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Brittany Craig

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Hayleigh Johnson always wanted to be like Brittany Craig, with her perfect hair, perfect body, perfect boyfriend. SHE was perfect. Or was she? After all, perfection is only skin deep.

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"Hayleigh! Come on! Get up! You're going to be late for school!", shouted Mom from down the hall. It was just me and my mom here in this little apartment. Mom works at the little general store down the road, and brings home a very small check. "Hold on! I'm coming!", I shouted, as I laid lazily on my bed. I always hated getting up early, but this year I REALLY hated it. I was now a freshman, and I wasn't popular. That meant that I got an extra dose of crap everyday.

Once I got up, I went down to the kitchen and made a piece of toast. I'm never really hungry in the mornings, but Mom watches and makes sure I eat breakfast before school. After eating my toast, I wash my face. I don't even know why I bother with washing my face anymore. No matter how much I try, I will still have the worst case of acne in the world. So, pretty much, it's just a waste of my time.

After washing my face, I get dressed, choosing the only thing that is clean at the moment. My plain black shirt, and a jean jacket to go over it, with a pair of jeans. I have a total of 6 shirts and three pairs of pants. Up until the day I learned how to do my own laundry, I had to wear some things twice a week, clean or dirty. Every time my mom walks through my extremely small closet, she ends up crying, telling me how sorry she was that she got pregnant so young and didn't complete collage. She was going to be a doctor, but then she got pregnant with me and had to drop out. She's always talking about what a stupid mistake she made, and how are lives would be so much better if she'd have thought twice. I know she doesn't mean to, but when she says stuff like that, it makes me sad. Not the fact that I could have been living in a house with a closet full of clothes, but because of something else; I'm the mistake she's always talking about.

Next, I move back into the bathroom. I walk up to the mirror, and look at my reflection. I wonder if everyone hates their reflection as much as I do? I grab a brush and run it through my hair. I usually just put it up in a ponytail, but I didn't feel like going threw all of the trouble of making sure that there was no bumps, when I'm just going to get it pulled out anyway. So, instead I brush it, straiten it, and leave it down.. Once my hair is done, I put on my shoes, pack my bag, and wait for my mom to drive me down to the bus stop on her way to work.

My came into the living room and told me to get in the car. I did. I waited patiently for her to come out. When she did, she started up the engine and drive down to the bus stop. The closest one to our apartment building was about two miles away. Mom dropped me off and drove away. I stood there quietly waiting for the bus. I didn't talk to any of the other riders, I had nothing to say to them. The bus came around the corner and stopped to let us on. I got on and found a seat. It took me a while, seeing as no one wants to sit with a 'loser'.

The bus drove away from the stop. It was the last stop on the way to the school, so we drove strait to the school. Once I saw the school, my heart sank. "Welcome to hell!" I said quietly to myself. My school was very big, and if you weren't one of the beautiful, popular people, you paid.

The bus stopped at the door and let off the highschool students. People jumped off the buses and immediately found their friends. I, of course, was not cool enough to have friends. Right when I walked in the door I saw the person I had been dreading to see ever since I got up at 5:45 in the morning. It was Brittany Craig. The most popular, beautiful, glamorized of them all. "Oh my God! She's actually trying to be like us!"She said pointing to me while her stupid little cronies laughed like the idiots that they are. "What are you talking about?" I said. "You actually think that you could be one of us just by straightening your hair and trying to dress half way decent? Well, it's not going to work. Cause we all know that underneath all that hair and those wannabe top-of-the-line clothes,, you're still just and ugly little girl with no purpose in your life". I have to say, that really hurt.

I held back my tears and walked past her, pretending it didn't effect me. When deep down inside, it killed me. I made myself feel better by telling myself that that stupid little witch probably didn't even know what half the words she said to me meant. She only know they were mean and could hurt people. It's pretty extreme for me to hate someone, and I hated her. I hated her bad! She was like the big bad dog, and I was the helpless kitten preying for dear life that I wouldn't get eaten. It was horrible being the kitten. I just hope that maybe one day I would be the dog and she would be the kitten. Then again, when I really thought about it, I didn't hate her, I envied her. She had the friends that I had never had, and the life that I will never live. Honestly, it made me sick how perfect she was.

I finally got to my locker. Just my luck, I had a bottom locker. I got down on my knees and opened my locker. I put my Biology book in, and took out my advanced math book. That was another reason that I wasn't popular. I wasn't one of those too cool for school kids. I actually cared about my grades. I started to close my locker when Jake came. He was Brittany's perfect, popular boyfriend. He opened his locker, and I swear, he has the messiest locker in the world. So, as you may have guessed, about four of his books fell out and landed right square on the top of my head. I think that probably hurt more than Brittany's words. He just laughed and said "Good catch Johnson!". I glared at him, and moved past his legs. I got up and headed to class.

"Wait a minute Johnson!" I turned around. It was Jake. "What!?" I said in an angry tone. "Get back here and pick up my books you ugly little freak!" I swear, right then I seriously thought about suicide. I thought "If God was putting me through so much hell, then maybe it's a sign that he didn't want me to live anymore" " I said, pick up my books! Are am I talking to fast for you? Pick. Up. My. Books." he said in slow motion. "No", I said. I turned around and walked down the hallway to my math class. "Hey! Get back here and pick up my books you little whore!" It was nothing I'd never heard before. I just shook it off and kept walking.

I enjoyed the class part of school more than I did the passing period. Mostly because I was in all advanced classes, so I didn't have any classes with the popular people. I had Biology with one of Brittany's stupid little cronies. She didn't bother me though. She never did anything unless Brittany told her too. After my first three classes, I had lunch. I had the first lunch, and unfortunately, so did Brittany. I was in line, just about to order the last cheese pizza when I heard the unwelcome voice of Brittany Craig. "Move!" she said, shoving me out of the way. "Give me the pizza." she said to the lunch lady. I got up from the ground and asked "is there any pizza left?" "No, sorry sweety", said the lunch lady. I have to say, she was probably the nicest person in this whole entire hell whole they call school. "Ok, I'll just take the sloppy joe then." I said. "Here you go, honey", she said, plopping the joe on my tray. I said thank you and paid for my lunch.

I walked over to my table. The lonely, dark table in the corner of the room. I loved that table. I was away from everyone, and I could eat my lunch in peace. My heart sank all the way down to my butt when I saw that I had a visitor today. I wouldn't be eating lunch alone today. Today I would be eating lunch with....

(To be continued...)
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