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Chapter twenty three

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It does not go well with Harry Potter. In order to increase Harry's magical power, Dumbledore infects Harry and two girls with a disease. And his power surges.

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Chapter 23

A/N: Beta reader for this chapter is ICE

And then there were three of them (continued)

Harry was busy working on the schedules for the DA class. "I have here the individual schedules for every student in the DA, Ginny. They need to be linked together, so we can start creating the workshops. Every workshop needs to have a subject and three or four members. Do you think that you can help us with that?"

"No problem, Harry. Consider it done."

The whole morning they were working on the preparations for the workshops, and finished it early afternoon. That moment professor Dumbledore entered the dorm. "My dear children, I see that all of you are working, instead of relaxing. Ginny, how are you?"

"I feel well, professor, thanks to Harry and Hermione. I am helping them out with the workshops for the DA. "

"Workshops indeed, how far are you with them?"

"We will be ready on time for the presentation and a small demonstration, professor," Hermione said.

"We let Ginny sleep in our dorm in the spare room, professor. She feels better now. Is there any news about Ron?"

"No, there is no news about Ron, but I doubt that he killed Hagrid. I think someone tried to frame the boy. But we will see what the aurors are coming up with. They are still searching. I have to go back now and we will see each other for dinner, otherwise tomorrow for breakfast. Good night."

Professor Dumbledore left.

Everyone was quiet. "I have an idea", Hermione said suddenly. There was a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Let's play poker."

"For every game, the losers will drop a piece of clothing. "

"Yes," Ginny said. "That's a good idea. Where are the cards?"

"In my drawer in the bedroom."

Ginny left to get the cards.

"Hermione, what are you doing! That is strip poker!" Harry exclaimed.

"Having fun, that's what we are going to do."

"And what happens when somebody comes in?"

Hermione pointed her hand to the door and mumbled a locking charm. "That will not happen anymore.

Ginny came back with the playing cards and sat next to the coffee table. "Let's start." She shuffled the cards and started to deal. Harry took up the cards; he had two pairs. Both girls asked for new cards. Hermione placed one pair on the table, Ginny was passing and Harry came with his two pairs. "Great, out with the clothes," he said expectantly.

Ginny eyelashes shuddered and slowly took of her t-shirt. Hermione took of her robes. Harry could not help to look quickly to Ginny, who was wearing a very small bra. Hermione and Ginny were smiling.

Ginny was dealer again and Harry got a bad hand. He asked for three new ones. Hermione asked nothing and Ginny asked for only one card. "Royal flush", Ginny said.

Harry and Hermione took their t-shirts off. Ginny was laughing. "YESSSSSSSSSS. I love it!"

The other game Harry got again two pairs, Ginny one pair, and Hermione nothing. The game continued and Harry was only wearing his boxer and one sock, but the two girls were trembling of the cold, because they were naked. "Let's go to bed, there it is much warmer."

"Wait", Ginny said. Harry is still wearing his boxers, which is not fair."

"You are right, let's get it." Hermione said. With that, both girls jumped on Harry who was not fast enough and pulled off his boxers.

Hermione, Harry, and Ginny stood quickly up, went to their shared bedroom, and went immediately to bed. Hermione dragged Harry with them and all of them went under the blankets. "Let's sleep, shall we?" Harry asked. Both girls were snorting.

"How can we have sex when we all want to stay virgins? Better, how can we stay virgins when we sleep together?" Harry said with a big smile.

"Because, big hairy Harry, you can not be a virgin, because you are built differently than us. But we can play nice, little and naughty games. And we have our hands, fingers, mouths and lips and our tongues. What do you say, Ginny?"

"That is right, Hermione. Let us se how Harry's thing tastes!"


The dinner was depressing. Ginny went to her place at the Gryffindor table, and Harry with Hermione went to their places with the rest of the teachers. Most of the school had heard the news and looked to Ginny. But Ginny held her self very well, and reacted like nothing happened. She bowed over the Colin and whispered something to him. Colin smiled and nodded back.

"Hermione, I hope we did not make a mistake", Harry said. "I do not think so, Harry. I think she is telling Colin that she will stay at our dorm and she will probably move her stuff tonight."

"I had a very rough time, this afternoon with the two of you. I need more eggs and more food to be able to survive you both."

Hermione was laughing. "Wait until we get to the castle, there will be no hide and seek anymore."

"You forget your parents, Hermione."

"You forget that the castle is large, Harry."


After the dinner, Mrs. and Mr. Weasley came in the great hall to talk to Ginny. Mrs. Weasley listened to Ginny and looked up to look to Harry and Hermione. She smiled sadly and waved them over. Harry and Hermione came to her and she embraced them tightly. "Thank you for taking care of Ginny, both of you. I hope that Ron is all right."

"Thank you, Mrs. Weasley, we will take care of Ginny, and we hope that Ron is indeed alright."

Harry thought that this is the time better then any other. "Mrs. Weasley, do you mind if we take Ginny this weekend to Potter's castle?"

"I do not mind, I would love to come with Ginny as well, but we need to stay home because we have business with the order. And maybe Ron can contact home, we don't know. So have fun all together."

"Thank you, Mrs. Weasley, we will be very careful and have as much fun as possible with Ginny."

Harry turned his head in the direction of Gryffindor and winked.

They went back to their dorm with Ginny.

"I talked with professor McGonagall about your sleeping place, and I got her permission to move you over to our dorm." Hermione said.

Harry looked very surprised. "What! Where does McGonagall think where I sleep?"

"In my bed, of course," Hermione replied with an innocent expression.

"Nice is that. When she finds out that Ginny also sleeps with us, whom is she putting in the other bedroom of our dorm?" Harry moaned.

"She will put Millicent in our dorm, because she is too big to share a bed with," Ginny said laughing.

"I have a great idea", Hermione said. "Let's take a bath all together. We can wash Harry now more thoroughly."

And all of them went laughing to their dorm.

The next day all students for the DA had tests. Harry and Hermione were quizzing them all about the knowledge they had until now. The tests were mostly written tests and essays. With these test results, they were able to make better groups for the workshops. When they finally finished the last test, they went back to their dorm and graded the tests. Ginny had a 100 for the test, the highest result.

They used the test scores to put finally the people in the workshops and Hermione hung the results of the DA tests on the notice board, so everyone could see the results.

"Tomorrow is Friday, and we need to show professor Dumbledore the need for the workshops. Let's go into the classroom and in the labs and prepare for that presentation."

They prepared the classroom until eleven that evening. Professor Dumbledore entered the classroom and looked stunned to the walls and blackboard. "That is amazing work what you have done, and I love the idea of your workshops. Now I understand what you want to do. Whose idea was it?"

"The workshop idea was my idea, professor, the task-group and the way of interaction of the groups between each other was Harry's, and the pointing system was Ginny's idea."
The professor was looking silently to Harry, Hermione, and Ginny for a long time.

"It is good to be more then friends, because you can do so much more with love. When you truly love each other, then you can move mountains."

He paused and his eyes were twinkling again. "I don't need a demonstration tomorrow, I have seen enough here already. That workshop is an excellent idea and I approve it. Continue with the good work. I wish you a good night, all of you."

When professor Dumbledore was gone for sure, Harry turned to the girls.

"He knows about us. How does he do that?"


Harry opened his eyes. He felt soft, long hair over his chest, and a head curled in his armpit, the other head on his shoulder. His hand rested on Hermione's breast, and his other hand on the belly of Ginny, right above her pubic hair. The blankets were thrown off and he was a bit cold. Hermione stirred, because she could feel that he was awake.

He tried to lift Hermione on him, so he could become warm again. Hermione lifted her self on him and he lay happy and warm. Ginny mumbled something in her sleep and crept closer to Harry and Hermione. Hermione shifted her self between Harry and Ginny and tried to cover them both. She woke up and looked sleepily to Hermione and Harry. "This is the how I like to wake up every morning."

Hermione fell back next to Harry, took the blanket, and pulled it over them all. Ginny took Harry's hand and lead his hand to her under belly. "Touch me, Harry." He did and Ginny moaned softly. Harry softly stroked the inner side of her legs and Ginny moaned louder, and she came very soon. Harry did the same for Hermione and she came very fast.

"We only have this morning's lessons, then we wait for Ginny, and we leave for the castle," Harry said. "When are you ready, Ginny? "

"I am ready at two pm, because the rest of the hours are my free study period. Therefore, we can go at two pm. ... How about you Harry, you are helping us but you did not let us help you?"

They all went to the shower the same time. When they were dressing each other, Hermione looked very happy. "I am not sure if I want to wait to lose my virginity, Harry. Maybe I want to have my great moment in the castle, together with Ginny. I feel ready for the next step."

Harry looked to Hermione. "I think it needs to be something special, Hermione. When we are talking about the next step, and we want to have sex together, it must be something special, something we will never forget. I think that we need to have something very romantic."

"How about you, Ginny, are you ready for the next step?" Hermione asked.

"I was ready for the next step with Harry from the age of eleven years old, when I first saw Harry. I am ready when you are."

Harry turned to the girls. "Is this a promise, my fair looking women? "

"You bet it is a promise. So eat many eggs this morning, because you are going to need it."

With that, they left. The laughed with each other and were making jokes. "Nice underwear, the both of you wear. It is so small, and so transparent, why should you wear it anyway?" Harry asked the girls.

Ginny grinned widely. "Harry, because you have work to do tonight, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Now you need to try to eat as much eggs as possible."

This morning, Harry and Hermione had breakfast at the Gryffindor table, animated talking with Ginny and the rest of Gryffindor. Colin looked at Ginny, then Harry and then back to Ginny. Ginny looked very happy, much happier then she looked in a long time. Then he looked at Hermione. The three of them were having a lot of fun and were laughing the whole time. He could see their hands, they were touching each other the whole time. Colin could see that Harry took Hermione's hand and Ginny took Harry's other hand. The eyes of Colin went wide and unbelievable. "Amazing," he whispered. But what was more amazing was that both girls were feeding Harry one egg after the other. Harry was already busy to stuff a hard cooked egg in his mouth and Ginny was already insisting to eat his scrambled eggs as well. Hermione was filling his glass of juice and Ginny was arranging his bread.

The lessons went by very fast. Before they knew, it was lunch and they ran to the great hall. Hermione and Ginny were feeding Harry a lot of food. Colin looked very amused at the trio.

"So, now you three are the golden trio, are you?" Colin asked.

All three looked at him with questionable eyes. "What do you mean, Colin?" Ginny asked.

"Well, before Ron disappeared, the golden trio was Ron, Harry, and Hermione. Now it is you, Harry and Hermione. "

Harry answered. "Yes, I like that, we are like the three musketeers, three best friends."

Hermione put a big part of a sandwich in his mouth. "He is my teddy bear," Ginny whispered. "He is our teddy bear."

"I have only history left for this afternoon and then I am ready to go to the castle," Ginny said.

Colin looked perplexed. "Are you going with Harry and Hermione to their castle, Ginny?"

"Yep, we are all going together. Harry needs to work on us this weekend and we will let him work, won't we my terry bear?"

Before Harry could reply and open his mouth, Hermione stuffed it with an extra egg. "And work he will. He also will need the time at school to rest after we are finished with him."

Both girls were laughing now, while Harry sat between him, chewing on his eggs, a pained expression on his face.

Colin was laughing very hard. Those three are fun.

Ginny came to the dorm at two fifteen and ran to the bathroom. "I want to take a shower and make my self ready, and then can we go?"

"Yes, we'll wait for you," Harry replied.

Ginny took her shower.

When they were all ready, they went to the fireplace at Hogwarts, which was connected to the floo network. They flowed to the Potter's castle and were being welcomed by Batum, the house elf of the castle. "Welcome home, Mr. Potter Sir."

"Hi Batum, this is Ginny Weasley, and she will be staying with us at the castle. She will have access to the castle from now on. We will all stay in the castle this weekend until Monday morning. Is that clear, Batum?"

"Yes Harry Potter, sir."

"The other thing, I don't want Mr. and Mrs. Granger to see us, can you arrange that for us?"

"Yes Harry Potter, sir."

The three of them took a short tour through the castle for Ginny and showed her their bedroom. The bedroom was large with a large, king-sized bed. "This bed is at least large enough for all of us."

"Let's go to the living room here and have a serious talk. I received an owl from Sirius and professor Lupin about our curse Magical twins, and I think it is important enough to talk. The news is rather unsettling."

They went to the adjourning room and sat down on the many sofas.

"Batum," yelled Harry. "Please bring us tea and some cookies."

"Yes Harry Potter Sir."

The tea and cookies soon appeared on the coffee tables.

"Can you tell me what the magical twin curse is exactly?"

"It is a rare magical curse, which forms a magical link between two people. Their magic is merged and become very powerful. When they are separated, then they will die very soon. The curse can not be cured." Hermione told in a flat tone.

Hermione frowned. "And that is not all, according Sirius and professor Lupin ... it seems that professor Snape was incorrect, or lied, or simply did not tell the full story." She waited some moments before she continued.

"The people with the magical twin curse can live a normal live, as long as they stay together. When they are separated, they die within the two weeks by a broken heart or they will kill themselves. A wizard or witch can live up to 150-170 years; we can live only up to 70 years maximum; we will also age much faster and will look like we are 200 at the age of 50. And there is other information, which Sirius dug up for us about the other curse, which looks like the magical twins, but with some fundamental differences."

Hermione looked to Harry and Ginny.

Harry looked anxious to Hermione. "What is wrong, Hermione?"

"I am not sure about the facts, because my only source is Sirius and professor Lupin, but I have ordered the books and that they have mentioned in their message and I hope we will receive them within days, hopefully on Monday.

"There is a very important symptom, which does not exist within us ... For the two people, who have the curse, they are not able to share with someone else, emotionally, sexually or any other emotional connection."

Harry frowned. "That is not with us, is it?"

Hermione nodded and looked at Harry. "And there is more. The persons with this curse change in a way, that they block everyone, except the partner. They are not able to love anyone else anymore. I do not know why professor Snape did not mention this to us. I think it is also our fault, because we would be the people who would make this research, and it is strange that we did not do that before. Thank Merlin that Sirius and professor Lupin did."

Ginny stood up and walked to one of the large windows, looking to the mountains far away. "Does that mean that you don't suffer the magical twin curse?"

Hermione grimaced. "Professor Dumbledore mentioned the name of the other curse, it is called Magical Triplet."

"Does that mean the curse is between three people?" Harry asked.

"Yes, three magical people, two women and one man, the same symptoms as the magical twins, are able to live normal, but not without each other. When they split, they still have serious problems and will always feel extreme unhappy and depressed. In addition, the life expectancy is much larger, around 200-250 years for all three of them. They can share emotions with others, but not sexual and emotional."

Harry was frowning again. "This sounds very confusing, Hermione. And all of what you said was in the message from Sirius and Lupin?"

"Yes, it was. It was so detailed about the magical triplet, because Sirius thinks that we do not suffer from the magical twin curse. But he did not see the third person, and that is why he came with the list of books to research. According to them, we do not have the magical twin curse ... Sirius also mentioned, in case we will meet a third person, there is a spell, which might tell if we have the magical triplet curse or not, and he means all three of the people."

Harry stood up from his sofa and started to walk back and forth across the room. He stopped and looked at Ginny. "Hermione, do you want to say that you think we have the magical triplet curse and that Ginny is the third?"

"Yes, Harry. I think that we do not have the magical twin curse as we thought before."

"Hermione, maybe we are not sick at all!"

"Harry, do you really think that what we both have is normal? Did you ever think about leaving me and how does that feel? And how can you and I feel each other's emotions? And how do you explain the merging or our magic?"

Harry started to walk again.

Ginny sat down on the sofa where Harry had sat before.

"Let's see if I understand. Both curses are magical curses. Both of them have magical links between the people, only the triplet has three. Both curses have magic merged and it cannot be cured. When people separate, they will die within two weeks with the twin, and not with the triplet, only depressed and unhappy. With the twin, they live up to 70 and with the triplet up to 250 years. With the twin, they age too fast, and the triplet they age normal. With twin, they are not able to share emotionally with others, with the triplet they can, up to a limit. The twin will block everyone out, with the triplet not. Am I right so far?"

"Yes, that it is, summarized."

"I think this is a fuzzy story here. Let us wait until we have the books and then we will find out. We will research this as good as possible," Harry said and let himself fall onto the sofa, next to Hermione.

"It makes sense," Ginny said suddenly. "I felt lonely ... I felt depressed ... I felt depressed and lonely all my life. I had a crush on Harry from the moment I saw him when I was 10 years old, I love him with all my heart, and I can not imagine a life without him."

Ginny paused and looked at Hermione, who was looking sadly to Ginny.

"When I saw you two dancing together that afternoon at the reception for professor Snape, I did not feel sad and I was not jealous, I felt a very strong longing ... looking to you two felt in a way right ..."

Ginny sighed.

All three of them were looking to each other, but said nothing.

"I did not have the same situation as you, Ginny, when I was eleven years old. I met Harry and Ron, and I thought it was a deep feeling of friendship, but I am not so sure anymore. Before I met Harry and Ron, I also felt lonely and depressed. I was not able to make friends with anybody else. Harry and Ron were the first and only ones. Now Ron is not with us anymore, I realize that I indeed had feelings of friendship for Ron, but for Harry it was much more. Honestly, my feelings for Harry started in our third year, but never had I said a word to anyone else."

"I had a lonely life as well, as all of you already know, and that changed when I came to Hogwarts. When we came together, Hermione, emotions I never suspected I had came suddenly to the surface. When we decided to try with Ginny, it felt good the moment we made that decision, it felt simply the right thing to do. And when I am thinking about being separate, I start to panic; when I feel that I need to separate from Ginny, I get the same feeling."

Hermione looked up to Harry. "I have the same feeling."

"I get the feeling of dread when I think of being separate from both of you," exclaimed Ginny.

All three were looking now to each other astonished. "Maybe it really is the magical triplet curse," Ginny said.

"What is going on with your plans for tonight?" Harry asked.

The girls were looking at him amused. "Why are you suddenly asking to making love with us, while you were the one who was protesting the loudest?"

"Well, I was just checking."

The girls snorted. "Harry, do you want to wait for another time?"

"No, it's alright. I would never do something that the two of you didn't want."

Now there was more snorting.

"Let's first have dinner, because I instructed Batum to prepare something special. After that we will see if you girls are in the mood."

"That sounds like a plan," Ginny said with a smile.

"Yes, but there is a small thing you need to do before you can enter the dining room," Harry said with a mischievous smile.

"There are two new dresses waiting for you, and you need to wear them, otherwise you are not able to enter the room. The room is charmed that way. For me, there are new robes waiting. "

Hermione looked interested. "Whose idea is this?"

"For a change, it is my idea Hermione, I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all", she said excitedly. "Where are the dresses?"

"Batum, the ladies are waiting for the dresses!"

The dresses appeared in front of them, and Harry left the room to get dressed himself. While dressing, he heard a lot of giggling and laughter; he was curious what they would say about the dresses.

When he was dressed, he went back to Hermione and Ginny. They looked truly stunning, in their classic themed dresses, and the most important thing of everything was that they looked both happy and excited. He took their arms and went into to the dining hall.

They had a very nice cozy and romantic dinner. Harry asked Batum beforehand to arrange a ghost, who could play the violin while they would have dinner, and indeed the ghost appeared now that the soup was being served. The only problem was that sometimes the ghost was so carried away with its music that it floated straight through them, which was a rather cold experience. They drank red wine throughout the evening, which made everyone tipsy. After the dessert, they went to their room.

"Harry, can you tell me why I can not see my parents?"

"It is elf magic, Hermione. They do something in a way, that all of us can be in the same room, but without seeing each other."

"Wow. Before anyone could ask an elf to perform elf magic, you need to have a very special elf," Hermione said.

"No idea, I asked and he arranged."

"Let's go to bed, Harry. We will see if we are in the mood for the plans of tonight," Ginny said excitedly.

They came into the large bedroom with a king-sized bed in the middle. All of them jumped on the bed. "I can sleep forever on such a bed," Ginny said. "If we are right with the magical triplet, then we will always sleep in this bed. Maybe we need to make it smaller." Hermione smirked. Both of them jumped on Harry and pulled off his clothes.

He cupped Ginny's face in his hands and kissed her again. "You are so beautiful," he said reverently. He pulled Ginny close to him, reveling in the feeling of her skin against his, a spark of pleasure running through his body when his member pressed up against the gentle curve of her belly. Harry claimed her mouth with a passionate kiss.

Harry forgot to be nervous as he explored the contours of Ginny's body, and the contrast of freckles against her pale skin was too tempting to ignore. "Have I told you how beautiful you are?" he whispered in her ear just before nibbling on her earlobe.

"Yes, twice ... but you can tell me again; I don't mind," Ginny answered, although the teasing tone she had been trying for was lost in the breathiness of her voice.

"Beautiful," Harry said. He was unable to speak after that because Ginny's hand had curved tightly around his member, and she was stroking blushingly. Harry's fingers found the wetness between Ginny's legs, and he slowly slid one inside of her, earning the most gratifying moan yet. He found her sensitive spot and worked it with his fingers, knowing he was doing something right when Ginny began to pump him harder. He had to push her hand away in order to have any hope of lasting more than a few seconds.

Ginny called out his name and thrashed her head from side to side as Harry continued his ministrations, and it was only when she grabbed his hand and frantically cried, "Harry, please!" that made him believe she was as close to coming as he was.

Settling between her legs, he slowly entered her. Harry was nearly overwhelmed by the feeling of her tight muscles around his member. With a gentle rocking motion, he moved his hips, but his tempo increased as Ginny wrapped her legs around his back and thrust her hips forward with each stroke. Ginny stirred suddenly ... her virgin seal was broken. Harry stopped and looked wide-eyed to Ginny. Ginny grimaced, but urged him to continue increasing his tempo ... she tightened the grip of her legs around him. Remembering something, he had learned from the twins' book, he reached a hand between them and fingered her clit. As she let go a muffled cry, Harry could feel her muscles tighten around him as the orgasm ripped through her body. This was more than enough to cause him to lose control, and he spent himself seconds later.

Harry's heart was racing as he rode out the aftershocks of his orgasm. Hermione was soothingly stroking his chest; all he could think about was how soon his body would recover so that Hermione and he could do it as well.

He kissed Ginny deeply and nuzzled against her neck. He heard a barely audible "I love you," whispered across his cheek. Harry raised his head and locked his eyes on Ginny's, watching her blush up to her ears.

Harry gently nibbled on Hermione's breasts. She loved the attention he gave her nice sized breasts. "Oh Harry, that feels so good," Hermione cried out. Harry continued before he started to drift down her belly kissing his way to her dark mound of public hair. He stared at the mound before he proceeded to probe the slit with his tongue. He gently spread her legs far enough where he could probe even further with his hand.

"Oh Harry!" Hermione cried out as she felt his tongue caress her clit. She bucked against his probing.

Harry knew she was about to demand him to enter when he found air instead of her clit in front of him. He looked up to see Hermione push him down flat on his back as she kissed his lips tasting herself on his lips and his tongue. "Hermione?"
"Hush. It's my turn," whispered Hermione. She straddled him over his chest as she proceeded to kiss her way down his chin to his neck to his chest where she used the tip of her tongue to tease his nipples.

"Oh Hermione." moaned Harry. Hermione just grinned as she proceeded down his chest, scooting backwards as she went. She felt Harry's erect member between her thighs and made itself known to her warmth. She caught her breath when she realized that his rod was right in the area of her warmth. All he had to do was thrust his hips up and he would penetrate her warmth with his member. Harry felt his member caress Hermione's vagina and then he noticed that he felt wetness on his member and then Hermione's stillness of her movement. "Hermione?"

"Don't move, Harry. Just don't move," Hermione whispered, as she reached between her legs, took hold of his erection with her hand, and moved away from his rod. "Oh don't pout, Harry."

Harry pouted as she removed his rod from her warmth. "I'm not pouting."

"Oh yes, you are," whispered Hermione, as she started to stroke his rod even more erect. She then, slowly started to lick his shaft from the base to the tip. She could taste her juice on the tip of his rod.

"Oh Merlin. Keep that up and I'll really be hungry to plunge my rod into you, Hermione." Harry whispered, as he gasped in shock as Hermione proceeded to keep licking his erect rod.

Hermione just grinned and kept licking his member until she decided to make him shudder some. She gently blew air over his shaft and watched as his member shuddered with the air before she proceeded to hand massage his member with a nice even stroke.
Harry was now squirming under Hermione's hand massage. "Oh Merlin Hermione ... please stop. I'm getting close," he cried.

"Yes," whispered Hermione, as she pulled him against her body and started to kiss his lips. He could not resist Hermione's warmth no more; he covered her body with his own and gently pushed her thighs apart. He slid into her warmth with a low moan.

Hermione felt Harry's member at her entrance, and then he thrust in an inch before removing himself and then thrust in an inch deeper. He did this maybe ten times before he pushed his member deep within her. She felt the pain of her virgin seal breaking as his erection went deeper within her. Then, all she could think of was making out with Harry and the pain was gone from her memory as she started to thrust her hips hungrily against Harry's thrusts. They were too involved with each other to hear Ginny happily crying.

Harry could feel her muscles tighten around him as the orgasm ripped through her body; he could not hold it anymore and came as well.


That night at five am, a soft reddish glow came from the threesome, floating twenty centimeters above their bodies. None of the three young people was aware of anything, peacefully sleeping in each other arms.

A/N: Beta reader for this chapter is ICE
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