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The Talk With Frank

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Sam talks to frank about his problem

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I sat at that picnic table for what seemed like hours crying thinking about Frank. I want him to quit it all be straight-edge but I know that will never happen. I want things to go back to the way they were. I look up to see Gee running toward me.

"Frank locked himself in the backroom and keeps yelling at everyone that he can't live with-out you. Please come back in the bus and talk to him." Gerard said kind of out breath.

"I can't I can't even think about it, it kills me to know what he is doing I can't talk to him about it. Do you even know what he is doing?" I said crying.

"No I don't really know but you have to talk to him please i don't want to have to find a new guitar player I want frank to be in this band not someone else please" he begged.

"Fine, But I'm not going in the bus tell him to come out here."

"Okay thank you" Gee said as he ran back to the bus to get Frank.

A few moments later Frank and Gee come out of the bus frank has his arms crossed over him and his hoodie zipped up with the hood up looking at the ground and Gee walks him over to me. Frank sits down a crossed from me and Gee leaves and goes back to the bus.

"Frank look at me" I said as he slowly looks at me he has been crying and still is and so am I.

"Frank Why are you doing this?" I said

"I don't know I can't stop, when I do it I feel like the old me the me that you love" he said he was shaking and so was I it was kind of cold out.

"Uh............Frank do you realize that your doing something that is killing you slowly"

"It is not it makes me normal" we were in full on fight mode.

"Frank your doing FUCKING COCAINE!!" I was getting angry.

"I KNOW YOU DON'T HAVE TO TELL ME" Frank screamed.

"Frank you are slowly turning into something I hate HATE!!"

"I'm Not doing anything that you hate" Frank said with a tone I hated.


"No you don't"

"Frank my dad hit me HIT ME he was and ALCOHOLIC" I screamed at him.


"Frank you not seeing the point in this in going to give you a choice, okay?" I really didn't not want to have to give him a choice but it looks like him going to have to.

"Okay what is my choice's" He asked.

"Okay it's either ME or your drugs and booze. CHOOSE!" I don't want to do this I love him so much but I can't marry a coke head and an alcoholic. By now I was crying again.

"You can't do that that's not fair"

"Yes it is I don't want to date or marry and coke head and an alcoholic" Fuck I don't want to leave him.

We sat there in silent forever "When you think of an answer let me know but till then don't talk to me" I was so mad but it had to be done I got up and when back to the bus leaving him there to think. I walk in the bus crying I see Gerard is sitting on the couch watching TV, he stand up and ask me how things went I just look at him and walk to the back room and he fallowed. We sat on the end on the bed that was back there.

"So..........can you let me know what Frank is doing?" he asked me I just get up and find the box Frank must have put everything back in it, I hand it to Gee he opens it gasps, he stands up and hugs me I just start crying as he hugs me.

"What did you do?" he asked me

"I gave him a choice either me or his drugs and booze"

"Good you don't need this he needs to straiten out" Gee said so comforting.

Gee going back to the TV and I see Frank walk back into the bus and look at me but says nothing. He climbs in his bunk and falls asleep I fall asleep in the back of the bus.

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