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Chapter twenty six

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It does not go well with Harry Potter. In order to increase Harry's magical power, Dumbledore infects Harry and two girls with a disease. And his power surges.

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Beta reader for this chapter is Rebekah


Inventions (continued)

When dinner was finished, professor Dumbledore waved them over. Harry, Ginny, and Hermione came to the professor. "Ginny, your parents will arrive in several minutes. I want to speak to them first in private, and then I will call for you. I will use one of your charmed telephones to do that."

"Do you want Harry and Hermione to come as well, professor?"

"Yes, I would like to have them as well when we come to that stage. All of you please come when I call."

They went to the room of requirement. Entering the room, they saw red, plush sofas and a large fireplace. They sat down and silently waited for the telephone call.

"What shall we do when your parents start yelling at us?"

"Nothing will change between us."

"Do you want to tell them about the pregnancy, Ginny?" Harry asked.

"Not yet. Let us get them used to the first shock, and then we'll give them the second shock after a few months."

The trio was silent again.

The Ginny's phone rang; she listened and put it back into her robes. "Let's go, the professor wants us in his office."

They went silently to the professor's office. When they entered the room, they saw Mrs. and Mr. Weasley looking at Ginny, then at Harry and Hermione. They looked a bit down, as if they lost something.

"Ginny," Mrs. Weasley began, "I understand from professor Dumbledore that you suffer from the triplet curse ... and Harry and Hermione have the curse as well ... sniff ..."
Tears ran down from Mrs. Weasley's face. She stood up, and stormed to Ginny, embracing her in a warm hug. She looked over Ginny's shoulder to Harry and Hermione. She reached an arm to both of them and embraced them all. "Oh my dears, what has happened to you all? This is this terrible!"

Mr. Weasley stood up as well, tears in his eyes. "The least that we can do for you is embracing you three as our children. Ginny will never marry, and she will always stay with you, Harry and Hermione. Please honor my little girl, because she is my only daughter...."

Mr. Weasley started to cry as well.

Mrs. Weasley tried to hold her tears, but was not successful. Very soon, all of them were crying.

"Mum, dad, it is not as bad as it sounds. At least I do not feel so lonely any more. I am happy now; I never felt so happy in my life ... You know very well that I always felt so sad, but that feeling is gone."

Mrs. Weasley looked at her daughter. "But Ginny, you will never marry; Harry and Hermione are going to marry. You will always stay with Harry, and you need to share him with Hermione?"

"No mum, it's not like that. Hermione needs to share Harry with me as well. And I am as married to Harry as Hermione is. The only difference is that she will wear the ring and I will not."

Ginny swept the tears away with her hand. "If I am not with Harry and Hermione, I would feel terribly unhappy and very depressed. Therefore, in the current circumstance, it is better like this. I am sure that I am going to be very happy. "

Mrs. Weasley tried to smile, but failed. "Dad, mum, I want to go back to our dorm. Professor Dumbledore takes very good care of us. In addition, we have a job now. Harry and Hermione are busy helping me with the N.E.W.T.'s, and I hope that I can get them this year. That means that I will finish Hogwarts as student in June next year or maybe earlier, and I'll have a job at Hogwarts together with Harry and Hermione."

"Harry, Hermione, and Ginny, I want all of you to come to us at Christmas. Do not forget, because we are all expecting you."

They said their farewells to Mrs. and Mr. Weasley, and they left the office of professor Dumbledore.

"What will your brothers say about us?" Harry asked.

"They will probably shoot first, talk later," Ginny answered casually. Hermione smiled. When the trio arrived in their dorm, they all set to working on charming the telephones, which professor Snape had delivered earlier. Just before bedtime, they were finally finished. Hermione finished off the documentation, so that the people in the ministry could charm their own telephones and would not be dependent on them anymore. She also made copies for professors Snape and Dumbledore. They delivered the phones and documentation to the professors and went back to their dorm.

The next day at breakfast, they sat relaxing at the teachers table. Harry asked permission from professor Dumbledore if it was possible for Ginny to sit with them. He did not mind, and Ginny joined them at the table. Everyone in the great hall was watching them; whispers were heard even from the teachers table.

After the breakfast, the trio left the great hall to their research lab. In the afternoon, they had classes, and in the evening they relaxed in front of the fireplace and talked. "Do you mind if I talk with professor Lupin for some minutes alone?"

The girls looked stunned. "Why?"

"It's ... It's something ... you know ... private. Something between men to men ... you know, man talk," Harry stammered.

"Make it fast," Hermione answered with a high voice, looking confused and hurt. Harry ran out of the dorm and went to professor Lupin. He came back within ten minutes. The girls looked at Harry questioningly. "Why Harry? I thought that we don't have secrets anymore for each other!" Hermione said.

Harry looked very guilty. "Well, it is not a secret ... it is more like a surprise. You will find out within an hour what professors Lupin, Dumbledore, and I have discussed."

"What do you mean a surprise, and for whom?"

"The surprise is for you both, and I don't want to say more. You just need to wait until professor Lupin comes."

"And you said an hour?" Ginny asked.


Ginny and Hermione decided to play wizard chess, while Harry was walking back and forth in the dorm with his hands behind his back, staring at the floor. Ginny and Hermione, noticing this, were secretively smiling at each other.

Suddenly somebody was knocking on the door. Harry jumped to the door and there stood professor Lupin. He gave Harry a package and left immediately.

Harry closed and locked the door and turned back to the girls. He summoned a bottle of wine and three glasses, placed them on the coffee table, and invited the girls to sit. He poured wine in their glasses and smiled in anticipation.

Then Harry stood in front of the girls, who were looking amused to Harry. "Are you feeling well, Harry?" asked Ginny, smiling.

Harry said nothing, but instead kneeled down on one knee and opened his hand. In his hand was a small box ... he opened it and three rings were visible.

"Hermione and Ginny, will you marry me?"

Both girls gasped at Harry.

"Marry?" Ginny asked, looking at the rings in astonishment.

"These rings are a bond between the three of us. They symbolize the joining of our hearts and the coming together of our souls, and the rings are a promise of marriage. These are engagement rings."

Harry looked to his girls expectantly. Hermione and Ginny were staring at the box with rings.

"Yes," both said in union.

Harry took the first ring out of the box, and took Hermione's right hand. He placed the ring on Hermione's finger. He did the same with Ginny's right hand, and she got the ring on her finger. Both girls looked at their rings in astonishment. Harry took the last ring, and placed it on his finger of his right hand.

"Hermione and Ginny, please don't say anything yet, but close your eyes for a moment and give me your hands." The girls hesitated a bit, but closed their eyes and offered him their hands. Harry dropped six pairs of earrings in each hand. Three pairs were simple gold studs, but there were also a pair of tiny emerald earrings, a pair of small pearls, and a pair of odd-looking blue metal ones. Their eyes snapped open and looked wide-eyed. Hermione was still admiring her engagement ring, the second already. Ginny was in ecstasy. "Oh, this ring is so beautiful, Harry. This is really a surprise. Oh, what is this beauty, I never saw a more beautiful ring in my life, and those gold studs, and are these really emeralds?"

Harry looked relieved.

"I want to set the wedding date for Saturday over a week. I spoke with Dumbledore, and he agreed to marry us. He also agreed that we would only perform the wizard's marriage. The wizard marriage only consists of the connection charm, which binds us together."

Ginny looked confusedly at Harry. "Why only a wizard marriage?"

Hermione answered with a knowing smile. "In many cases when two people are marrying, they combine the wizard and muggle marriage. The muggle marriage is performed in the church, while the wizard marriage is actually only a connection charm and can be performed anywhere. A wizard marriage is always binding and it cannot be broken. Normally the binding charm is for two people, but it is very possible to perform the binding charm on three people."

Ginny still looked confused.

"That means Ginny, that you will be as much married to me as Hermione is," Harry said happily.

"But I thought that it is not allowed to marry two women, Harry?" Ginny exclaimed.

"That is correct, but only for muggle marriages, and we won't marry the muggle way. For the wizard world, we will be officially married. It is unusual, but not impossible."

Ginny jumped off of the sofa and jumped at Harry. She hugged him tightly and her face was shining with happiness. She turned to Hermione and hugged her as well. "So we will be married to the big, stunning, amazing Harry Potter. We will become Mrs. Potter, Hermione."

"Yes, Mrs. Potter. We will be married to the funny, cute Harry Potter with his nice, tight and sexy ass,' said Hermione, smiling.

"Oh, before I forget, I received and signed the papers for your vault, Ginny. For the weeks until our marriage, you share a vault of gold with me. You simply go the Gringotts bank and tell the manager who you are ... After we are married, you will own one third of all the stuff in all vaults. You will be very rich, and I feel like I am the richest man in the world with the two of you."

"I am going to owl mum with this news. She will be so happy," Ginny said, already searching for parchment and quill.

"Harry, who are we going to invite to the wedding. I assume that we will have a private and small wedding."

"Yes, I think it must be small, private, and romantic. I think about your parents, Ginny's family, the professors at Hogwarts and Sirius."

"I want also have Dean, Seamus, Lavender, Parvati, Neville, Padma, Susan, Katie and Luna at the wedding," Hermione said.

"And I want to have Colin and Helen BearShover at the wedding," Ginny said.

"Monday is Halloween, we can dance again", Ginny, said dreamily. I will be able to dance with my fiancée ... great!"

"Me too ... we only dance with Harry, Ginny. I cannot stand the idea of sharing him with someone else. We do not let Harry out of our eyes, before he comes again with surprises. He might get other ideas!"

"But Hermione, don't tell me that you did not like my surprise?"

"Don't make a habit out of it, Harry," snapped Hermione with a smile on her face.

Hermione looked with sudden renewed interest at Harry. "You two made love this afternoon, didn't you? Now it is my turn. We are already pregnant, so we had better make the best out of it."

The trio entered the great hall at Wednesday morning for breakfast. They sat down on their chairs, and the food appeared as usual on all tables. Professor Snape looked disgustedly at the golden trio and noticed the rings on their fingers. His eyes changed into slits, but said nothing; he looked instead at professor Dumbledore. Professor Dumbledore in the mean time also noticed the rings and smiled secretively. "Albus, this is disgusting. You cannot be letting Potter marry both girls, can you?"

"Well Severus, they are allowed to do that, as long they marry only under wizard law. There is no law which says that it is not allowed. Better, even minister Fudge knows it."

"But Albus look what it will do with the school and the damage it will cause when you allow them to marry. People will think very badly about this."

"I think that the damage can be kept under control. Maybe people need to get used to the idea, but with the right explanation to the public, they will understand and will accept in time."

Professor Snape was reluctant to work with Harry.

"Am I correct, and are you all three engaged to each other?"

"Yes professor, we are all three of us engaged with each other. It is better like this."

"But Potter, that is disgusting. Are you planning to build a harem? How can you marry two women at the same time? It looks unnatural. You are already too young to marry, and then two of them. What are their parents saying?"

"They do not know it yet."

"Well, good luck explaining it. I hope you survive the curses from Ginny's mother."

"I think that Mrs. and Mr. Weasley will go along with it; I even expect that they will be very happy. I am not sure about Hermione's parents, but I am sure they will get used to that."

"But why do you want to marry both of them. Why don't you marry in a conventional way, and let Ginny live with you both if you really have the urge to. At least it will not come out, and when they find out, this is more common and acceptable in the wizard's world."

"No, the triplet curse has doomed us to be together. Our feelings cannot be ignored, it will bring pain and hurt when we try to enforce a distance between each other; we might even die! And because we can not live without each other, then it is my responsibility to take responsibility. The curse is doing more damaging work. The curse is not only increasing the intensity of the feelings we have for each other, but it also increases the urges to make love. On top of that, the curse neutralizes all contraceptive potions and spells. Trying to ignore this is like a living hell. The information we found out several days after you told us about your research for the curse. You failed to mention or to discover the problem about conception spells. We discovered this truth only one day too late; with as result that Hermione and Ginny are both pregnant. The last was the trigger for me to propose to both of them."

The professor Snape's eyes widened a fraction and he stared at Harry. "You managed to get them both pregnant?"


"And they don't want to consider having an abortion?"

"No, they don't want to."

The professor was quiet for a long time, while working on the new spells.

"When do you want to marry?"

"Saturday over a week"


"Professor Snape, we are going to send invitations to all of the guests for the wedding after we have talked to the parents of the girls and I have talked with Sirius. But I would like to ask you personally. Would you like to come to our wedding?"

Professor Snape continued to work for some time.

"Yes, I think I would like that. Where do you plan to hold your wedding?"

"We will have the wedding at the Potter's castle."


Beta reader for this chapter is Rebekah
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