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Valentine's Day!!

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I HAD TO DO IT!! ahaha. Cupid's a hoe.... anywho, Pete and Meg are getting back to the cutest freakn' couple you've eva seen!! Also, Kristian and Ally went back to school and have no memory of what...

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"Have you met that new girl?" asked Frank as he sat down next to Kristian and Kat.
"Who? Tiffany? Ohh yea, she's in my english class and she seems nice, I guess," replied Kristian.
Just then Tiffany came walking over to the three and sat down next to Frank. She was smiling and batting her eyes.
"Hi Tiffany," said Kat.
"Hey everyone," replied Tiffany.
Tiffany started to join in on everyone's conversastion and she was becoming well aquainted with everyone she met; especially Rusty.
Speaking of which Rusty came over to the table and offered to take Tiffany around the school. She was immediately drawn to his charm and chivlary. Once they left, Kristian immediately got a sense of anger towards Rusty; like she knew that he was trouble.
"Flowers?" asked Patrick.
"Yea, they're uhh they're for Meg," replied Pete.
Patrick nodded and then continued typing on his computer. Just then Megan came into Patrick's room with just a towel on and her pink fuzzy slippers on. Her hair was wet and wavy and her mascara was running. Megan grabbed some clothes and exited the room. Pete and Patrick looked at each other and laughed a little.
"I love how Meg's so low-matienance and she doesn't care if she's in just a towel, around us guys," said Patrick.
Pete laughed and replied, "Yea, me too."
Just then Megan re-entered the room and she was now fully-clothed. Pete presented her with a bouqet of flowers.
"What's this?" asked Megan.
"Valentine's Day," replied Pete as he kissed Megan on the cheek.
"Wow, thanks babe," said Megan.
Pete and Megan kissed on the lips and then she went to put her flowers in a vase.
"So, Rusty's a really great guy. Don't ya think?" asked Tiffany.
Tiffany and Kristian were shopping at the mall and they were gossiping about boys, movies, and fashion. Kristian took Tiffany around Naperville and showed her where the local hang-outs were.
"Rusty, Frank, and I have all been friends for awhile now, but there's this other new girl," said Kristian.
"Other new girl?" asked Tiffany.
Kristian then stopped and looked down.
"Is she mean or something," asked Tiffany.
"Well, no. I mean no of course she's not. She's the sweetest girl you'll ever meet, but it's just, I haven't seen her in a while and I just really miss her," replied Kristian.
"Ohh, well that's cool," said Tiffany.
Just then Tiffany's phone rang and it was Rusty calling her.
"Hey babe," said Tiffany into her phone.
Tiffany was talking on her cell phone for quite sometime. She and Kristian eventually ventured off to get some Starbucks.

.........I will write more's kind of like a filler for right now.....
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