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The terrified

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"Okay; for now" I sat up to give him a hug but I pulled myself right back down I screamed a heart pounding scream and reached for my back quickly

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I took a breath of fresh air and swung open my eyes
"Frankie?" I stared at the cold white ceiling
"Hmm?" he took hold of my pale hand and squeezed it tight
"That world; that world in my mind was dark; dark and cold; lifeless; until for some reason, when you came, it all disappeared. It was loving and thriving; warm and sunny; beautiful. It must be like what my heart see's when I'm around you" I turned my head over to his warm hazel eyes
"Frankie; you don't know how much I love you; you'll never know how sorry I am" I squeezed his hand tight
"Yea I know but Gerard told me..." I cut him off
"I don't care if Gerard told you or not; I still feel guilty about it. You have always been there for me when I was sick; when I was crying, even when I was lonely. You have given me so much love and I never returned it." I took a breath in and turned my head back to the cold white hospital ceiling
"I just feel so bad about it"
"Don't worry; it's all forgiven; lets put it behind us for now" he held my hand close to his steady pounding heart
"Okay; for now" I sat up to give him a hug but I pulled myself right back down
I screamed a heart pounding scream and reached for my back quickly
"Keya?! Are you okay?!' frank panicked; he let go of my hand and searched my back
I shook my head a fiercely no and applied pressure to the wound
"My back!!" I cried
"Let go of it and let me see!!" Frank seemed to panic more
I let go and put my hand in front of me to look at it
I screamed in fear; there was nothing but black blood covering my whole hand
The tears were trailing my heart shaped face and down into the hospital gown
"Frank! I don't want to die!!" I cried out
"You're not going to die! Not on my watch" I seemed to make matters worse with my crying
Frank ran out of the room yelling 'HELP' his tears followed him in a trail of sorrow
I kept crying; I didn't want to die, but it seemed like I was with all the blood I was losing from the open wound in the lower part of my back was my fate.
I knew it was infected; you only bleed black blood when you are dangerously infected and the pain was unbearable
It was like needles poking in you open would over and over again without ever stopping; it was like you were going to die right at that very moment; or at least you wish you would
"FRANK, HURRY UP!!" I cried out
He came in at the very moment I said that
The tall thin nurse looked tired but came over to me anyways
"What happened?" she sounded calm
"I sat up to give a hug and then I had a sharp pain in my back"
She took hold on my hand and said to squeeze whenever I feel I sharp pain

The nurse turned at my back and stared at the wound
"Oh god" her calm voice turned terrified.

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