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Frank, What The Fuck Are You Thinking!

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Frank makes his choice about sam and is met with another.

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I wake up I Frank sitting next to me on the bed. He sees that I'm awake and gets up and leaves. Why was he watching me sleep? Why did I have to do that I want him so badly but I want him sober. Today The Used is coming over I'm kind of nervous even though Bert apologized and we are ok I'm still a little scared. A few moments latter Gee comes and tells me that there here and we will be outside partying. I walk out and I see frank drinking and I decide to make him mad and flirt with Jepha or Quinn. This should be fun.

"Hey girly how have you been" Jepha said hugging me and spinning me around. I look over his shoulder to see Frank glaring evil at him.

"I'm alright I guess" I replied

Jepha when and sat back down at the picnic table and I fallowed and sat next to him we were all drinking and having fun I was do to drunk. Me, Jepha, Gerard, Frank, Bert and Quinn all decided to play a game of dares (Dares is a game kind of like truth or dare but without the truth).

"Jepha I dare you to kiss Sam" Quinn dared Jepha.

"Ok, Come here sexy" Jepha said as he pulled me in for what would be the most amazing kiss. After someone told us to stop I looked at Frank he had left and sat at a picnic table with his head down I could tell he was crying.

'Dam' I whisper under my breath Jepha just looks at me and smiles I think he heard me.

"Bert I dare you to kiss Gerard" I said.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOkayyyyyyy" Bert said all hyper the dare game was full of everyone kissing.

Frank still sat at that picnic table I decided to go talk to him I get up and walk over and sit next to him.

"Have you come up with a decision?" I ask him.

"How could you kiss Jepha and act like you like it, I thought you loved me" he said with his head still down.

"Frank I ......I was not acting I'm sorry to say but he is a good kisser and it was just a game we were having fun"

"I know it's a game but you should not have liked it that much" He said moving his head to look at me.

"Frank you broke my heart" I said to him

"How?" he asked

"You use drugs and drink to much" I tell him

"Oh" he says.

"Frank you need to tell me a choice or I will make one for you right know I can't take this anymore." I tell him. He just looks at me and tears come to his eyes.

"Frank" I say disappointed "Your not choosing me" I say starting to cry "Fine be that way choose your fucking drugs and shit over you FUCKING GIRLFRIEND!" I scream and walk away. I walk toured the bus Gerard and Jepha look at me I look at them they got up at fallowed me into the bus.

"Sam what happened" Gee asks me. I just looked at him and started to cry really hard.

"Gee he gave me a answer" I said sitting on the couch.

"And?" he said.

"Gee he......"I stop and just looked at him. "He didn't choose me."

"What?" he said Jepha just sat next to me and hugged me and I cried in his chest he was so comforting

"Yeah he didn't choose me I can't believe him" I said still crying on Jepha.

"I'm going to talk to him" Gee said leaving to find him.

*********Gerard POV***********

I just found out Frank pick cocaine and alcohols over Sam I'm going to find out why. I found him and a picnic table with his head to the table smoking a cigarette.

"What the hell Frank" I yelled at him.

"What are you talking about" he asked me taking a hit off his cig.

"You didn't choose Sam what's wrong with you" I said to him sitting a crossed from him.

"Gee stay out of this, this is not your problem" he said

"Did you know that she is in the bus crying on jepha wanting to kill herself because you dumped her" I yelled at him.

"It's her fault she made me choose"

"Frank you a dumb ass. You just let something that you love slip away because you love your drugs too much frank you have to quit. Or I'm kicking you out of the band. So get you act together or be all alone." I yelled at him. As I walk away leaving frank completely clueless.
damm poor frank R&R
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