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Chapter twenty eight

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It does not go well with Harry Potter. In order to increase Harry's magical power, Dumbledore infects Harry and two girls with a disease. And his power surges.

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Inventions (continued)


A/N: Beta reader for this chapter is ICE


Thursday and Friday went by very fast. They spent a lot of time in their research lab setting up projects and working on the advanced message spells together with Professor Snape.

Professor Snape finished his potion labs. He divided his lab in three sections, which he had secured very thoroughly. In principle everyone had access to the first section, the second only by a selected few and the third only the professor himself. He held his first classes with the 7th years already in his classroom in the research lab. He assigned them projects for research.

Ginny was busy with the review and the work for her N.E.W.T.'s. She got permission from Minister Fudge to have the exams in January at the ministry and she could learn to Apparate and get her exam as soon as she was ready. Harry and Hermione were helping with whatever they could.

Hermione was building a lot of quizzes for Ginny, and Ginny used them intensely for her studies. Harry took over all the practical training and was busy many times training on the roof of the Gryffindor tower. Ginny was trying out spell development herself. She took Harry's books for the classes in Practical Magic Theory and started to read. She was very interested in the theory of spells and how to create them, and even managed to create some funny spells and to change some existing ones. "Wait till I tell Fred and George, because this knowledge would be perfect for one of their jokes. "

Hermione was also busy with a research project to develop the magical smart phone. She had already managed to create a magical buffer, where it was possible to keep data. The data could be searched for and could be changed. She also managed to create an extra type of buffer, where the data could not be changed, unless it was with a password. Now she was experimenting in ways to show the data. She managed to show it in a small sphere, where text and images became visible, but the quality of the display was a little fuzzy.

Harry and Professor Snape managed to finish several message spells which were very useful. They managed to create a spell that made it possible to send an alarm to several people, when a door was opened or an object like a vase was moved. Harry was now working on a message spell, which could work over a distance of 10 miles. The spell was bi-directional; they could talk like with a telephone.

Saturday morning during breakfast Ginny faced Harry and Hermione. "I managed to create a totally new spell, which might be very useful in a battle situation against Death Eaters."

Harry, Hermione and professor Snape looked up. Professor Snape had never liked the idea that Ginny was joining them at the teachers table. "I would like to test the new spell on the Quidditch field this morning. "

"What spell did you develop, Ginny? ", Harry asked.

"You will see. "

Later that morning they went to the Quidditch field and Ginny made herself ready to demonstrate her new spell. "AQUA CONCIDO"

The Quidditch changed into a swamp. She took stones and threw them into the swamp.

Ginny took a stone, and transformed it in a rubber duck. She threw the rubber duck into the swamp. "Let's assume this is the enemy."

"Aqua abstergo"

The water in the swamp disappeared, but the rubber duck was pulverized into powder.

"That is my first spell. It is in case large groups of death eaters arrive here at Hogwarts. If we see them coming, we can ensure they do not survive that ordeal. "

Professor Snape looked strange to Ginny. "Remind me never to have words with you. ". He turned to Hermione. "I want to apologize for my sneering remarks I made in your dorm last week. It will not happen again. "

With this, he bowed and went back to the castle.

"Let's go to our dorm and relax. "

"You are right, Hermione, I want to take a bath", Ginny said. She restored the Quidditch field and went with them to the dorm.

Ginny was in the bathroom, while Harry and Hermione were relaxing in bed. Hermione leaned down kissed his lips softly, nipping at his bottom lip before sliding her tongue into his mouth. She felt his fingers get lost in her hair as he returned the kiss with just as much passion and urgency as she. She moved her mouth down his neck, taking her time to kiss every inch of his skin, as she traveled down her body. She flicked a tongue across one of his nipples and smiled to herself when Harry let out a throaty moan.

She was killing him. Torturing him with her full mouth and velvety tongue. "Hermione," he pleaded as he lifted his hips. "Please..."

Feeling that she had tortured him enough, she finally moved her mouth until it was inches above his erection. Her eyes flickered up to his as she ran a finger down his shaft and enjoyed watching him groan and thrash just over one simple touch. She flicked out her tongue, swirling the tip before she slowly took him in her mouth.

"Ah, sweet, sweet Merlin, sweetest of all," Harry sighed when she took him in slowly inch-by-inch. He clenched the sheets with his fists, as he could not look anywhere. She was good at it, almost too good, and if she did not stop now the night would be over excessively soon. "Hermione" He gripped handfuls of her hair and gently tugged until she had no choice but to pull away.

Hermione frowned as she let him pull her up to his face. "I was hardly done, Harry."

Harry groaned and brought her head down for a long hard kiss, leaving them both breathless.

"If you hadn't stopped, I would have lost it."

"That's generally the idea, Harry," she said with a giggle and nipped at his chin.

Harry rolled her on her back so now he was nestled between her legs. "I want to be inside you when I cum." He ran kisses all along her face, then her lips, pouring all his feelings and emotions into it. "I don't think I can wait another second."

"Yes," she sighed wrapping her long limbs around him. "I want you inside me."

"Hermione," he groaned and then slid into her in one smooth thrust of his hips. He buried his face in her throat, keeping as still as he could while he concentrated on the feel of her surrounding him. She fit like a glove, as if she were made for him.

She wrapped her legs tighter around him, then lifted her hips up to his, urging him to move.

"Harry, please..."

With a groan, he crushed his mouth to hers and then started a slow and steady pace. Their hands found each other and linked as Harry lifted them to the iron headboard. Together they held on as they met each other, thrust for thrust, riding that glorious rush that sent them higher and higher. Harry's mouth found one of her breasts, never breaking the rhythm, and Hermione cried out in pleasure.

"Faster, Harry," she groaned as she arched her neck, looking at the mirror. She watched Harry pump into her repeatedly, faster and faster, and she was more aroused than she ever expected. With that, her orgasm swept through her, causing her to gasp and shake violently beneath him as she came long and hard.

Harry groaned as he emptied himself inside her after one more hard thrust. He collapsed on top of her as his breaths were ragged and his heart beat frantically against his chest. Their fingers that were clenching the rails became limp and Hermione lazily warped her arms around him.

Ginny came into the bedroom, her hair still wet from the shower, only wearing a towel. "Is there something left over, Hermione? " Hermione looked at Harry. "I think there is enough for us for several rounds!"

"What! What rounds," exclaimed Harry, his eyes became wider. He pulled himself up on the pillow.

"Lie down on your stomach ", Ginny told him.

Harry did as he was told. Ginny reached down and pulled off towel leaving only her silk knickers. She massaged his neck and back. She would lean far forward to massage his shoulders being sure to caress his back with her breasts.

Harry felt her soft breasts against his back and he could feel her weight as it became uncomfortable to lie on his stomach as his excitement grew. He could hear her breath as she moved her hands to his knotted shoulders each time she brushed her breasts against him. "Harry, are you okay?" she asked. He could only nod.

"Okay, on your back." She sat down on his crotch as soon as he had turned over, moving her hands lightly over his chest and nipples. "I had a dream of sitting with you like this when I was fifteen, and that dream repeated it self many times, always the same." She moved slowly and rhythmically over his crotch using the advantage from her knees.

Harry's heart was pounding. He reached for the back of her neck as he pushed himself to the sitting position with the other hand and kissed her as deeply as he could. Ginny deepened their kiss as he felt her moan into his mouth. Harry's hands moved to her backside as he helped her move slowly, lifting her slightly, and then letting her weight press down on him again.

"Ginny, why are we playing at this and denying ourselves?" He said breathlessly in her ear.

"Harry," said Ginny nearly unable to speak as her breathing finally caught up.

She held Harry tight as he lifted her behind with his hands and bent his legs slightly. He gently moved forward rocking Ginny to her back on that beautiful bearskin rug.

Ginny kissed his bare chest. She knew he would stop if she asked. Harry kissed her neck and slowly moved to his mouth to her nipples.

A fire hotter than she had ever known grew in her belly as he gently nibbled at her breasts and nipples circling them with his tongue. "I'm going to kiss you like this all the way to your feet." Ginny could hear him breathing hard as he took a deep breath and looked in her eyes. He had her legs straddled against him.

Harry moved to the other nipple and began the same wonderful sensations growing in her again. She felt helpless in his grasp. His mouth moved to her stomach and lower as she felt the open air and a hand inside her panties. They had managed to create such intimacy through their clothes that one time before, but this was beyond her dreams. His fingers touched off ripples of pleasure.

Harry had tasted the sweetness of her all the way to past her bellybutton to her toes; he looked at her not quite sure what to do next. She was naked in front of him, trusting his every instinct, and massaging his arms as he held himself up. "Ginny?"

"I love you, Harry. I want you." He moved lower and kissed her. She held back the moan of pleasure as best she could, but realized she was robbing herself of the pleasure denying her emotion and physical reactions. She could feel the ripples in her tummy growing as he continued. His hand reached for her breast. She took his hand and put his fingers to her lips as he continued. Finally, as the waves of pleasure passed over her she pulled Harry's arm to indicate for him to sit up.

She looked at him exposed; touched him and felt his manhood warm and hard.

He lowered himself on top of her. Her softness gave Harry a feeling of butterflies in his stomach and gave him the urge to move quickly, but as he did he felt the barrier he had forgotten would be there. He penetrated her and Ginny grasped his bum, pulled him in further, and ground herself into him.

Harry could feel the warmth of her womanhood enveloping him. He moved slowly realizing that he too was beyond his ability to restrain himself. She urged him to move faster as she squeezed him. He thought, `How could she know to do that.' The rhythm of their bodies continued for as long as they could bear. Finally, Harry's face grew taut and he convulsed in pleasure as tried to move away. She held him there wanting to feel the power of his orgasm inside her.

After a moment or two of silence, Ginny kissed Harry.

They lay all on the bed, Harry between Hermione and Ginny.

"I still feel amazed, we are going to be parents! ", Harry said happily. "Let's see, you girls are due in June ... I think it is a good idea to move to the Potter's castle after our marriage. What do you think? "

"I'd love to do that, our own house, no dorm; no unexpected visitors anymore; long live the privacy and our own place ... a castle! Who would dream something like that! ". Hermione sighted happily.

Ginny stirred next to Harry. Her left leg was on Harry's abdomen. "We need to prepare rooms for the children, and get furniture ... and paint its walls and we need to buy clothes, and toys and Merlin's sake what more. "

"We need to buy books about raising children and how to handle babies. "

"I will stand up when the babies cry at night. And I want to feed them as well. "

"But Harry, you don't have breasts to feed them! "

"We make bottles"

"No bottles for our children, only breast feeding. "

"Can I taste breast milk too? "

"You are a pervert, Harry! "

"Yes, I know, I love it. When it is wrong, then let me burn in hell, but I still want to taste ... I love you both, my heart burst because of it ... I am so happy. "

"Sleep well, loves of my life ... "

"Harry? "

"Yes Hermione? "

"Do you think that we are weird by marrying three of us? "

"No, I don't think so. "

"Maybe a bit bizarre", Ginny replied.

"Better bizarre and loved than not", Harry replied.

"That is true. "

"Good night"

"Sleep well"

"Dream about me?"

"We do"

"Can I fire that awful Mr. and Mrs. Goodhart? "

"Yes, you can."

The trio spent Sunday in their research labs with excellent results. Harry, Hermione and Ginny were in seventh heaven. "We have managed to complete the phones now. The organizers are working well with the phones and the range is now several hundreds of miles, enough to cover all of Britain. Now we need to test them correctly. "

Harry looked satisfied. "I will owl Sirius a phone, and we can test it. I have an idea. Let's organize a small demonstration for the professors tonight and at least they are happy as well. "

"Yes, I like that ", Hermione said.

"What do you want for your birthday, Hermione? "

"I have everything I want, Ginny. I have you and Harry and that is enough. I have even more than I asked for, now I have also a son coming in June. "

She was fingering her ring. "And I love the idea to move to our house. I can't tell you how happy I am to have a house of our own; a place to live that we can say it is ours. And such a beautiful place it is. I want horses, and I want to take care for them, I want to change a lot of things in the castle, like the curtains and carpets. I want to take a more detailed look in the library and see what is there exactly. I want to shop for new books. I am so happy. "

Ginny sighted. "Me too, I want to change the blankets, the curtains; I want to see more colors in the castle. Did you see the windows in the library? They are so beautiful ... when do we choose the rooms for the babies? Shall we all let them sleep in the same baby room or shall we have separate rooms? Can you imagine that we have suddenly three babies! "

"Do you think that we need a maid for the babies? ", Harry asked.

"I think that the elves will be able to baby-sit. ", Hermione answered.

"We have four house elves in the Potter's castle. We have Batum and Bana, and we have two elf-girls Sinny and Ninny. Ninny is the youngest house elf and she is perfect for our babies. "

"I can't wait! ", Ginny said.

"I think that I know the perfect gift for Hermione. ", Harry said.

"And what gift do you have in mind, Harry? ", Hermione asked.

"That is a surprise for you, wait and see until Wednesday. "

That afternoon Harry was talking to Sirius, who was in Edinburgh at that moment. "He loves the phone and he loves the ability to talk to us. He cannot wait until professor Lupin has a phone as well. ", Harry said to Hermione and Ginny. " He sends you his love. "

The first professors were entering the laboratory at that moment. Even Madam Pomfrey came with the professors. When all professors were seated, Harry held up a flat device. "This is our newest and complete magical smart phone. The range of this phone covers England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. This device is a phone, a calendar, an address book, note taker and a to-do list."

He handed the phone to professor Lupin. "Professor Lupin, this phone is yours now. Please hold your phone and speak clearly the name of Sirius. "

Professor Lupin took the phone in his hand, admired the colors (green and red), and spoke out the name of Sirius. The phone zoomed and flashed, and suddenly he heard the voice of Sirius through the phone. "Sirius, is that you? "

"Yes, I am here, old boy. This is the demonstration that Harry told me about. "

"Yes it is old chap. It works perfectly. Where are you? "

"I am in Edinburgh at the moment! "

Harry came over to Lupin and took the phone. "Sirius, thanks for the demonstration, I will hand over the phones to everyone and tonight you can talk to whom ever you want. I will speak to you later. Bye. "

He turned to the group of astonished professors. "This is the product of a lot of work by professor Snape, Hermione and Ginny. " They managed to finalize the phone, Hermione developed the organizer, and I combined both telephone and organizer into one. And the result is the magical smart phone. I have here magical smart phones for every one and you are the first ones to use them. "

Harry continued to demonstrate the organizer to the professors. Everyone got a smart phone and was busily playing with them. Harry, Hermione, and Ginny were walking through the group of playing professors and helped some of them with the phone and organizer.

"There is one other function, which is truly excellent for people who are sitting in libraries and using a lot of books for their work. This function is a bookmark organizer. You point your organizer at a book and press the blue, square button. The organizer will remember the book and the page number and this information will be stored in the bookmark organizer. "

This was something Hermione had developed now she was researching advanced spells for her organizer functions. She used the bookmark organizer immediately.

"I personally love this function, and I can't work without this anymore. "

"What is the capacity of this organizer, Hermione? ", professor Lupin asked.

"You can store five hundred million letters or tokens in the magical smart phone, professor. "

"Does that mean that I can add five hundred million addresses in this thing? ", asked professor Sprout.

"No professor, it means that you can store maximum five hundred million letters in the smart phone, all addresses, appointments, notes, bookmarks and more together ", Hermione answered courteously.

"We will work on a model with a bigger capacity. This smart phone works according the same principles as the muggle smart phone. "

When the demonstration was over, the professors started to leave the room. Harry was looking for professor Dumbledore. "Professor, can we have a word with you? "

"Yes of course, Harry, gladly. "

"Professor, after our wedding we would like to move to Potter's castle if that is alright with you. "

Of course Harry, I would not expect differently. "

"Then I have one issue, and that is the birthday of Hermione. We would like to invite you to celebrate her birthday at Wednesday evening at Potter's castle. "

"I am glad to come to her birthday. Do you have an idea for a present? "

"Books and books"

"Have a good evening to you all."

Hermione was still busy cleaning the mess and making order in the room. Ginny went quietly to Harry. "What gift shall we give to Hermione, Harry? "

"We will give her a horse. I asked Sirius to get one, because I have no idea which one. "

"I think that it is an excellent idea. "

"What do you give her, Ginny? "

"I want to give her a real muggle stereo music center, where she can listen to any type of music. This installation is especially charmed, so it will receive wizarding wireless radio, which is her favorite station. "


Hermione stirred awake. Oh Merlin, it is Wednesday, my cursed birthday. She always hated her own birthdays, because she remembered that she had never friends and there was nobody to invite then only her grand mother. But the good thing for this birthday is that she had friends, and that she is 17 years old ... her eyes snapped open ... "I AM SEVENTEEN AND I AM ADULT!", she screamed happily.

She jumped out of bed, in the mean while using Harry's head as trampoline, pushing it deep in the pillow, her left hand using his body as a base to push herself up.

"AAAAAAAAAH", Harry yelped. That was my abdomen ... watch out! "

"But I am seventeen today, Harry! Kiss me! "

Harry was mumbling. "Castrated more likely"

Ginny was looking to the scene and laughed.

Hermione jumped straight at Harry, who fell back to the bed with Hermione on top. "I am seventeen, yippee! Where are my presents? "

"If you get off me, we will organize your presents. "

Hermione quickly rolled from Harry. "I am waiting, Harry James Potter. "

Harry smiled. He waved his hand and a table with only one photograph on it of a horse. Hermione looked to the table and hesitated. "What ... what is th ... that? "

"That is a photograph of a horse. This is a photo and the original is waiting at Potter's castle after we are married. "

Hermione looked amazed to Harry and Ginny. "Whose idea is this? "

Ginny pointed to Harry. "His idea"

Hermione took Harry in a hug. "Thank you", she exclaimed happily. It is so beautiful, and this horse is only for me? "

"Yes, only for you, nobody else. "

"Does he have a name? "

"It is a she, and yes, she has a name. Her name is Flash. "

"Flash ... Her name is Flash because she is fast? "

"Something like that, but you will find out very soon why she is called flash. "

"You mean she is dangerous? "

"No of course not, Hermione, how can you think that she is dangerous? "

Harry waved his hand again and a large breakfast appeared in their bedroom. "Wow, this is room service! ", Hermione yelled. "Attack! "

Harry was looking to his girls, who were eating with great passion.

"Where do you want to go on honeymoon? ", he asked innocently.

The girls stopped eating and looked at him confused.

"What do you mean, honeymoon? "

"Hermione, we are going to have a wedding and with the wedding belongs a honeymoon. "

Ginny whispered "Hawaii"

Hermione whispered "Tahiti"

Harry smiled to his girls. "We will leave the 26th of December and stay seven days away for our honeymoon. We will go first to Hawaii and then Tahiti. We divide the time into two; three days in Hawaii and three days in Tahiti. The extra day is filled only with travel. I will not say anything more about our honeymoon; everything from this point is a surprise. "

Harry was waiting for the response of the girls. Both looked very happy, but expectantly. "If you still want to sleep with us, maybe you might tell us more about the honeymoon", Ginny said with a high voice.

"That is right. So not, then you can always choose one of the rooms here in the castle. "

"I will not give in!" Harry exclaimed alarmed. "It is a surprise, and not only that, at this moment I don't know anything, because I still need to arrange it. Now our wedding ... our wedding is at the coming Saturday four o'clock in the afternoon, and we have a small reception after that. Our wedding will be at Potter's castle. When the guests have left, we will stay in our castle. For this, we need to move all our stuff out of Hogwarts on Saturday morning; we will not come back to live. Ginny, I talked with professor Dumbledore about your apparition test. You will have the exam tomorrow morning outside the castle. And that means that we are all independent; we can travel the way how and where we like. We are able to apparate to work, home and also to our honeymoon. "

Harry waved again with his hand, and a large box with small wrapped presents appeared in front of the bed. "Hermione, here are the rest of your presents. "

Ginny took her want, waved and mumbled something; in front of their bed appeared a big box. "Hermione, this is also for you. "

Hermione immediately attacked the presents. "From whom are all these presents? "

"Those gifts are from Harry and me, Hermione. "

After an hour all presents were unwrapped and Hermione looked like a little girl. "I never had so many gifts for my birthday ever. Oh thank you all. "

She hugged Harry and Ginny tightly.

She was looking to the stereo installation and the many CD's she got from Ginny.

"Harry was in the meantime finishing the breakfast. "That breakfast in bed was great, Hermione. "

"Harry, I am hungry, because I could hardly eat! I was busy to unwrap my presents; how could you finish everything?"

"Let's go to the great hall and see if there is something left over of their breakfast, otherwise we go to the kitchen. "

They started to dress themselves. Suddenly Harry held up his hand.

"Wait, tonight there is a surprise party for you, Hermione ... when you enter the dorm tonight at eight, everybody is waiting for you. "

"But Harry, that is not a surprise party, it is a party. You spoiled the surprise, but I am very happy with my party anyhow, thanks you so much. "

That evening, the trio walked back from professor Snape's meeting. They talked about the new spells that Ginny had developed. Professor Snape was very interested in learning more about her spells. And professor Snape was explaining the trio about elementary magic and was discussing ways to teach them at Hogwarts. The purpose was that Harry and Ginny would recover this ancient magic from old and damaged books, while Hermione would document and write lesson-material for Hogwarts.

It was almost eight o'clock in the evening and Hermione pushed the door open to enter their dorm. Instead opening the door, Hermione was transported to the Potter's castle in the middle of the ballroom, where all her friends, teachers, many students, and parents were waiting. "SURPRISE"

Harry and Ginny arrived several seconds later via the same port key.

After the blasting start of the surprise party, Hermione was in heaven. She got many presents, her parents were so happy for her and supportive and understanding, all of her friends from Gryffindor were at the party, and of course all of the Weasley clan was present as well. The biggest present came later that evening. Harry and Ginny charmed a big teddy bear bigger, and it was able to talk and to walk, and changed its color into light blue. What Ginny did not know was that Harry charmed two extra bears the same, only the color was different. He changed the colors into pink.

Harry and Ginny wrapped Hermione's teddy bear into nice looking present paper charmed it into the ball room. Harry charmed his two extra teddy bears in the ballroom as well, except they were behind the back of Ginny. When Hermione was unwrapping the teddy bear, Harry looked at Ginny and pointed behind her back. Ginny turned and was surprised to see two big packages. "Those two are yours, Ginny. Please open them. "

Ginny removed the paper and looked to her two teddy bears, while Hermione was admiring hers. "The only thing what is missing on the teddy bears are the names of the little ones. Who has any ideas? ", he said loudly.

That kicked in the race for the names of the babies. Everyone had ideas to name the daughters and son.

At twelve o'clock in the night, everyone started to leave. The guests were using special port keys to return to Hogwarts, while the Granger's did not need to travel, because they already lived in the castle. Harry also made a port key for the Weasleys and very soon, everything was quiet. Sirius and professor Lupin decided to stay in the castle. The house elves had a lot of work in cleaning up the room and they started to prepare for the wedding the coming Saturday.


A/N: Beta reader for this chapter is ICE
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