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Chapter One

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The slayer goes on patrol.

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A/N: This story doesn't actually contain Buffy or any other characters from the series. It's the first in an 'Past Slayers' series that I'm starting.


Kyra sat there, tapping her foot impatiently as she waited for this Steven… Matthews? Michaels, whatever, guy to wake up from his ‘not quite eternal’ slumber. She looked over her shoulder, on the lookout for other vampires potentially awoken tonight. It was a pretty pointless activity, really, as she would hear them coming instantly. ‘I’m the Slayer’ Kyra thought ‘vampire detecting abilities pretty much come with the package’.

Despite what some people may think, Kyra found being the slayer a heavy burden to carry. ‘It’s a lone gig’ she thought ‘not to mention the whole fighting for my life night after night thing… And the pay sucks’.

She lifted her cigarette to her lip and took a long drag, before stubbing it out on the grave she was sitting on. ‘I really should quit’ she thought. She continued to ponder about the ups and downs of being the slayer. ‘When you think about it, it really isn’t all that bad. There’s the whole super strength, speed & healing thing. And, also she was chosen. It was pretty good feeling, being chosen out of every girl in the world, to protect the innocent, and to do good in general…’

Kyra could hear footsteps slowly coming towards her. She decided to use her opponents ‘element of surprise’ to her advantage, and so she didn’t turn around just yet. When the vampire was close enough, she elbowed it in the face. She spun and slid off the grave, looked at the vampire and said, “You must be my date…”

The vampire lunged at her, so she delivered a roundhouse kick to his face. He looked up at her and growled. He had short-ish black hair, looked about 6 foot tall, and was wearing a tuxedo. ‘It’s nice to know that the undead are dressing for success these days.’ She punched him twice in the face, kicked him in the stomach and whipped the stake that she kept in her pocket out. Kyra plunged the stake at the vampire’s heart, but he grabbed her wrist, kicked her in the stomach and flipped her over his shoulder. She landed on her back on the floor.

The vampire went to jump on her, but she rolled to the side and jumped to her feet, leaving him on the floor. She violently kicked him in the face, and he screamed in pain and jumped to his feet, preparing to fight. The vampire ran at Kyra, who had already formed fighting position opposite him. She blocked his punch & hit him in the face, before she grabbed his head and slammed it into the nearest mausoleum. Before he had time to recover, Kyra stuck a stake in his heart, and he exploded into ash.

Kyra took a moment to dust herself off and sit down because, frankly, she was in pain. ‘Alright, not one of my longer fights’ she thought ‘but I never usually let them beat on me like that. Maybe I should go home, get some-‘ Her thoughts were interrupted when a woman emerged from behind the bushes, and commented “Your technique was sloppy, you appear to have made no plan what so ever, and…” she walked up to the grave that she was sitting on “You really shouldn’t smoke.”

“Jesus, Lydia, I forgot you were back there!” A startled Kyra said. The woman was her watcher, Lydia. She was about 5’9”, with blue eyes, glasses and blond hair tied up in a bun. She was skinny, and was wearing a grey skirt and blazer combo, which made her look… Old. Hardly the type of person you would expect to find out at two in the morning fighting vampires.

Kyra turned her attention to what her watcher had just pointed out. “Sloppy Technique?!” She questioned, “I kicked vampire ass back there! And, I’m alive, he’s not, so I’m pretty sure that means I won…” “Yes, indeed, I agree that you ‘kicked vampire ass’, however” Lydia replied “The way he flipped you must have been exhausting. You really should go home and get some rest.” “Nope.” Said Kyra, as she turned to face the graveyard. “Duty calls.”
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