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Back to Where I've Always Wanted To Be

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As a teen, Isabella was best friends with Gerard Way. After a fight, they never quite talked to eachother. Until now, when Isabella's job brings her to, where else? Back with Gerard and his band on...

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"This is John, he's head of sound management, around here somewhere is Stacy, she's costume and makeup supervisor," Todd said to me. Todd was showing me around, introducing me to people whose names I'd already forgotten. We were at a huge warehouse in New Jersey, near my hometown, where the trailers were filling up with supplies and the RV's were being prepared for the long road ahead, literally. There were a few days left until we started on the tour, and I was spending them packing, learning people's names, and making all kinds of errands, from calling clubs to confirm booking to helping print off flyers, and helping out with groceries for the band and crew.
I still hadn't met them yet, but with the exception of Mikey and Gerard I was starting to learn all kinds of things about them. Frank hated Tootsie Pops but would kill you for a Blow Pop (Note: this is just a random fact, not true as far as I know), all of them could survive the rest of their natural lives on Count Chocula (This is a real fact, thank God for Wikipedia), Ray has a little sister who is supposedly super-nice named Stephanie*, and Bob happened to have a thing for zebra print (Another true fact).
In fact, the only thing I probably hadn't done yet was see them. I was a bit anxious, I wanted to know if Gerard of Mikey would even remember me, and I was excited to meet the rest of the band.
Then, as if on cue, Todd looked at me and said, "So, the guys all happen to be here today, I think they're here somewhere with Stacy going over costume fittings and whatnot, but I'm sure I could grab them for a quick sec so you can meet them."
Before I could barely say, "Okay," Todd had his cell phone whipped out of his back pocket, and was dialing Stacy.
"Hey Stace, just wondering if the guys are with you. They are? Well, I was just wondering if you could tell them to come on over to the management office, the assistant manager wants to meet them. Be here in five? Great." He hung up before I could even get a chance to say I could care less about seeing a kid who pretty much abandoned me so long ago. I was on edge, knowing I would be facing either hate or love, not both or neither. Gerard would either see me and never talk to me again, or he would see me and tell me how much he missed me and wished he'd never left. I was hoping for the latter, but with him, it would most likely be the first.
"They'll be here soon," Todd assured me, even though I had heard the whole conversation just then. I nodded back anyways. I focused my attention on a random calendar on a nearby desk.
November 10th, 2006, Call Mary For Invoice. December 5th, 2006, Lisa's Birthday...
The door opened just then, and five people stepped in. It didn't take long to know this was the band. I didn't recognize three of them, and barely realized the eyelined skinny boy was Mikey. The only one I recognized, of course, was Gerard. I could never forget those piercing honey-amber eyes, and his strong face, always wearing the slightest bit of a smirk.
The only thing different was his hair. I remembered that as a highschooler he had inky-black hair, sometimes long, sometimes shorter. Those jet-black locks were replaced with short hair, dyed almost snow-white.
I took him in, the tight black jeans, his black leather jacket, the Marlboro he held in his fingers, every so often flicking stray ashes to the floor and taking a long drag. I felt myself smiling, because all of a sudden I felt the same feeling I had felt when I was younger. I had always wanted to be more than just friends with him, I wished he could me my knight in an Iron Maiden tee. I think that's what tore us apart, because he knew I felt that way and he never wanted to be anything more than friends who shared comic books and jokes, not kisses.
I snapped back to life when Todd cleared his throat at me, waiting for me to introduce myself. When I didn't, he sighed, like I was annoying to him.
"This the new assistant tour manager, guys," he said, gesturing to me.
"Hi," was all I could muster. "Nice to meet you." I put my head down.
Gerard stepped closer to me. He seemed to me scrutinizing me, like I was a song he had stuck in his head that he couldn't remember the name of. I looked into his eyes, and he stared carefully. I could see the flash of slight recognition in his eyes, and he opened his mouth to say something, only to find he couldn't, apparently. I watched his lips moving silently, forming my name, over and over, like he wanted to say it so badly but couldn't get it to roll of his tongue. Finally, he said it, so softly I almost didn't hear it.
I smiled brightly, happy he remembered me.
"In the flesh," I replied with a grin.

*I decided to add Stephanie's name to this because she was created by my favoritest writer on FicWad, Kristian, aka pinkkissypetefreak. Check out Stephanie in Krissy's fic, "Baby Sister." And you might just find Steph popping up here and there in this story, and because of her super-secret romance with you-know-who, maybe I'll have to have Bella and Steph in a heated fight over this you-know-who. =)
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