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One day

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"You need surgery. NOW!" the terrified nurse screamed Her trembling hands put a smooth cloth on my back to help stop the bleeding "You" she gestured her head to Frankie "Go get a doctor"

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"You need surgery. NOW!" the terrified nurse screamed
Her trembling hands put a smooth cloth on my back to help stop the bleeding
"You" she gestured her head to Frankie "Go get a doctor"
"What kind?" he panicked
"ANYONE!! GO!!!" she screamed
Frank ran out the door screaming for any doctor
I was crying while the nurse was trying to calm me down
"How did this happen?" she looked at my back again
"I fell off a bunk and something went into my back" not going into full detail; she lucky that I even said those words; I was too terrified to think about how and what happened
"So, is that your boyfriend?" she said trying to get my mind off the pain
"Yea, Frank Iero; best there ever is" I said thinking about all the time he has forgiven me; it brought me to more tears than I already had
"Mine used to be Gerard Way; but we broke up after six years; we just weren't feeling anything anymore"
"I remember that! Gerard was a fuckin mess after that!" I looked up at her; the only thing I could see in her eyes was hurt; pain and hurt
"Sorry" I quietly mumbled
"It's okay" she answered me; applying more pressure to the cut
There was dead silence; the only thing we could here was the sounds of our hearts
"IN HERE!!" we heard frank yell in the door
Next thing I know I am being roughly picked up and thrown on a mobile hospital bed
"ICU NOW!!" the doctor yelled to the other three nurses
"Anesthetic to 13 degree power" One nurse said
"Sleeper gas is ready"
They all pilled into and elevator
"Frank?" I asked as the nurse put something over my mouth
"Sorry Hun; he'll have to visit later" she said calmly
"Oh... okay" I was starting to get drowsy in the smooth elevator ride
The elevators door slammed open and they rushed me out into two huge doors.
After that; I was out cold.

Doctors POV

Beep... beep... beep
"I need the thread" I asked the nurse beside me
This young girl is in need of desperate care; she is seriously ill; infected more than she should be
Beep... beep... beep
"I need the needle" this girl has such a strong will to go 'Stay strong' I would say in my head
I threaded the needle in and out to close the wound.
Beep... beep... beep
'Stay strong; don't leave us' I thought

Franks POV

I paced back and forth in the inclosed waiting room.
Why did she have to go through this? It should be me in there suffering; not her.
"Frank, sit down" Gerard told me
"I can't" I informed; I was too antsy
All he did was shrug his broad shoulders and read his book
How can he read at a time like this? He should be worried.

Doctors POV

Beep.....Beep..... Beep
'Don't fail on me now' I said looking at the heart rate
It was decreasing slowly
I had just finish closing the wound and was waiting for her to wake
"No" I looked over at the nurses
She has a strong will; she will make it

I hoped (Please take a moment and go to youtube and search Kiss The Rain - SUNG WITH LYRICS!!! by Hienie and listen to until the end of this chapter!!)

"Get the heart start ready!" I yelled over to the nurse who had tears in her eyes
"Okay" she would say back to me and turn to the gray magnet heart start
"30 CC; GO!!" I yelled for them to put near her chest
Nothing happened
"GO!" I'd yell again
Still nothing
"Come on Keya stay with me; GO!!" I was crying by this point
She had such a strong heart; too early for her to go yet
Nothing; she wasn't coming back; she hasn't made it
"Time of death" I looked up at the clock; it was blurry from my tears "9:30 am"
My head went down to the floor and back to the lifeless body before me
"I am sorry we couldn't save you Keya" I cried
"Please forgive us; I hope you are in a better place now" I sobbed
Now here's the hard part; telling the band

Franks POV

I paced back and fourth and back and fourth until I herd the doctor open the door
"Good news?" I looked over at him
All he did was shake his head and cry
"I am sorry; her time of death was 9:30 am; she held on as long as she could but in the long run; she was just too weak to stay on this earth; I am deeply sorry"
I collapsed to the ground
"No, no, no, no, no, no, NOO!" I screamed; I had tears streaming down my cheeks to form a puddle at my knees
"Why her? WHY?? WHY COULDN'T IT BE ME??!!" I covered my face with my hands and sobbed
"Frank; I'm sorry; it was her time" Gerard sat beside me with tears streaming down his face too
"NO!! SHE WAS TOO YOUNG!!" I cried harder
"Frank..." Ray came over
He looked like nothing even happened; like it was no big deal
"Ray? Why do you look like you're not hurt? Why isn't this even fazing you?" I turned to him in disgust
"Nevermind. Can I at least say my last good bye?" I asked; I could feel that my eyes were red and swollen, and my cheeks were tear stained and red
"Sure" the doctor said
I got up from my knees and fallowed him to the ICU
He opened the oversized doors and led me to a bed
I sat beside her pale lifeless body
"Keya..." I touched her cold breathless face
It tore me up inside to see her like this; she doesn't deserve this; I am the one who is supposed to be here; lying in this very spot; she is supposed to be living and going on with her life with many kids and have a wonderful husband; not dead on a hospital bed
"Keya... I don't want you like this... I want you to be alive and having many children with a wonderful husband... not lying here in a cold hospital bed" I grabbed hold of her once living hand and cried beside her
"Please don't forget any of us; and please don't stop for what you dream for; thrive for it and I promise, you will get there"
I whipped away the salty tears from my face even though it would do no good; they just came back
I held onto her cold pale hand and cried all of my tears out until there was nothing else to cry; all my tears were used up; I cried them all out.
"Keya, there will not be a day were I don't think of you. There will not be a night were I would not cry for you. There will not be a show were I do not mention you. And there will never be a girl to replace you in my heart, never in this world; you will be the only one for me and I will wait for that faithful day until I see you again. I know that it will not be soon; but for you; I would wait for an eternity." I let go of her hand and said a couple of more words
"Keya you will always be in my heart and I hope I will be in yours. Please don't forget me." I let one more tear escape my eye and land on her soft cheek
"Good bye, my love" and I gave her one last kiss
I sat up and walked out of the doors
'I promise you Keya, there will never ever be another woman to replace that hole in my heart. I will wait for my life to end for you to replace it. You will be in my memories forever.'


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