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Chapter twenty seven

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It does not go well with Harry Potter. In order to increase Harry's magical power, Dumbledore infects Harry and two girls with a disease. And his power surges.

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A/N: The beta reader for this chapter is Hayley


Inventions (continued)

During lunch Harry broke the subject about talking with the parents of Hermione and Ginny. "Girls, it is time to talk to your parents."

Hermione and Ginny looked amused to Harry. "I already have owled my parents with the breaking news, but without details. They will come to Hogwarts again after dinner. "

Ginny smiled happily, rubbing her ring. "My mum was so happy, that she has already sent me 8 owls with advice. She wants to help, to organize the wedding and to help us out. She does not know when the wedding is, though."

Hermione said nothing, and looked slightly worried. "I asked my mum and dad to come after dinner as well, but I have not told them anything yet."

She stared for a moment to her plate.

"I am afraid that they will not accept the idea of all of us marrying together and with each other, and I think that they will be disappointed that the previous wedding plans will be canceled. I am afraid that they demand a reason for doing so. I am also afraid that we need to tell them that we are pregnant."

Ginny looked worried. "Do you think that they will stop you from marrying? "

"They will not be able to, two days before the wedding I turn seventeen years old, and they will not be able to stop me anymore. We won't be marrying in the muggle world, so we will not be breaking any laws."

"Harry did you owl Sirius already? "

"Yes I did. He replied already and he will be here this afternoon. "

Professor Flitwick faced Harry. "Harry, I could not help overhearing your conversations, and I think you will have a very emotional day. But I am sure that you can manage everything that is lying ahead of you. But one word of advice .... Be patient with the adults. They are rather slow in the concept of something this unconventional, and they like to see the best for their children. Don't shock them by spitting out all the issues on the table at once, but let the news out easy and slowly."

"Thank you, professor Flitwick, I will take your advice to heart. "

Today's classes were only the 7th years. They were already working in workshops. Some of the groups worked in the classrooms in the research labs, others in the defense classroom. They were now at the level of researching their subjects without any supervision and they had done a good job up till now.

Harry was wandering around his tables in the lab. He was holding his new telephone prototype and thinking. He heard the door open and turned. There was Sirius with a worried expression on his face. They hugged warmly and Harry looked at Sirius. "Is something wrong, Sirius? "

"After your message I came immediately. Nothing is wrong with me, but I am here because you said it was important. Are you in trouble, Harry? "

Harry sat down. "Yes, I am in trouble ... or better we are in trouble ... the girls are both pregnant and we are going to marry in about a week. ". He thought about his conversation with professor Flitwick earlier that day. "I was supposed to break this to him slowly", he thought.

Shocked silence; both of them said anything.

Sirius was looking dreadful to Harry. "Is this a joke? "

"No, this is not a joke. "

At that moment Hermione and Ginny entered the classroom and sat next to Harry. "No Sirius, it is not a joke. The curse counteracts conception potions and spells, and we discovered this one day too late, with the result that we are pregnant. "

Harry turned to Sirius. "In this situation I took responsibility, and I asked them both to marry me. They accepted. Professor Dumbledore and Remus are already informed. "

"Did you say you are going to marry both of them? " His eyebrows went up until they almost disappeared from his face.

"You heard me. Yes, I am going to marry them both the same time. "

Sirius was looking to the hands of both girls. "You are already engaged ... "

"Yes, we are", she answered with a smile.

Sirius stood up and started to pace, his eyes on the ground, hands on the back and a worried expression on his face. "Harry, I know I did not do my duty as god father very well. We had never a talk about girls and what could happen when you don't look out ..."

"Sirius, please stop. I know all of that already ... or better Hermione knew of that in detail. But there was a kind of accident, and things were beyond knowledge. We used anti conceptive pills and even an anti conceptive charm, but they did not work. The curse is counteracting anti conceptive means, and the girls became pregnant. "

"You mean to say, that professor Dumbledore did not tell you anything? "

"Yes, he did, but only when it was too late. We had a weekend in the Potter's castle, and we were just starting to suspect that we had the magical triplet curse rather than the magical twin one. We were not sure at that point in time."

"And you slept with both of them, Harry? ", Sirius face in wonder.

"Yes". Harry looked to the floor, his face slightly red.

Slowly Sirius began to laugh. The trio looked in surprise at him. Sirius was laughing and laughing, it did not seem that he was able to stop. He felt back into the chair and doubled over from laughing. "This is the best I ever heard, it is amazing what you got your self into, ha, ha ... not even Voldemort could get you into so much trouble, Harry ... ha, ha, ha ... Many men have problems with their wives, but you take two them ... ha, ha! "

After a while Sirius calmed down. "I hope this is a prank, is it? "

"No, it is not a prank. "

"Well ... when exactly do you want to have your special wedding? "

"This coming Saturday week in Potter's castle. We want to marry with a selected number of guests. I hope that you haven't changed your mind about being my best man? "

"No of course not, Harry. I am your best man and I would not miss this wedding for all the money in the world. Do the parents of Hermione and Ginny already know? "

"Only Ginny's parents know, but not the Grangers. "

"When you will break them the news, please tell it slowly and easy. Don't let them get shocked like what you did to me. "

"Yes Sirius ... "

"If you don't mind, I will be present when you break it to them. Maybe I might assist and cool things down. "

"Thanks, I appreciate this. Can I have your blessing for our marriage, Sirius? "

"Is that so important for you, Harry? "

"Yes it is. "

"You have my blessing and my congratulations. I also wish you strength and luck, because you are going to need that a lot over the coming years. " He hugged Harry and the girls.

Sirius was laughing again. "I'm sorry, ladies, I can not help it. I need to talk to Remus. Bye! ". Sirius was leaving the room, still laughing.

"Now, that was reasonably easy, wasn't it? ", Ginny said.

Hermione looked somewhat depressed. "Harry, when we have the talk with my parents, can you be so sweet to break the news to them? I don't think I have the courage to do that now. "

"Yes Hermione, I will break the news to your parents. "

Dinner that evening was not as usual. None of the trio had any appetite and was playing with the food. They were unusual quiet. Professor Snape was sneering. "Did you all loose your tongue? It is much quieter on this table and it is about time the rest returned at Hogwarts teachers table. "

He peeped through his squeezed eyelids to Harry. Maybe you expect some visitors after dinner, Harry? Maybe you have to explain yourself to certain people? "

Severus, you don't help the situation at the moment. So please let it rest. "

A wide grin appeared on the face of Snape. "Yes, Albus, but I can not help myself wondering why the golden trio is so quiet. ". Professor Snape actually started to laugh. All teachers stopped eating and stared in wonderment to professor Snape. Nobody saw or heard professor Snape laughing before.

Professor Vector looked astonished. "But Severus, this is the first time I ever saw you laughing. Please tell me what the reason is? "

Professor Snape was quiet a moment, looked at professor Vector, then to Harry and started to laugh again, only this time even louder. Tears started to appear on his face, mumbled something and left the table in hurry, still laughing. Even the students started to note that professor Snape left the table in a hurry while laughing. This was prime-time for Hogwarts, professor Snape laughed! This was worth a note in the book 'Hogwarts, a History'.

Professor Vector turned to the trio and wondered about the sheepish expression on their faces. "Maybe you know the reason why Severus is laughing, Hermione? "

"No, professor, I have no idea", she replied quickly.

After dinner, Hermione and Ginny went to the office of professor Dumbledore. The Grangers' and Weasley's were arriving at the fireplace and they all walked to the dorm of the trio. In the mean while Sirius and professor Lupin already arrived. Even professor Snape came to the dorm. "What are you doing here, Severus", Sirius snapped at professor Snape.

"I came here to assist Harry and the girls, if you don't mind. And I don't care if you do, because I am staying here. I won't miss this for all the money in the world."

The Grangers and Weasleys entered the dorm, together with the girls and professor Dumbledore. Mrs. and Mr. Granger looked in wonder at all the professors. Mrs. Granger asked Hermione if there something was wrong. Hermione did not react immediately and looked helplessly at Harry.

Harry stood up from the sofa and looked around.

"Mr. and Mrs. Granger, I have something to tell you. "

He paused and looked them both in the face.

"We need to marry on Saturday week and not in December as was originally was planned. "

Mrs. Granger looked shocked and hurt. "Why? "

"You know that we suffer the curse. But we were wrong about what curse. The curse we are now believed to be suffering from is not the magical twin curse, but the magical triplet curse. "

"You mean that three people have the curse? "

"That is correct. Hermione, I and ... Ginny have the curse. "

Both Mr. and Mrs. Granger looked confused. "What does that mean? "

"That means that we are cursed to be together all of our lives. It also means that we are driven towards together with intense urges, extremely hard to fight, except when we are together. "

"But why are you moving the marriage date from Christmas to next week? "

"I answer you this in a moment. The curse also renders all anti conceptive pills you gave us unusable. "

Mr. and Mrs. Granger looked shocked beyond belief. "Oh my god, you are pregnant! "

"Well, Hermione and Ginny are pregnant. "

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley looked shocked as well and gasped.

Harry continued "It happened last weekend. We were wondering last Friday if we were actually suffering from the magical twin curse, because the symptoms we were experiencing did not match up with the curse definition. We wondered what was going on and started to search for a solution. We did not know in that moment of time of the existence of the magical triplet curse. We found out of its existence at Saturday, but then it was already too late. Mr. and Mrs. Granger, we took all precautions, we used the anti conceptive pills you have supplied, and we also used an anti conceptive charm to be doubly sure, but it did not help. The curse rendered it unsafe. We were not aware of this. When we learned of the curse at Saturday, we feared already that it might be too late. Professor Dumbledore informed us about the danger at Monday, but he was of course too late as well. We discovered that we were pregnant on Monday with Madame Pomfrey. "

"You mean to say that you could see that you are pregnant three days after the deed? ", wondered Mr. Granger.

"Yes, it is possible. "

Nobody spoke for a long time.

Professor Dumbledore spoke up. "Hermione, Ginny and Harry are the best students of Hogwarts. I have never seen Harry escaping or trying to escape his responsibilities. Within this difficult situation, we have an extra complication. What Harry, Hermione and Ginny have decided is to take responsibility and get married. "

Now the mouth of Mr. Granger dropped open. Mrs. Granger looked to be in a state of shock. Professor Dumbledore continued.

"In the wizard world, marriage is usually performed in a church and performing the binding charm on both of them. In the muggle world it is possible to be divorced, but not in the wizard world. The binding charms are binding for life, unless one of the partners dies. What Harry, Hermione and Ginny are talking about is not a marriage in a church, but a marriage only with the binding charms. That means that for the law of the ministry of magic, they are married, but for the muggle world they are not. And what is unusual in the case of Harry, Hermione and Ginny is that they want to marry with each other. It is possible to marry more than one person by wizard law. In the muggle world, this is forbidden. That is the reason why Harry, Hermione and Ginny only want to marry by wizard law, they have no other choice."

The professor sat down on his sofa.

Again silence.

"Ginevra Weasley, it is good that you are getting married in this situation, because to have a child outside the marriage bond is a crime in my eyes. ". Mrs. Weasley's eyes were blazing, yellow lights were winkling.

"Mr. and Mrs. Granger, we are shocked beyond belief as well, but with this situation I think it is the best and only thing that they can do. The children will carry the father's name and will belong to a family. Thank Merlin he is at least able to support them. "

She paused and looked threatening to the trio.

"When is the wedding? "

"The wedding will be Saturday week at Potter's castle. "

"Who do you want to invite to the wedding? ", Hermione.

"My parents, Ginny's parents and family, the teachers at Hogwarts, Sirius and some students we would like to invite at the wedding. "

Harry saw that Mr. Granger started to become angry. "Harry, could you not use rubbers? Or better, could you not stay away from Hermione? "

Before Harry could reply, Sirius held his hand up. "I think that we are beyond blaming here, because it is of no use. I heard this story this afternoon from the trio, and I can say I was not pleased to hear about the situation. If you want to blame, then we could better blame ourselves, because we let them be together without proper supervision and without proper explanations. We were the ones who let this happen and now it is out of our control. "

Sirius stood up, and looked intently at Mr. Granger. "There is the other issue which is not mentioned here. And that is the issue of happiness."

He turned to face the trio. "Do you want to marry each other? Do you think that you will be happy to be married? "

Harry, Hermione, and Ginny stood up with the heads proudly up. "Yes, we are", they said together. "In that case I have nothing to add and let them marry. Let's take the situation as it is, and try to get as much as possible out of it. ". Sirius sat down.

Professor Snape stood up. "For the common interest we all have here, I think that Sirius is right for the chance. The fact that both girls are pregnant, the only decent thing to do is to let them marry. About the blaming thing ... I think that everyone knows who I blame. But that he decides to marry both girls, he will be punished enough, I imagine. "

He grimaced and sat down.

Professor Lupin stood up and held his hand up. "I am not as gloomy as Severus is. I think that Harry, Hermione, and Ginny will become the trio of the century. They will be happy, and give a lot to the magical community, they will be known as the golden trio. Even at this moment, they already cause global changes with their inventions, which nobody has ever done before in the last thousand of years. I think that they will be so happy; people will write books about them. Let us bury the current problems and get on with the future. ". He sat down.

Everyone remained silent for a while.

Now Hermione stood up from her chair. "We have heard you all. What we three have is a curse, which we can't fight, maybe only to kill ourselves we might, but I even doubt that. You all are sitting here to pass judgment on us, while you are all to blame yourselves. If you had researched the curse before we could be together, as good parents and adults are supposed to do, then we would not be pregnant. But that did not happen and you let us continue to live as we saw fit. We found out too late what you should have discovered and protected us from. We are supposed to be children for Merlin sake, not adults. "

Hermione's eyes started to become intense; she became angry. "In all honesty, I don't care if you approve or not. We are going to marry, with or without your consent, and I truly do not want to hear from all of you if you approve or not. I do not care if you are angry with me or not. If you don't approve, please leave us in peace or receive my wrath. "

Everyone could feel the magic around Hermione as an aura enveloping her. Harry and Ginny joined her; sharp noises of static electricity crackled in the room, the fire of the candles started to burn less. Hermione's eyes were burning from energy. Mum and dad, if you try to get me separated from Harry and Ginny, or Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, if you try to separate Ginny from us, I WILL NOT LIKE THAT, AND YOU WILL FEEL MY WRATH! "

The flames of all candles went out; the only source of light was the soft radiation around the trio and the yellow flaming eyes of Hermione, the green eyes of Harry and the red light of Ginny's eyes. Harry placed his hand on the shoulder of Hermione to let her cool down. The result was immediately visible, Hermione calmed down. Harry waved his hand and the candles were burning again. But the strong feeling of enormous powerful magic was still noticeable by everyone. Soft noises of static electricity crackling around the room were still easy to hear. Their power of magic would be easily enough to tear the castle Hogwarts into pieces.

There was fear in the eyes from Mr. Granger. Mrs. Granger stood up slowly and looked hesitating to Hermione. "Hermione my love, I think you deserve to be happy. If you want to marry, you have my blessing, and I want to hold my grandchild in my arms in June. Now I also have a son in law, and I have confidence in him. And I learned today that I have also a daughter in law. Life is so unpredictable. We will get to know my daughter in law as fast as possible. There is nothing on earth I will allow to hurt my children ". She sat down, looking to her husband.

Mr. Granger looked hesitating to Hermione. "I agree with your mother, Hermione. I am sorry."

Now was everyone quiet again.

The crackling of the magic slowly disappeared, and the trio calmed down totally.

"I have learned never to start a fight with them, their magic is the most powerful I have ever seen", Sirius said.

Harry stood up. "I hope you don't mind, we want to go to bed. "

Professor Snape sneered, and that was a very stupid thing to do. Immediately a sphere of white fire appeared in the air before the professor, floating one inch in front of his nose. "One sneer, one word, one sarcastic word, your existence will end here ", Hermione said quietly to the professor, who was floating behind the sphere. Nobody saw how Hermione was able to move so quickly from the place of the sofa to floating in front pf the professor Snape. Hermione's eyes were burning with rage, her hair was flying in all directions; her skin was shining because of the burning sphere. Nobody moved and all were looking to the professor.

Sirius cracked up in laughter. "Now Snape gets what he has deserved for a long time. "

"You don't understand it", Hermione groaned. "One movement, one word of Snape, and he will be burned ... I never want to hear a sarcastic word from you, Snape. Never ever sneer at Harry, Ginny, or me ever again, or you will feel my wrath without warning. You will be dead on the spot. "

Hermione landed to the ground and the sphere disappeared with a snap. Everybody noticed that the candles had gone out again. With a flick of Harry's hand, the candles were burning again. That flick of Harry's hand was already enough to feel his enormous magical power, a very clear sign that he was very upset. "Professor Snape, please control your tongue in the future. I wish you a good night. "

With that, the trio went to their bedroom and closed the door.

"Oh, what idiots they are ", Hermione exclaimed. She went to their bed and sat down. "What happens now? "

Harry looked with a smile in his face to her. "Nothing, everything goes as it is supposed to go. "

There was knocking on their door. Harry opened the door and Mrs. Weasley looked at him.

"Please, come in Mrs. Weasley."

Mrs. Weasley came in, walked straight to Hermione, and enveloped her in a motherly hug. "It's OK, my dear. I understand. Please have some patience with your father, because he is very upset. "

Again there was knocking on the door and professor Dumbledore came in. "My children, Hermione was right. We failed to do our duty and you are stuck with the problems. I hope you can forgive us all. You need to know that we as adults make many mistakes and we take things for granted. It is not an excuse for what happened or didn't happen, but I hope you understand."

Hermione came to the professor and hugged him. "You are like a grandfather to me, professor. There is nothing to forgive. I think I went too far with my reaction in the common room. I am truly sorry, because it was not necessary what I did."

"Look my child. Your parents are still in the common room. Why don't all three of you go to them and see what you can do for them. They are very upset. "

Hermione hesitated for a moment, nodded and took the hands of Harry and Ginny. They went all three of them to the common room, where Hermione's parents were waiting.

Later that evening, a much happier Hermione drank the last tea for the day. "Ginny, I am happy that your parents took it so well. Your mother seems to be very happy. "

Ginny laughed. "You bet she is. She had always the dream that Harry and I would get together and in the end that we would marry and have a lot of little Harry's running around in the burrow. When you two were together, she was upset. Now her dream has come true, only with a little twist, but she does not want to complain, so she is happy. "

"Your father is truly a gentleman, such a tender and sweet man. He is very understanding and open-minded; you can't say this for my father, even though he changed his mind later. "

"But you can say what ever you want, Hermione, at the end everything was more than alright, wasn't it? Your parents went home to the burrow to help plan the wedding; they are even going to stay at the burrow from Sunday until the wedding. "

"Yes they do, amazing. "

Suddenly Harry sat up straight in his chair, looking astonished, realization kicked suddenly in.

"I'm going to be a dad! I am going to be a dad, a father, a papa, a daddy! Oh my god, I don't know how to be a dad ... Will I be any good at it? It is not like playing Quidditch. Will it just come naturally? ... I never knew my father. I never learned how to be a dad. I am seventeen years old and I am going to be a dad. I am rambling, I know. I am just in such shock right now. "

Harry looked at Hermione who was laughing. "Why is she laughing? Is the prospect of having his baby that funny? "

Harry pulled Hermione and Ginny into an embrace. His heart was overflowing with love for them. He was overwhelmed. He just wanted to lay there all day with them, and make love.

Hermione and Ginny looked at him astonished. "Do you mean to say that you only realize now that you are going to be a dad? ", Ginny exclaimed.

"They can't help it, because men are testosterone-driven. And that means that certain facts will only appear somewhere in their heads after several seconds, days or even months ", Hermione teased.

Harry looked sheepishly to the girls. "I can't help it. I guess the news never reached all parts of my brain, like Hermione said, but now it has ... LET ME TOUCH YOUR BELLY'S".

Harry was raining kisses down their chests and stomachs. He kissed their abdomen, pouring his love through his lips and into their skins. His babies were in there. My babies ... Our babies ... He whispered an "I love you all," to his unborn children. He knew they could not hear him right now, but he couldn't help it. His babies were in there, growing.

He wrapped his arms around their waists and laid his head over Hermione's womb, while stroking the womb of Ginny very slowly. Tears were prickling his eyes. Hermione's fingers were running through his hair. This seemed so domestic, but immensely intimate at the same time. He could stay like this all day, holding his girls and his babies.

After a few moments, he looked up to see her beautiful face, brown eyes gazing deeply into his. He crawled up and found her mouth with his.

"I love you so much, Hermione," he whispered against her lips. She repeated his words. There was so much emotion behind her eyes as she pulled him to her.


A/N: The beta reader for this chapter is Hayley
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