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Chapter twenty four

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It does not go well with Harry Potter. In order to increase Harry's magical power, Dumbledore infects Harry and two girls with a disease. And his power surges.

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The Magical Triplets

The next day, the trio explored the Potter's castle.

"We need to go to the ball at the Hogwarts' castle tonight. I am in a crazy mood, why don't we do some shopping for the ball?" proposed Hermione.

"That is an excellent idea," Ginny replied.

They floo'd to Diagon Alley and were looking for dresses and other stuff for the party. Hermione found a beautiful dress in dark green and a very deep décolleté, while Ginny found a dress in white and silver; her figure was extra accentuated in that dress, and her hair was like flaming gold because of the silver in the dress. The shop lady was looking very strange to the trio, because they were hardly of age, and how could they afford such extremely expensive dresses. Hermione found suitable robes for Harry, while Ginny was looking to the underwear for men under the loud protest of Harry.

When the girls were at last ready with the dresses and shoes, Harry went to the cash register to pay. The shop lady was amazed that there was no issue with payments and that Harry paid for both ladies as well. "You are a true gentleman," the shop lady exclaimed. "Yes, he is, isn't he" Hermione and Ginny exclaimed, the girls linked arms, and walked out of the shop. Harry received the bags and packages and the girls went into a shop for makeup. He preferred to stay outside. He charmed the bags and packages and put them in his pockets and prepared him self to wait for a long time.

It was almost 5 o'clock when they were at last ready with the shopping and walked slowly to the café with the fireplace, connected to the floo-network. Suddenly Hermione stopped in front of large bookshop. "Let me see what they have here" and before anyone could stop her, she went into the shop. Harry and Ginny followed her into the shop. Harry saw Hermione looking very excited with a book in her hand, approaching them. "Guess what I found! A book about Magical Triplets" Harry took the book and paid for it and hurried outside. He took both girls by their arms and dragged them to the café with the fireplace. Arriving there, they floo'd to the Potter's castle.

The girls were busy preparing for the ball, while Harry was waiting in the dining hall, reading the book about the Magical Triplets. What he read was very disturbing until now.
Hermione and Ginny entered the dining hall, wearing their beautiful dresses. Hermione's dress in dark green, but in a very strange way it was being charmed that the color of the material continuously was changing in shades of green, and Hermione's décolleté was filled with a beautiful necklace from the vault of Harry. Hermione's hair fell down straight on her shoulders. Ginny's dress fitted her like a second skin, and her dress was changing when Ginny was moving, she looked stunning. Her hair was as straight as Hermione's.

Harry complimented the girls on being gorgeous, lovely and exquisite; he was deeply impressed, temporarily forgetting everything. "What shall we do at the ball? I cannot dance with the two of you at the same time. "

"We all take our turns, Harry. I would not have it differently," Hermione said.

"That will hurt all males at the ball terribly. Many hearts will be broken tonight"

I only want to dance with you, nobody else", said Ginny.

Suddenly Harry remembered the book.

"I read something from this book, and I think it is very important to read this before we do anything else rash. "

"What do you mean with rash, Harry?, " Hermione asked a little hurt.
"For one thing, with persons suffering from the magical triplet curse, contraceptive pills, conceptive charms, or portions are not working. "

Both girls became instantly pale.

"I found the spell, which tells immediately if we have the curse. If you want, I can cast the spell here and now, so we know immediately ", Harry said somberly.

"Cast the spell", Ginny said.

Harry pointed his right arm up, read the book again on his lap, and mumbled an incantation. A white mist came out of his hand, which enveloped all three of them.

"According this book, we suppose to glow red within one minute after casting when we have the curse, otherwise nothing happens. "

After some time Harry saw Hermione and Ginny started to glow reddish, when he looked to his arm, he saw the glow as well. "Now we know. I am so sorry Ginny; I had hoped that you would be spared this faith; but on the other side, I am happy it is you. "

Ginny stood up and hugged Harry and Hermione. "We will live a long life together, that's the most important thing. "

Hermione smiled sadly. "I can't forget the contraceptive pills did not work, we might be both pregnant, Harry! "

"Hermione, we can't do anything about it at the moment any more. But we can try to get a nice time at the ball, don't you think? "

"You are right, let's go then. "

They floo'd to Hogwarts.

Harry, Ginny, and Hermione walked slowly through the corridors of Hogwarts.

"I think that never ever before in the history of Hogwarts were such beautiful women walking through its corridors. I am so proud to accompany you two beauties. "

Both girls smiled fondly at him.

"And one word about babies ... In case you might be pregnant, one or both of you, they are welcome with me. You and the children will be protected against harm and pain and they will have big welcome when they come and receive them with our arms wide open, "

Both girls smiled warmly and kissed him.

"It was a very nice unforgettable nights we had. I hope we can do this again and again and again until the end of the times ", smiled Hermione, still remembering.

Then they reached the doors to the great hall. They heard that the music already has started, so their grand entry would be now truly great. "Don't forget, walk slowly like the king and queen of Sheba", Hermione whispered.

Ginny and Hermione took an arm on each side of Harry, and walked slowly towards the closed door. Harry lifted his hand and slowly the door opened. The trio walked majestically into the great hall. Harry walking between two shining beauties was something, which could stop the heart of every male on earth, and almost did. Conversations died immediately and everyone stared at them walking slowly in. Harry steered towards the tables where the teachers were sitting. Harry showed his girls their chairs and sat down. "Did you see your parents, Ginny? "

Ginny was looking everywhere. "No, I don't see them yet. Maybe they will come later. "

Behind the back of the trio were already several boys who moved towards their table. "Oh my Ginny, the first wave of boys are coming for us. "

Harry turned slowly to the boys, his eyes more green and intense then normal and they all backed off immediately.

"That's my boy," Ginny exclaimed. "Who takes the first dance, will lose the last one. Is that a deal, Hermione? "

"That is a deal, Ginny. Harry will work for his girls. Who wants the first dance? "
"I take the first one, if you don't mind. "

Harry stood up from his chair, took Ginny's hand and moved to the dance floor and they started to dance the waltz.

Maybe it has to do with the curse or with Harry, but Ginny was dancing her best dance of her life. Everyone looked to the couple, so beautiful they looked.

Everyone stopped dancing to look to Harry and Ginny dancing and started immediately to whisper. They thought that Harry and Hermione was a couple, but the way Harry and Ginny were dancing showed differently!

Professor Dumbledore looked happily to Harry and Ginny and even professor Snape looked pleased. When the waltz was over, Harry lead Ginny, back to their table and asked Hermione to dance.

They danced also a waltz and again everyone looked at how they were dancing. Harry and Hermione both looked majestic when they were on the dance floor. Now everyone looked very confused and whispers could be heard everywhere.

In the mean time, Colin approached Ginny and asked what happened to her. Ginny smiled to him, but said nothing. After several of his attempts, he asked her to dance. Ginny declined and said that the next dance is for Harry. "But Ginny, you have already danced with Harry and he is dancing with Hermione right now! "

"But he will not dance the next dance. "Exactly as she had said, the next dance was again with Harry, but this time it was the tango.

Hermione meanwhile went to the bar, where she met professor Dumbledore. The professor complimented her and asked her to dance, which she elegantly accepted. Both professor Dumbledore and Hermione went to the dance floor and started to dance the tango. Next to Harry and Ginny, they were the only ones dancing. Everyone looked to both couples and several of the dancers returned to the dance floor.

The evening went by pleasantly and everyone was gossiping about what happened with the trio.

At exactly midnight, professor Dumbledore declared the last dance. Harry and Hermione took the last dance, which was the tango again. When the dance was finished, everyone started to go to their dorm. Professor Dumbledore came to Harry, Ginny, and Hermione, while they were preparing to go back to the Potter's castle.

"Can I have a quick word with you three, please? " They followed him to his office. The professor looked with a twinkle to the seated trio. "I noticed that we made an error determining the magical twin curse, "

"Yes professor, it is not the magical twin curse what the three of us suffers, but the magical triplet curse. Ginny is the third part of it. We bought the book magical triplet today and cast the spell. There is no doubt anymore, "Hermione was blushing, and her eyes went down.
Professor Dumbledore looked at them for a long time. I know that you three are very responsible, and I do not want to say more. But there is one thing what needs to be done. "

"Yes professor, we need to talk with my parents and to explain what happened, "Ginny answered. "I think that we need your help with that ... And I want to let you know that I feel very happy now, after all those long years. "

"What are you now going to do with the wedding?," the professor asked.

"I think that it will continue, but we will talk about this tomorrow and decide then. "

"I am happy to hear that everything is under control. Go back and enjoy the rest of the weekend, and I will see you three sound and well on Monday morning, and we will talk further. Sleep well. "

They left the office and floo'd back to the Potter's castle.

"We didn't talk about the wedding, Hermione and Ginny. The professor is right! "

Ginny looked lovingly at them. "The two of you must marry, but we always stay together. I love to be bridesmaid. "

"Are you sure, Ginny? " Hermione asked.

"Yes, I am positive, without hesitating. I am not lonely anymore and also not jealous at all ... I am truly happy ... for the first time in my life. "

"What happens when Ginny gets pregnant Harry, her children will be outside the marriage bond? "

"I know. When we register the children, we register the truth, I will be registered as the father, and they will carry the Potter's name. They can also choose between the name of the father or mother. For the time being, it will be a Potter. "

Ginny kissed him and Hermione.

"Now let's go to bed. "

When Harry lay already in bed, the girls were still busy getting out of their dresses. They are real ball dresses, are they not? ," Harry asked innocently.

"Yes they are. But they are also a real pain to get them on or off. Harry, don't lay there staring, help us! "

"No I am not helping you, because it looks very interesting to find two beautiful woman trying to undress them selves in front of my eyes. "

"Wait until we are finished, then we'll let you suffer. "

"I'll wait until you girls are ready, and then we can take a shower. ", Harry said.

"Can't you take a shower yourself anymore, Harry? " Hermione asked.

"No I can not! Somebody needs to wash my back and it is too (so) much fun to have a shower with the both of you. "

Hermione got rid of her dress at last, while Ginny was still struggling.
Hermione continued to undress her self very slowly; she was removing her underwear while looking Harry straight into his eyes. Harry stared down at Hermione; she was not wearing regular underwear today. Now she was wearing a black thong, which only made Harry moan with lust.

Seeing Hermione naked excited Harry fully; he felt him self aroused. His hands were running over her breasts and kissing her passionately. Hermione blushed deeply and Harry thought she was the most adorable person in the world.
She had to admit though, standing here stark naked in front of Harry was getting her excited.
Hermione's breasts were big enough for a handful and they looked very firm and did not sag at all. Her slim waist and beautiful stomach caught Harry's attention although he had seen, and felt, them before. Then his eyes roamed up her legs and stopped at the fuzz between her legs. The sight could not have turned Harry on more.

"Hermione you are absolutely beautiful." Harry commented and moved up closer to her. Hermione blushed again and her breath caught in her throat as he neared.

Hermione was getting wet between the legs and she noticed that Harry was looking and acting strange. It turned her on more to see Harry excited by her body. Harry walked right up to her, and without warning, kissed Hermione while wrapping his arms around her body. The kiss did not start out slow at all. It was immediately hot and heavy, not that either of them cared. Harry started to pull her body closer to his until her breasts met his chest. Hermione moaned loudly, not used to anybody touching them but herself, and kissed back harder. They both walked the few feet to the bed and Harry took off his shirt.

Harry laid down first and Hermione laid on him, not ceasing the kiss at all. They kissed for several minutes, Hermione's bared breasts smashing and rubbing against Harry's bared chest, causing them to moan louder. Harry then rubbed his hand along the side of her right breast, making Hermione jerk slightly. Hermione moved her upper body encouragingly and Harry wrapped his hand completely over her right breast. The feeling brought another, much louder, moan from Hermione. "Oh yes!" She said under her breath and Harry started to massage it. Harry was not in any better shape as Hermione was continually rubbing her legs over the bulge in Harry's pants.

Harry's other hand went to the other unoccupied breast and he started to massage that one too, pinching the eraser like nipples slightly which seemed to please Hermione more than the roaming hands. Their bodies were on fire, they could not believe the feelings that went through their bodies. Harry was close to climax as was Hermione and their movement became frantic. Harry lowered his head and took her left breast into his mouth. "Ooooooooohhhhh!" Hermione moaned at the feel of his mouth over her sensitive breast. Harry began to suck and Hermione offered words of encouragement.

"Oh! Don't stop, Harry!" she said and Harry did not really plan to. Hermione wrapped her right arm around him to pull him closer to her chest and Harry wrapped his right arm around her, his left hand still massaging the other breast and paying particular attention to the nipple. Hermione moved her lower body against the bulge in Harry's pants and Harry was moving his lower body up to meet it. Hermione let out many more moans, telling Harry to keep going again. Harry then switched to her right breast and started sucking on it. Hermione was in heaven. Never in all her fantasies had she imagined it would feel this great.

Their movements became even more frantic and a few moments later Hermione arched her back and smashed her vagina onto the bulge in Harry's pants. "Oh yeeeeeeessssss!" Hermione screamed and Harry could feel the wetness along his pants. The feeling also made him climax and he moaned while still sucking on Hermione's breast and it muffled the sound, but the feeling only made Hermione climax again, this time making a much quieter scream. Hermione slumped onto the bed, looking exhausted and satisfied.

Ginny managed to remove her dress. She was intently looking to the pair. Harry turned to Ginny and looked at her. "Ginny, you are so lovely and beautiful. "

That caused Ginny to blush profusely. "You are so sweet!" She said and wrapped him in a kiss that lasted several minutes. Finally, she pulled away. "Do you think you still have something left for me?" Ginny whispered into his ear.

"Quite." Harry whispered back. "Well I guess we better make the best of it." he replied, to which Ginny offered him another angel-like smile which had something else, was it anticipation?

Ginny draped her arms around Harry's neck and pulled him close. There lips met and kissed slowly at first, wanting to prolong the enjoyment. But their kissing soon became more passionate as they opened their mouths wider. Harry grabbed Ginny around the waist and fell backward onto the bed, next to Hermione, not even noticing, or caring, when he hit the bed.

Ginny rolled over on top of him, she preferred it this way, and kissed him harder still, their breath coming out in rugged gasps. Harry pulled his mouth away and replaced them on her sensitive neck. This immediately made her moan and mutter some indecipherable words.
Ginny placed her right hand on the back of his head, pulling him closer, while her left hand ran up and down his back.

Harry's hands began massaging Ginny's breasts. "Oh yes Harry! Don't stop!" Her voice was full of lust and if Harry were not already turned on that would have done the trick.
He stared to her beautiful breasts, the pink-like nipples hard from his kissing. Ginny was not completely out of it, thought. She looked to his boxers. There was a sizeable tent in his boxers and her eyes widened a moment. Harry just smiled and Harry stared down at her.

Harry gently laid back down on her, his erection pushing up against her thong, which was not much of an obstruction. But the feeling did nothing less than drive both of them wild with passion. They kissed roughly and both of their hands moved freely over the others body and Harry manipulated her breasts with his hands. Ginny looked so delicate but at the time neither cared. They were driven beyond thought. They were pushing at each other frantically, Ginny imagining Harry was inside her, and Harry wishing he was inside her. Harry pulled away from her and took one of her breasts into his mouth.

That made Ginny moan, almost growl, with lust and she arched her back as his mouth had its way with her breast and nipple. The feelings that was shooting through their bodies was incredible as they picked up their pace. Their moans became loud and they could feel the pressure building and knew what was coming.

"Ohhh Harry!" Ginny yelled and Harry could only manage a loud moan but he did wrap her in the biggest kiss of their life and they offered one final shove, Ginny wrapped her legs around Harry's waist to pull him closer, their arms wrapped around each other. The climax that came over them made the two scream as fires swept through their body and they felt their loins explode.

The screams were muffled though as they kept their mouths locked. Those screams continued for about a minute then Harry slinked into Ginny's embrace. "Oh my god! That felt so great!" Ginny exclaimed a few minutes later when she caught her breath.

"Yeah" That was all Harry could say because he was still grasping for air for some moments.

Hermione caught his mouth, kissing him haphazardly; his upper lip, the corners of his mouth, his lower lip; all were hers. She drew her head back and his lips still puckered for the next kiss. She glanced down and back up with a mischievous smile on her face. "Why do you do this to me?" Harry said in frustration.

"Because I can ...," Hermione whispered sensually.

He leaned down on her and kissed gently. "Have I told you how happy you make me?"

"Show me."

He pushed her hair away from her face to see her better and trailed his hand down her back, resting it at the base of her spine. Hermione closed her eyes as he did so, saying, "You're so sweet to me."

"You and Ginny deserve everything and more," he whispered letting his eyes droop closed.

"Thank you for our dresses, by the way. I love it," she said sleepily. Harry opened his eyes to find hers still closed.

"Do you really? You aren't just saying that to make me feel better, are you?" She opened her eyes lazily.

"Of course not, I do love it. It's so beautiful." She closed her eyes again and added, "I was so happy that we could do shopping all together, and Ginny loved it at the shop; you had two girls showing you all the dresses. You don't even know how happy you made Ginny."

"I have another present for you, actually."

"You don't have to give me anything else, Harry." She opened her eyes and placed her hand gently on his cheek. "I have everything I want right here," she whispered.

He placed his hand over hers. "Me too" She smiled and closed her eyes, pulling his hand down to hold it between them. Harry watched her until her breathing deepened and she fell asleep with a small smile on her face.
Ginny was sleeping like a princess next to Hermione, still naked, with a little space between them. Harry laid himself between them and listened to their soft and deep breathing. He took Ginny's beautiful hair and played with it. His right hand softly stroked Hermione's breast, while his left hand held Ginny's breasts. Feeling him self very content, he slowly fell asleep.

Ginny woke up. The first thing she noticed was Harry's hand on her breasts. She sighed dreamily as she recalled the events of the previous night. Everything about it had been as perfect as a fairy tale. She could admit to herself that she had fantasized this many times over the last few years about what it would be like to be with Harry, but the reality had far outstripped her expectations.

She felt at once an immediate connection to him and Hermione. For the first time in her life, she felt no longer lonely, and this was a new experience for her. His hand on her breasts was warm and tender; strange feelings of tenderness and warmth overflowing her ... She felt content about the situation and with Harry and Hermione.

With a warm smile, Ginny laid on her bed ... Yes, HER bed, HER castle, HER Harry and HER Hermione. She knew Harry well enough to know that he would insist that she would share everything he had; a feeling of belonging streamed through her. She was happy! And it was Sunday, the whole day ahead of them.

Ginny hummed happily, as she readied herself for a bath. She caught a glimpse of an extremely happy woman in the mirror and was startled for a moment, before realizing that this woman was she. This is what I look like in love? She turned her head from side to side, preening ridiculously, making faces at herself before bursting into a fit of soft giggles. You need to get a hold of yourself. Harry is going to think you went round the twist. "Oh, hush up. Have a little fun for once!"

She turned to the bathtub. Two steps led up to the raised tub, which ran the length of the wall. The rectangular tub was sunk into the raised platform, golden taps with bejeweled handles protruding from the white marble wall. Ginny turned the emerald tap and green, oval bubbles gushed out with a flow of water. While she waited for the tub to fill, she rummaged through her bag in search of a clip for her hair.

In one deft movement, she pulled her hair into a French twist and fastened it. Feeling much better, she turned the water off and slowly settled into the tub. Leaning her head back and closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and replayed the night before over in her mind, frame by frame, beginning with their first kiss. So engrossed was she in her memory that she did not hear the faint sound of the door opening and closing. Instead, her mind took her back to the night before, when she was rubbing her hands across his chest.

The soft click of the bathroom door opening was lost in her memory of Harry crying out her name. She ran her hands across her breasts under the water, remembering Harry touching her the same way the night before. Smiling, a soft moan escaped her throat and she opened her eyes to see Harry leaning against the doorjamb, watching her. "Oh! Harry," she said blushing furiously.

"How long have you been standing there?"

"Not long enough," he said with a devilish grin on his face.

He sat on the top step by the tub and placed his hands on either side of Ginny's head. "Good morning, beautiful," he whispered before giving her a deep, affectionate kiss.

"Good morning."

"Were you?"

"Was I what?"

"Thinking about me?"

"Ever since the moment I woke up."

Harry smiled like a kid who had been given the best present in the world.
"Good." He leaned down and kissed her again, softly. He trailed his hand into the water, stroking her arm.

"Sleep well?"

"Like an angel."

"Me too ... I hope you're hungry."


He looked up and down the length of the bathtub.

"Me, too," he said with a sly grin.

Ginny playfully flicked bubbles at him as he leaned down to give her a quick kiss. "Whenever you're ready."

Ginny gave a quick gasp as she felt Harry's fingers tickle her inner thigh. He grinned wickedly, wiggling his eyebrows up and down as he rose to leave the bathroom. Ginny grabbed his hand, stopping him.

"Why don't you join me? There's plenty of room."

Harry smiled, and began undressing.

"That's an offer I can't refuse."

Ginny watched him undress, unconsciously biting her lower lip. Harry had filled out a bit during his school years, but he was still thin, evidenced by the line of muscle running in a 'v' from his waist down to...

"What are you looking at?" he asked with a smirk, settling himself into the bathtub.

"I'm looking at you." Harry slid forward through the water toward Ginny, cutting through the thick blanket of bubbles.

"Do you like what you see?"

"Very much"

Harry grasped Ginny's hands below the surface of the water, gently pulling her forward, settling her on his lap. Green bubbles surrounded them, crackling lightly, obscuring their bodies from view.

"I love what I see, I like what I feel" Harry whispered.

"Me too," Ginny sighted, running her hand through Harry's hair and looking into his eyes, which appeared even more striking against the backdrop of the green bubbles surrounding them.
He ran his hands up and down her back, causing her to shiver despite being submerged in warm water.

"Hmm," Ginny said distractedly, mesmerized by the look in his eyes. "I love green because of your eyes."


"Oh, yes. Your eyes haunt my dreams."

"Haunt your dreams? That doesn't sound good."

Ginny pulled Harry forward and placed her lips next to his ear. "Trust me, it is."

They came both from the bathroom and found Hermione still sleeping. "What did you do to her, Harry? She is still exhausted from yesterday. I never have seen Hermione sleep so long; it is already ten in the morning! "

Harry knelt beside the bed close to Hermione. "Wake up, Hermione! I want to see your beautiful eyes." Hermione woke up slowly, stretched her self and placed her hand on his cheek and watched the morning light reflected in his eyes.

"Harry," she whispered softly. "I love your eyes."

"I love your hair."

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

Ginny lay now on the bed as well, with her head resting on Hermione's breasts.

"Harry," she whispered softly. "I love your eyes as well."

"I love your lips," he smiled.

Ginny looked at him unfocused. "I love you."

Harry's eyes widened slightly and his hand, which had been rubbing Hermione's breasts, stopped. The silence seemed endless to Ginny. It was only a few seconds before Harry responded.

"Did..." Harry choked on the word and cleared his throat. "Did you mean to say that?" he asked apprehensively.

"Yes. Although I'm not sure this is the response I was expecting", she said lightly frowning.
Harry leaned forward and kissed Ginny softly, caressing her neck with his thumb.

"I love you, too."

Relief washed through her. As he smiled at her, Ginny saw a new dimension to her feelings. Ginny sensed that he was giving her his soul and that, no matter what happened to them from this moment on, she would never lose his love.

"I've wanted to tell you that for so long. It has been burning a hole in my heart to feel it and not say it." He pushed a strand of hair behind her ear and whispered. "Do you know how hard it has been to not say 'I love you' when we're making love?"

Ginny grinned shyly. "Yes. I've an idea."

"I'm hungry"

"Let's eat our breakfast"

"It's almost dinner"

"No, I want breakfast"

"Batum ... We want breakfast in bed, please."

"I want to eat you"

"We will eat you first"

"You lick me first"

"Yes, with butter ..."

"No, with cream ..."

At that moment, a large breakfast appeared partly on bed, partly on a tray, which appeared opposite the bed. "Girls, let's attack the food. "

"I sent an owl to Gringotts bank to arrange papers for the three of us. Hermione already has shared access to one vault, and I want to give you a shared access to the other vault, Ginny. When Hermione and I are married, I want to have a contract, which enables you to share with us. In this way it looks like that we are all married with each other. Also I will change the testament in a way, that in case something will happen with me or Hermione, that sharing continues. "

Both girls stopped eating and surprised looked at him.

"We are the three of us, aren't we? ... It is impossible to marry the both of you the same time."

"That is true, but we decided yesterday that you and Hermione are marrying and I am happy with that."

"Listen Ginny. You, Hermione, and I are the sick trio. "

"Well, I don't feel sick, actually. I feel rather happy, happier than I ever was."

"I had this talk with Hermione a time ago, and we decided to act responsibly about this. We decided to marry. Not only because we are forced to be together, but also especially because we love each other very much. "

"I love you very much, Harry. I think I know where this goes to. I agree with you. "

"We learned yesterday for certain, that the sickness is not limited to Hermione and me, but to you as well. It is rather hard to marry you as well, because that is illegal. "

"So what if that is illegal? I still belong to you both. "

"That is exactly my point. In order to make this work, we need to think more creatively. That is the reason why I want to have the vaults opened to you as well. And that is also why I want to change my will in a way, that if something might happen, you continue, because you are like my wife. "

Harry stole toast from Hermione's plate and put it quickly in his mouth.

"You thief" Hermione exclaimed with a wide smile and hit his arm.

"Take your own toast! "

"Yours is nicer "

Harry took Ginny's sandwich with eggs.


"This one is also nice! "

"Hermione, let's feed him eggs, he will need it today."

"That is true, let's feed him a lot of eggs. "

Hermione started to smash the eggs together with mayonnaise. "I will make a kind of egg-salad and you can make the sandwiches. "

"Why don't we go to Muggle London tonight and do shopping with the money from your vaults. Anything you want to buy, you can buy. "

"Computers do not work in Hogwarts, and other electronic equipment does not work as well. I would like to buy a computer and learn how to work with it ", Ginny said.

"Me too, I love to have access to the internet and to build databases with information I need. Also we can use a computer with the research we are setting up. What do you think, Harry? "

"Hermione, I have thinking about that for some time. Do you know what a smart phone is? "

"Yes of course I know what a smart phone is, Harry. "

"But I do not know what it is," piped up Ginny. "Can you explain please? "

"A smart phone is a portable telephone, but with a small organizer or computer built in. "

"What is an organizer? "

"That is a combination of an agenda, address book and some extra utilities, but in electronic form. "

"Electronic form? "

"She means a computer. "

"Ah! "

"I am thinking about those message spells, which professor Snape wants to have. I worked out some of those message spells, and they are working already. I want to combine them into a magical smart phone. "

"What do you mean? "

"Let me get the plastic housing for such device, and I will charm one of the buttons to demonstrate. "

Harry went to his trunk and got a plastic plate with holes in it. "Look, this is such device. He mumbled several spells and held the plastic in front of Hermione. "Look, press the button at the bottom. "

She pushed the button with her finger and she heard in her mind "I love you!"

"Wow, Harry this is amazing! "

"What is the range of your spell? "

"I did not test it, but if it is correct, the range of this spell is about five miles. Can you manage to change the spell in a way that you can forward your voice to the other location? "

"Yes I can, but the easiest is to forward it to an identical device like this. "

"Let's try it. Ginny, can you go to my trunk and get my portable phones. I have five of them, all in different colors and none are working anymore. We can use the housing of those phones. "

Ginny disappeared to find the phones; while Harry wrote down the spells he had used to charm the buttons and started to work out the rest of the spells.

Ginny came back with the phones; "Does this take a long time, Harry? "

"No, I don't think so. I have worked on those spells for weeks already and never found a good reason to try to put them into practice. I want to try them now. Professor Snape will be so happy. "

He looked at Ginny. "Ginny, can you be so sweet to help me with this? I wrote the spells down here. I am working on the rest of the spells. When the spells are ready, they need to be cast on the telephones, but there are about 100 spells, which need to be cast. Can you cast the spells on all the devices, while I work on the identification spell? "

"I will help you, with pleasure. "

Later that morning, Harry finished the spells and Ginny was casting whole series of spells on the old phones. Hermione was already documenting the spells and organizing them into sections and subsections. "We can reuse those spells and build even more complicated communication devices. "

Harry was ready with the identification spells. "This spell will create identification on every phone. That means when you want to speak with a phone, you need to push the appropriate buttons to contact the phone you want to speak to. I did not do a thorough job, though, because the identification is only three numbers long, and that means that our system can only work with maximum 999 telephones. But for the time being this is enough.

Harry placed the identification spell on the phones and was ready. "Let's demonstrate. Ginny, please take the red phone, Hermione you take the black one. I will take this phone. Now I am going to call Ginny."

Harry typed number 100 and the phone of Ginny answered "Telephone call from phone 10".
Ginny looked strangely at the phone. "What must I do? "

"Press the green button"

Ginny pressed the green button and looked at the phone.

Harry spoke softly into the phone

Ginny held the phone to her ear and became red. "Harry! You naughty boy! "

"What did he say, Ginny? "

"He wants to put mayonnaise on our breasts and lick it off. "

Hermione looked at Harry in amazement. "It works", she exclaimed. "Call me" and she ran out of the bedroom.

Harry closed the current connection and called Hermione. He heard her answering the phone and Harry heard Hermione saying "That is a deal. You lick the mayonnaise from us, tonight, but we do not put the mayonnaise only on our breasts! "

Harry became red.

"What did Hermione say? "

"She wants to put the mayonnaise somewhere else, too."

Ginny smiled devilishly. "You bet we're going to put it somewhere else and you are going to lick all of it! "

Harry heard Hermione over the phone. "I heard that, it sounds excellent. I can hardly wait. "

Hermione entered the bedroom. "Harry, this is an excellent thing what you have put together. And it is so useful. We need many more devices. "

"We will get those devices on Monday, because everything is closed anyhow. We have five phones now, which are all working. We can remove the inside of the phones though. The magic is enough and all those electronics and battery makes the phone heavy. "

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