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The real meaning of being alone in the dark

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Sometime went by after the last events that messed up with Pierre's life happened and, as always, things never remain the same. When his life starts changing one more time, he realizes that the rea...

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Everything seemed to be back to the place where it belonged and it seemed like my life couldn't go better from that day on, when I started to realize where were the things that really mattered in my life. I finally understood that I should spend some more time with the people I love and care about 'cause I don't really know if they'll be here tomorrow or even if I'll be here tomorrow. To understand that made me a better son, a better brother, a better friend and even a better boyfriend. Guess, after all, 7 months all by myself weren't that bad. They made me realize many things I would never be able to if I had people around.

Two months of vacations and six months on studio and Simple Plan's second album was finally recorded. Again. It was named "Still not getting any...". That album meant more to me than it could have meant to anyone else in this whole wide world because it was like having in my hands a touchable prove that their friendship about me was truth. I know it sounds a little sappy to say this, but it's true. The same album was already recorded 8 months ago after too much of work, but they destroyed it and paid with their own money for Lava's lost which wasn't few, and they did all that because the voice in the album wasn't mine. They could have avoid loosing all that work and money, but they didn't. They preferred do all that over again than loose me as their lead singer and that's the most important prove of friendship that anyone could have ever given to me.

With that album finished, we started touring around the world once again and shooting some new music videos. This time, we had a better manager, so Richard didn't force us to spend as much of time away from our families as Adam did. Thanks to him, I didn't break the promise I made my brothers of always being around. This time, someone finally treats us as human beings, not as HIS band.

This tour started over really well, with lots of fans coming to watch our shows and always getting the house full of people. This time we surely realized that they missed us. It seemed to be our dream tour, but we had to stop it after the first six months.

Luckily, this time we didn't stop because someone died, got sick, had a car accident or got kidnapped, as it happens in our first tour but we didn't stop because Adam was insane. This time we finally stopped for a good reason: it was mine and Jessie's wedding day.

I remember it was the happiest moment of my life the moment that I saw her father taking her to that altar to meet me in there. She looked really beautiful and it amuzed me a lot how she managed to look even better than always. I felt like getting married with an angel and the way she smiled back at me that night made me feel that she was feeling the same way. She was as happy as I was. Brendan and Adam tried for real to stop this day from coming, but we ended up going through it all together after struggle a lot.

But, since that day, two years went by and all of my happiness became just worry and desperation just like that. Since two weeks from now Jessica started throwing up everything she ever eats, she started feeling some strange pains and she has been just too sensitive. If, for any stupid reason, I scream, she starts crying instantly and it takes me an entire day of "I'm sorry, I never meant to scream." to get her to calm down again. Jessie was getting me worried for real.

In that morning, I woke up with her tears falling over my chest. That made me feel so bad that I started questioning if she wasn't happy by my side anymore, but she replied me saying she was crying because she thinks I don't think she's beautiful anymore. All of that sensitivity was driving me nuts, but I completely ignored the fact that I had been woken up at 5 a.m. for nothing at all after she went to the bathroom around 3 times to throw up. That was when I gave up on fooling myself believing she was okay and we left home in that moment, straight to the hospital. Man, what was I thinking not to take her to the hospital all this time? She obviously wasn't okay over 2 week. What kind of husband am I? Well, I guess it was just too hard for me to accept she was that bad 'cause I didn't want to see her like this.

Getting in the hospital, she started throwing up really bad just by smelling all of that smell of medications in the air, so the doctors had to make her stay to do as much of tests as possible and I would have to go. They would phone me again when they had the exams in hands to tell me exactly what was going on.

I spent the whole day long worried and sat down close to my cell phone to wait for them to call, blaming myself every 5 seconds for anything that could be wrong with her, but the night came and I received no phone call. It was time to leave and go to Simple Plan's show.

It's 10 o'clock p.m. now, a few time before our show, and I'm right here in the dressing room staring at this damned cell phone that didn't ring once. Is it that hard to phone me and tell me anything about her? Is it? In angry, I just grabbed that cell phone and threw it against the wall with all of my strength. Now, nobody will actually call.

"Pierre, are you okay?" asked Seb as soon as two or three pieces of the cell phone hit his face
"Of course I'm okay, Sebastien. Why wouldn't I be?"
"Well, first because you just broke your cell phone and almost got me blind with it and second because you normally just call me Seb, except if you're angry at me or worried about something, but I'm sure I did nothing for you to be angry at me, even though you already made me pay for the next one."
"Smart, aren't ya?" I asked smirking "It's nothing, I'm just being childish and I'm really sorry for your eye. I'm just worried about Jessica."
"And why are you worried?" asked David
"Because...because she has been sick and depressed since two weeks from now and when I took her to the hospital this morning, the doctors made her stay 'cause she looked really bad."
"What did they say?" asked Jeff
"That she was probably going to spend a few days in there, but that they would call me as soon as they had the results. But they just didn't call me!"
"Then, you freaked out and destroyed your cell phone?" Chuck asked sarcastically as I just nodded embarrassed "Well, congratulations! That was a great job! Now they really won't call you. But, hey, you can always drive all the way to the hospital after the show when you'll be sleepy and tired."
"Thanks, Chuck, but I think I realized that. You don't have to remind me about it."
"Sorry, I was just saying it. You can't say that was one of the smartest things you've ever done."
"Chuck, you..."
"Simple Plan, go to the stage now." A lady interrupted me after opening the door and stopping a longer argument

But, you wanna know something about that show? It sucked like I could never imagine it would. I couldn't get focused on what I was doing and I forgot the lyrics many times, dropped many microphones in the middle of the crowd never to see them again, stumbled on the stage many times and in some of them I dropped at least one of the guys with me and I even started singing many different lyrics in the same song and completely out of the rhythm. Because of all that we've been kicked out of the stage in less than 30 minutes and the guys left there almost killing me with the looks on their eyes and yelling like freaks at the same time, but I wasn't even listening to what they were saying. All I was thinking about was take my car and go to the hospital to see Jessie but, for my surprise, when I opened the door of the dressing room she was right there, sat down in the couch and waiting for us.

"Jessica? How did you get here?" I asked confused
"Yeah, but...the doctors said you were going to stay."
"And the exams said the opposite."
"I don't understand, aren't you sick?"
"I'm not sick. I mean, we're not sick."
"We?" I asked getting a clue of what was happening "Jessica, are you trying to say that..."
"Yeah, I'm pregnant!"
"Oh, my God!!!" I shouted as loud as I could smiling and dropping her in the couch, kissing her until I couldn't do it anymore
"You two get a room." Said David dropping the towel that was on his hands over us
"We're doing nothing...yet." I said teasing him and standing up together with her "You just can't imagine how happy you made me with that."
"Well, if you're happy with that you won't believe the rest of the surprise!" she replied smiling
"Go ahead, tell me."
"According to the exams, there are two hearts beating in here."
"You mean..."
"Baby, we're having twins." She shouted as I just lifted her up from the ground and started spinning her around not even being able to say a thing.

God, I had never felt such a great feeling in my life. I couldn't be happier. I am going to be somebody's father! Actually, two somebody's father at once! My God, I'll have my own babies!
How would I ever imagine that the hottest chick I've ever seen in my life that used to be a cheerleader and that used to have English classes with me was going to be my wife and the mother of my kids? I'm still really impressed with everything that happened in my life since I returned to Canada. If I only knew everything was going to be so good, I would have returned a long, long time ago. Well, but at least now I know what's the point of having English classes. That's something I'll teach my kids when they ask me why the hell they have to have English classes.

"Congratulations, guys. We wish you good luck as parents." Said Jeff
"Jessie, you'll have to work really hard for those kids to be responsible 'cause if it's up to their father they'll be just two lazy kids that just wanna have fun." Said Chuck teasing me
"Hey!!!" I shouted
"Just kidding, Pierre!" he replied "I know you'll be a great father and those kids will love you a lot."
"But a little bit of responsibility now won't do you any bad." Said David smirking
"See who's talking about responsibility." I replied teasing him
"Guess what we're trying to say here, Pierre, is just: be happy." Concluded Seb
"Thank you guys. We sure will."

I remember that when I was a kid I used to hear my grandma saying that grown ups always have too many problems but the only reason why they can't solve them, is because they can't just let the past in the past and start everything over again. Until not too long time ago, I didn't know exactly what she meant. All I know is that during many years I kept checking out almost every single day to see if Brendan and Adam were still getting what they deserved. I couldn't just lay my head in my pillow and sleep at night if I wasn't sure they were still under arrest. They were far away from me but they were still controlling my life. But, in the moment I heard about my kids, my world completely changed and I decided to carry on with my new life and let those two carry on with theirs as long as our lives would never cross each other again.
That was when I understood my grandma's words and I realized she had given me the key for happiness. I understood that you don't have to be locked all by yourself in a dark room to be alone in the dark.

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