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I've got a bad feeling about this.....

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Time went on and life seemed to be getting back to semi-normal. Megan and Pete were becoming more intimate. They were in seperable and loving every minute of it. Something bad happens and Pete has to go to mainstreet to find out what's wrong. Megan's still scared of Mainstreet; it haunts her everytime she passes it.
We now see everyone back at mainstreet and Megan is face to face with her enemy; William.
"I'm not afraid of you," said Megan.
William and Megan stared at each other, hesitant to what the other were capable of doing. William had a smirk on his face and could see fear in Megan's eyes, but Megan tryed to hide it.
Pete was staying close behind Megan; he knew she could handle it on her own.
"Megan, you're far too naive to tango with me. You've tryed to conquer your fears as well as myself, but you know that you're not strong enough to fight someone with a little more experience in this bloody nature," explained William.
This was true and everyone knew it, but Megan wasn't going to let herself become anymore vulnerable to unexpected surprises.
Just then, Megan heard screaming. She turned around and saw Pete and Patrick fighting-off some Dandies. Megan went to help them, but William grabbed her. His grasp was far too strong for her and she couldn't fight him. She stared at William's razor sharp fangs and her fear took over. He then pinned her to the ground, and tucked back her hair, so that he too could have a taste of her blood. Megan screamed with pain from William's bite, that she became numb.
Megan pushed William off of her and then trys to run away, but the Dandies stop her. She's screaming for Pete, but Pete's being pulled away by other Dandies. The two call for each other, but it's no use. The Dandies were winning and they now had both Megan and Pete in their custody. Jeremy and Rusty cheered in victory when William brought the traumatized Megan to them.
William and the Dandies barracaded Megan so she couldn't escape again. Pete escaped the Dandies' grasp and begged William for Megan.
"Please William!! She's my one and only!! She's nothing to you. You'll just use her and she's not a toy or something worthless," exclaimed Pete.
"No, she's ours now, and if we can't have her, then no one can," explained William.
Megan started screaming, sobbing, and making a scene. The Dandies tryed shuting her up, but being an enraged, young, female vampire, she wouldn't stop her panic. She started hitting William; slapping his face, tearing his jacket, trying to make him suffer her pain. This of course didn't work, it just made William annoyed. Megan still fought William and the Dandies tryed to get her off of him.
Someone must have seen what was going on, because before they knew it the police had shown up to the scene. Jeremy gave William a sign that meant the cops were here and then William stopped fighting back. It now looked as if Megan was causing all of the chaos. The police grabbed Megan off of William and William played the whole 'damsel in distress' role.
Megan wasn't the only one that the cops had to keep down, Patrick and Pete were suspected of kidnapping, Krissy and Ally. The three were taken into questioning.
"They just started attacking us," said William.
William was lying through his teeth to get the cops to believe him. William even joked with the cops like they were old friends. He saw Megan struggle to be free from the cops. They had to pin her down to the cop car and hand-cuff her.
"Watch your heads," said an officer.
The officer and his partner were helping Megan and Pete into the car. They were to be taken to the police station for the night and await a trial. Megan began to sob. She didn't know what her future held.
As they drove out of mainstreet, Megan saw Patrick up against another police car with his hands behind his back, and William talking to the police. William and Megan's eyes met once more, and they looked as if they had daggers shooting out of them.
Whatever happened to Krissy and Ally is still a mystery. The two became missing. They hadn't shown up for awhile at school or at their homes. The Dandies fled and no one knew where they were. Pete was taken to jail and was chained up. He was considered a mad man and needed to be kept a watchful eye on.
"Where am I" I asked myself. I have no memory of this place. It's a white room and why am I strapped to a hospital bed? This isn't normal, nor is what I've been through. I wonder if Pete's ok. Maybe they got to him finally? The Dandies are such jerks I can't believe they wanted to ruin my life. The life of a 17-year-old, Chicagoian.
I feel uncomfortable, I don't feel safe, I feel like someone is in this room with me. Someone ungodly and unloving.
As I look around this cold linolium floored room I notice white walls and a bright light that's blinding me. I look over to my left and I see......OH MY GOSH IT'S....

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