn't know that if when it came down to it he could do it. Could he kill Sephiroth?

"This is horrible." Cloud just glanced back at Aeris, who looked like she was rather close to tears. Really what do you say to that? The obvious 'yeah it is' just didn't seem right at the moment. That left the silent choice, and that's the one he was going to go with. Truthfully he didn't know if his voice would work if he had wanted to speak.

At the sound of a loud yell, Cloud took of running towards where the rocket was tipping. His lungs burned once he reached the spot, but he had to admit the site took his breath away. There amongst the flames was Sephiroth, just as he had stood five ago with his back to the fire. He looked like a demon there, standing amid the fire, but Cloud knew better. Cloud knew that even more than demon, Sephiroth was a God.

Cid spotted him from his spot on the top of the hill, and it was in that moment he decided to act. "You fucking bastard now that Cloud's here we'll be sending you back to hell where you belong." Cloud had never heard anything that sounded less true in his life.

Sephiroth also didn't seem to be buying into it, because that same insane laughter Cloud had grown to love was heard. "Oh?" The pale haired warrior turned slowly around so that the smirk on his face was slowly shown. "Are you now?"

As there eyes met Cloud knew in that very instant that what he had set out to do was void. He didn't even know if he could hold a sword against Sephiroth, let alone strike him down with it. He could feel every set of eyes on him, as if they were expecting him to be their leader. Why him though? He never asked for the position, and he certainly as hell didn't want it. Yet even amongst his inner turmoil, he managed to get out a few choked words. "Your time has come." He really wanted to give himself a pat on the back for getting out that much.

The seriousness of the words sort of lost their affect when Sephiroth began laughing again. In an attempt to gain at least a little bit of his dignity back, Cloud raised Ultima weapon against his target. This action got Sephiroth to stop laughing at least.

Sephiroth took a few more steps closer, eyeing Cloud the entire time. "It's good to see you again Strife...keeping busy?" Now it could have just been his imagination, but it seemed like he looked over at Yuffie when he said the busy part.

Not knowing how to respond to that comment, he answered it with a curt. "Fuck you!" He noticed out of the side his vision how Yuffie and Aeris had armed themselves for combat, and as he was looking at them he almost missed Sephiroth shaking his head.

The man tsked, before taking a few more steps forward. "Oh but don't you remember? We already played that lost." He had said the entire thing with a smile, which only served to piss Cloud off more. How could he say that? Especially in front of everyone.

Seeing red, Cloud full out charged Sephiroth. It only seemed to occur to him when he was half way there that the man had lowered his weapon. This revelation came to him when his blade was already ready to strike, and he was only just able to stop his sword from severing his lover's neck. Panting, Cloud stared with wide eyes at the edge of his blade that was posed right by Sephiroth's pulse.

In the background he could hear his three companions yelling for him, but he couldn't understand what they were saying. The only thing he could focus on was Sephiroth, and how his eyes seemed to be alight with pleasure. "You lack the courage of convictions Cloud. Do it."

All he had to do was swing, the world would be free of Sephiroth if he did. Was his happiness really worth so much pain? Could he take the high road. Cloud's hand started shaking, and he rose his blade again, only to drop it altogether. "I...I can't."

Sephiroth didn't seem surprised at all by this answer, in fact he gave a slight smile. "Now how did I know you were going to say that?" Cloud's eyes fell to the floor, and he examined his feet as if they were the most gorgeous things in the world. He had failed. He was pathetic.

"Cloud what are you doing? Cut the fuckers head off!" Being momentarily distracted by Cid's outburst, Cloud didn't notice when Sephiroth charged at him, bringing the masumune to his neck.

He sucked a deep breath in, and could feel the sharp blade dig into his Adam's apple. "You should never let your guard down Strife...don't you know anything?" After that was said, Sephiroth pulled him close, taking a whiff of his hair as he did so. In a voice that was barely above a whisper, Sephiroth said quietly into his ear. "I have missed you Cloud."

Cloud couldn't help it, he felt completely at home in Sephiroth's arms. Now he knew how ridiculous that sounded seeing as how at the moment the man had a huge sword at his neck, but he couldn't help it. Having Sephiroth hold him just felt right. He was about to say something extremely sentimental like 'I miss you too' but he never got the chance because Yuffie's origami came flying through the air towards Sephiroth's face.

He held his breath as the katana rose to block the attack, and sent the boomerang like weapon reeling back towards it's owner. The weapon sliced the girl across the face, before she got a hold on it. Now to the normal observer they would have to notice how even after the weapon was withdrawn, Cloud continued to lean against Sephiroth. But he didn't really think their heads were on that mind set at the moment.

The masamune rose to point straight at the ninja's heart. "Don't tempt me bitch. I've killed people for less, and believe me when I tell you I have an even better reason to kill you." His pulse started to race at that statement. He wasn't talking about that was he? No, he couldn't had to be something else. Cloud stole a glance at Sephiroth, and saw how he was conveniently not meeting his eyes.

Always the observer, Cloud noticed how Aeris' eyes never left his. "Sephiroth why did you come here today?" He had to hand it to her, it was a good question. A question that he himself was wondering about. Because what possible reason would Sephiroth have to destroy a town such as this?

He couldn't help but gasp when a hand came out to slightly stroke his cheek, softly turning his face towards him. "I had a bad dream last night." Cloud was pretty sure that if he could see himself right then all the color would be permanently drained from his face.

Cloud did back away from Sephiroth then. " dreamt of it? How?...Why?...I don't understand." With each word he was taking more and more steps back, until he was practically back with the other three.

"Cloudy what are you talking about?" For the first time realizing the seriousness of the situation, Cloud turned back towards Yuffie.

"Yuffie listen to me, you've got to get out of here now. Go with Aeris and Cid...just get out of here." If he had been facing Sephiroth at that moment he would have seen the look of absolute furry that covered his face.

"What are you talking about Cloud...I don't understand." How could he stress what was going to happen to her if she didn't? How could he stress what Sephiroth was really here about.

"Just..." But he didn't get to finish, because in that moment Sephiroth had lunged forward, impaling his sword through Cloud's side and up into Yuffie's chest cavity, piercing her heart. "Go..." Cloud fell to his knees watching as yet another one of his friends fell backwards, presumed dead.

He could feel his life slipping from him as fast as his blood flowed from the wound. His vision was darkening, and all he could see was the dying flames from the village. He barely felt it as Sephiroth scooped him up in his arms. He did however manage to meet the man's eyes. " killed me?"

Blood pooled from his mouth, and he choked on it, struggling hard to breathe. He was only mildly surprised when Sephiroth leaned down, touching their mouths together. "Oh no my're going to live." With that said the blood loss finally got to him, and he slipped into unconsciousness.

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