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Chapter Two

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The Slayer and korynthian cross paths.

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Kyra walked into school two hours late, having fell asleep on the bus, with the hangover to end all hangovers. After she had patrolled last night, she went to a party that she had been invited to. She got ridiculously drunk, and got to third base with a boy she had just met called Justin… or Kevin, she wasn’t sure. He was quite the cutie. Still, she wished she hadn’t done stuff with him at the party, which pretty much everyone in school had gone to. People had even asked her about it on the bus to school, which she had gotten straight from the party. Still, she couldn’t worry about that now: She was far, far too tired. And not even in school uniform.

Ok, her plan was to go to the resource centre, where Lydia worked and trained with her, change into the spare uniform she kept there for an occasion like this one, and sleep through third lesson & lunch. And the plan worked. That was, until Lydia came in and woke her up. “Kyra?” She asked gently “Kyra, what are you doing here?” “Resting.” When she saw Lydia’s puzzled expression, she added, “I was up, late, last night… Patrolling!” Lydia shrugged off her odd behaviour and said “Kyra, you need to wake up, something dreadful is happening very soon!” That woke her up. “What’s up? Big trouble in town?” Kyra asked. “The Biggest”


Kyra sat opposite Lydia on the resource centre main table. Both had equally disgusting cups of staff room teas. Kyra glared at Lydia from her end of the table. ‘She looks like she didn’t sleep all night’ Kyra thought, ‘in fact, she probably hasn’t. She’s probably been researching this big new threat. Whatever it is, it must be pretty bad. Usually, when Lydia catches me skipping class, she usually just sends me back to class…’

“So…” said Kyra, breaking her chain of thought “What’s going on?” Lydia looked up at Kyra and said “Last night, after you killed that vampire, I found this in his ashes.” She handed her a gold ring, with a symbol in the middle of it. The symbol was a circle, with a Pentagram in the middle and five stars surrounding it. “Okay, neat. What does it mean?” Kyra asked. “It’s the symbol of the army of an ancient vampire, called Korynthian.” Lydia answered. “How ancient? And, army? As in, of vampires?” Kyra asked. “Earliest references of Korynthian date back up to the 500AD, making him potentially 1500 years old. And he’s been raising his army for unknown hundreds of years. And, judging by the fact that one of his men was out last night, I’d say he is choosing now to strike.”

“Okay, hundreds of years, huge undead immortal army, why wait ‘til now?” Asked Kyra. “Well, every time his army is deemed a threat, which has happened six times over the last few centuries, the watchers council sends the slayer to stop him, and destroy his army.” Lydia replied. “Well” Kyra said impatiently, “What happened to them?” “Indeed, they impaired his army hugely, sometimes coming close to destroying it, but when they came to face him” Lydia paused. “Korynthian has killed all six of the slayers he has faced in his time.”

1527A.D, Istanbul, Turkey

Cassia dodged the punch thrown at her by the vampire facing her, kicked him in the stomach and beheaded him with her axe, turning him into ash. She plunged the wooden end of her weapon into the heart of a vampire behind her, and raised it up again as he dusted. She was short, and her long, blond, wavy hair was flowing all over the place. Her eyes were baby blue, and she was the ‘Most beautiful girl in all the world’, according to her watcher/lover.

She had killed about 160 or so vampires today, even more over the past few days, which is an amazing feat, even for her. Yet she was still going to kill many more before she found Korynthian, the legendary ancient vampire. She was amazingly good at this. It was what she was born to do. She had travelled from her watchers home in Greece to destroy this evil army, because she was born to do it. Cassia Marsilka was the Slayer.

She was fighting inside a huge castle built here in about the 1300’s, and vampires were charging at her from all directions, and she was dusting them while looking for Korynthian. As he was mystically connected to every vampire in his army, he definitely knows that she was there by now. When she found him, she was going to kill him, and his army was going to crumble.

She finally found him, alone in a large room, ready to fight her. He towered over her, he had long brown hair, brown eyes and his face was fully vamped. He snarled at her and said, “You must be her.” She smiled and replied, “You must be him.” Korynthian threw his fist at the slayer’s face. She dodged it. She punched him in the face, kicked him in the stomach, and went to slice his head off with her axe. He grabbed her wrist and squeezed, making her drop the axe. If she bent down to pick it up, he’d break her back. ‘No worries’ she thought ‘There’s lots of broken wood here. It’s fine.’ She went to punch him in the face but he ducked, grabbed her at the throat and threw her across the room.

Cassia jumped to her feet, and Korynthian walked towards her. “You are most attractive.” He said. “And you are foul!” She replied. She punched him in the face, and he punched her back and slammed her into the wall. She fell to the floor. She jumped up to her feet and lunged at him. He moved aside, grabbed her hair and pulled her up against him. “Now now, that’s no way to speak to a gentleman.” He kissed her cheek, his fangs leaving scratch marks on her face. “Then again, I’m hardly a gentleman now, am I?” He sunk his fangs into her neck, and drunk her blood.

Her eyes widened in pain. She opened her mouth to scream, but the sound did not come. Korynthian drank her blood until she lost consciousness, and died.

1985A.D. Liverpool, England

“What’s the worst that this Korynthian can do with an army, really?” asked Kyra. She was pacing the Library with a cigarette in between her lips, and who could blame her, given the news she had just heard. “He could take over this city, turn all the residents into vampires, expanding his army, then do the same to the next town, and the next, until they have complete control of England” Lydia answered honestly. Perhaps too honestly. “Would that really be so bad?” Kyra asked, irrationally. “We could just… we could tell people to be really, really careful at night time!” “At this point, they would have access to some pretty powerful magiks. I fear he would block out the sun, allow vampires to enter all homes without invitation, make vampires immune to holy water and crucifix’s, basically make the world a vampire free for all…”

“This is just what the council have told me.” Lydia stated. “You, you TOLD the council?!?” Kyra asked in disbelief. “Now they’ll expect me to fight him, oh, no, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna DIE!” “Kyra CALM DOWN!” Lydia yelled. “I needed to confirm that Korynthian’s army was attacking here and now, and if so, to ask what they were planning. And besides, you may not die. You may defeat him.” “Oh please, Lydia.” Kyra said. “He’s killed SIX slayers, and I’m so young, I can’t beat him, I… I just can’t!”

She stubbed her cigarette out on the table, sat down and sighed. “Look” said Lydia “I think the best thing you can do is go and resume your classed, and meet me here at the end of the day, when you’ve had a chance to think about things.” “Yeah…Yeah that’s probably a good idea.” Kyra smiled weakly, and said. “ Bye, I’ll… I’ll see ya later.”


Kyra walked from 5th lesson to the resource centre. She was thinking about her current situation. ‘Okay, I have two options: I could go fight this Korynthian guy’s army, at least slow him down, if not stop him, and probably die. Or, I could not stop him, let his army take over the world, and definitely die. The first option’s sounding quite appealing now…’

Then, a girl from her class approached Kyra, Leila Hindley. She was one of the most popular girls in school. “Hey Kyra” She said, “Have fun at the party last night?” ‘Oh no.’ thought Kyra. She braced herself for what came next. “Because we know that Kevin did.” “Yeah” Chimed in Jessie… Something, also from her class “He hasn’t stopped going on about how easy you are.” They both laughed, and high-five’d each other. “Shut up Jessie.” Kyra ordered. “Or you’ll what?” Asked Jessie. “We all know that you’re pretty much useless, so what can you really do to hurt me?” Kyra pondered for a moment, then decided the best course of action. “This” she said, before punching Jessie in the face.

Jessie was knocked back a few feet, and she had a bloody nose. Kyra’s eyes widened when she saw this. “What are you doing?” Jessie asked. “Freak!” So Kyra ran. She was running to the resource centre, but she had to stop due to the fact that she was crying. She knelt on the floor and wept, all the time thinking ‘Do all slayers have to suffer like this?’

1609A.D, Bucharest, Romania

Ildiko Gellert was fighting in a mansion very similar to the one she was raised in. Only this mansion is in Romania, and her childhood home is in Hungary. And, this mansion was home to an army of vampires and their ancient undead leader.

She ducked a punch from her opponent, Korynthian, punched him in the stomach and delivered a roundhouse kick to his face. She kicked him in the chest, jumped above his foot as he tried to kick her and spun him across the room by his foot. As he was getting up, she pulled a stake out of her jacket pocket. She spun the stake towards him, in a way that would make the stake puncture his heart. However, he clamped both his hands on the stake when it was just inches from his chest. “Close, but no heart”

Ildiko stood there, still, frozen with shock. That had never happened before in all her years as the slayer. She assumed fighting position as Korynthian charged at her. She kicked him in the stomach, booted him in the face and slammed his head against the wall. “You’re feisty” Korynthian said. “Feisty?” Ildiko asked. “Feisty this!” She went to kick him in the groin, but he grabbed her foot and pushed it up, making her fall on the floor. She jumped to her feet, and surged towards him. He blocked her punch to the face and hit her twice in the face. He then grabbed her, lifted her above his head and slammed her face first on the floor.

It took Ildiko a few seconds to recover from that. When she had, she jumped to her feet, but she could not see Korynthian anywhere. She looked around the room, and when she turned around, his face was inches from hers. He grabbed her neck and head before she could run. “So” he said, “This must be your stop, slayer. Goodnight.” He kissed her forehead, and then snapped her neck.

1985A.D. Liverpool, England

Kyra walked into the resource centre with blotches on her eyes & smudged eyeliner. It was quite obvious that she had been crying. “What’s wrong?” Asked Lydia. “Oh, nothing, really.” Kyra said. “Some girls were just giving me a hard time about… Something.” “Yes…” Lydia said. “Want to talk about it?” “Not really. Private.” Kyra said. “So… What did ya find out about our boy, Korynthydink?” “Korynthian. And, my research tells me that him and his army have travelled all over Europe, showing up in Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France-” “And now here.” Kyra interrupted. “Yes, and I’m afraid we have no way of finding out where he is stationed.” Lydia glumly reported. “What I do know is that a short while before he prepares to strike, a castle or a mansion mysteriously appears where he is going to strike. Then, after his attempt is thwarted, the castle/mansion is mysteriously demolished another appears in the place of his next strike.” “So…Look out for a castle,” Kyra said. “I think I know a place.”

“Ok… Ok, I’ve got a plan.” Kyra said, while pacing the resource centre floor, thinking. “Please,” Lydia said. “Share.” Kyra gave her a strained look, and then told her of the plan. “Ok, here’s what I think we should do. Lydia, could you dig up as much info as possible on Korynthian from your demon contacts?” “Sure,” Lydia replied. “Great. I’m planning on checking out a few locations for a castle or mansion, get a definite location of the army.” “Kyra” Lydia said “You’re not planning on fighting Korynthian tonight, are you?” “Of course not,” Kyra replied. “Tonight is strictly recon. I should still have time to patrol afterwards, I think it’ll be the first place I try.” “How are you going to get there?” Lydia asked. Meh, I suppose I’ll just walk.”


Kyra walked across the field, looking in all directions for a mansion of some sort. She thought about what she would do if she did find it. ‘How can I stop him,’ she thought, ‘when six other slayers couldn’t?’ Suddenly, she tripped over something. She got up, and looked to see what it was. It was a wire. She looked to the left, where the wire led to a utility pole. She looked to the right, and her eyes widened. There was a castle, it must have been fifty times bigger than her house. She approached it, and as she got closer, she could hear screaming, stomping, lots of noises. Then, she ran.

Kyra ran away from the castle, all the time not taking her eyes off of it. When she turned away, still running, she bumped into a man. It was Korynthian. He was tall, with long, brown hair and brown eyes. “I’m sorry,” She said. “No, It’s… it’s ok” He said. “What are you doing here anyway” “Oh, Nothing… I really should go home” She said, and walked away.

“You know, slayer.” Korynthian said. Kyra froze. “You’re prettier than the last one I killed.” She turned around, and saw that he had his fangs out. “You must be Korynthian” She said. “Oh, you’ve heard of me” he said. “Uhuh.” She said, and punched him in the face, sending him staggering backwards. “You’re strong” He said. He kicked her in the chest, sending her flying backwards onto the floor. “I’m stronger.”

Kyra jumped to her feet and walked to Korynthian. She punched him in the face, twice, and delivered a roundhouse kick to his head. She pulled out her stake and plunged it towards his chest, but he stopped her by grabbing her wrist. He squeezed so tight that she dropped her stake. He smiled.

He kicked her in the stomach, and, releasing her wrist, punched her with his newly freed hand. He kicked her in the face, then went to kick her in the shin. She jumped above his foot, and, while in the air, kicked him with both her feet. When she landed on the floor, he kicked her, then punched her and brought his fist back, hitting her with the back of his fist. He booted her in the stomach and punched her in the face, knocking her back a few feet. When she ran at him, he kicked her with his entire leg, tripping her up

From her vantage point of the floor, Kyra kicked Korynthian away from her. As he ran at her, she picked up a rock, which must have been about half the size of her, and threw it at him.

The rock that had just been thrown at him knocked Korynthian back a few feet, but he was still conscious. He got up, slowly, as he was clearly in pain, and began to back away from Kyra. “Later, slayer.” She said, and he turned around and ran. Kyra could’ve ran after him, should’ve ran after him, but didn’t. She was bruised, aching and sore in more places that she could count, so her instincts told her to run.

So she ran. She ran as fast as her bruised legs would painfully take her. She needs to tell Lydia where the castle is, that she fought Korynthian and lives to tell the tale. But for now, she just has to run. She was so lost in thought that she didn’t see the tree branch at her shins. She tripped over it, and fell forwards a few metres.

She lay there, face down on the floor. Her eyes were wide open, but she was unconscious. She had blood dripping down her face, and she wasn’t waking up any time soon. She wasn’t dead, but soon, she may well be.
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