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Chapter 7

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She stayed leaning against his chest with his arms wrapped around her. In what seemed like a very short amount of time Gerard could hear her breathing become light. She had fallen asleep. Maybe that was really saying something. She felt safe enough to abandon her complete conciousness around him; either that or she was a narcoleptic. He sighed heavily. This had either gone oh-so-wrong or oh-so-right.

Gerard just sat silently listening to her breathing. His breaths began to come in time with hers as he began to relax. He could feel himself slipping into sleep.


Gerard woke first. There were no longer small pinpricks of light trying to force their way through the drapery so he assumed it was night or quite close to it. As his eyes became accustomed to the dark he could see someone sitting in the arm chair just across the room. He knew who it was. His whole body stiffened and his heart began to work harder from fear.

"Hello stranger." The voice came.

"What do you want?" Gerard replied coldly. Sam was still lying on his chest; he assumed she was still sleeping.

"Tsk, and he takes such a nasty tone with me." The uninvited guest crooned. "When you didn't come back, like you were supposed to, I got.. worried." His eyes narrowed and his hard gaze focused on Gerard.

Gerard scoffed. Got worried? Sure he did. He probably just wanted to keep him on his leash, make sure he knew where his boundaries were.

"I can see why you didn't want to come back." The guest said, standing and straightening his suit.

He began advancing towards Gerard and the still-sleeping Sam. When he reached them he ran a long, icy finger along Gerard's cheek.

"It'll only always be me who can be there for you. Just remember that." He said, running his finger along his jaw. Then he drew back his hand and struck Gerard across the face. His face was turned away by the force at which he was hit. No blood was drawn but the sting was enough to make his eyes tear up. Gerard felt Sam stiffen. She was awake, but she was trying not to show it.

"Now, now Gee you know you must never cry." Came the harsh crooning of the, now known to be not just uninvited but also unpleasant, guest.

"I know." Gerard replied through gritted teeth.

Suddenly Sam took that moment to open her eyes, the flicked open and stared angrily at the visitor that had took it upon himself to invade her home.

"Ah, the dear lady is awake." he sneered. He had the ability to say things that could be polite, in the most unpleasant ways.

"Yeah, I'm awake and I want you to get the fuck out of my house." Sam challenged him, sitting upright.

"Sam, don't.." Gerard said softly.

"You know a lady with an attitude is most undesirable." He mused.

"Yeah and a guy who thinks he can just walk into people's houses and assault them is also rather undesirable." She shot back.

He just stood there with a faint smile playing on his lips. Then without warning he advanced on her and was about to grab her by the shirt when Gerard stood and pushed him away from Sam. "Beckett. No." he said firmly. He was going to pay dearly for speaking to him like that later.

Beckett cocked his head to the side and frowned at Gerard. Since when had his little captive become so independent?

"I see how this is going now Gerard. You're entering dangerous territory if you act like this. I thought that was clear enough when I first turned you."

So this was the vampire that had turned Gerard. The evil son of a bitch even had the nerve to try and control Gerard and everything he did. Sam really didn't think she knew the half of it though.

"It was clear enough." Gerard said, his gaze was determined and defiant yet when a frown grew upon Beckett's face Sam thought she saw a flicker of fear in Gerard's eyes.

"So you purposely choose to disregard the rules Gerard? This is frightfully disappointing." He shook his head and let out a low hiss.

"Come here Gerard." Beckett whispered menacingly. Gerard didn't move from his place beside Sam on the couch. "I said come here, now is not a time to be disobedient. You've disappointed me enough."

Gerard wondered whether he would be better off not obeying his orders or not. He knew that he was not happy with him as it was and he knew that when Beckett got him alone he would probably torture him to the point he wished he was dead. There had been so many times he wished that he was while in the clutches of Beckett. He knew how to inflict the most unimaginable and indescribable pain. He seemed to have had years of experience.

Finally he sighed quietly and stood. Then he made his way over to where Beckett was standing, still with his hand resting on his hip.

"Ah, Gee, it's nice to see I still have some control over you." He said, running a finger along Gerard's jaw in what could be mistaken for a loving gesture. Then without warning he quickly backhanded Gerard, busting his already sensitive lip in the process. Gerard could feel the warm metallic taste of blood consume him again.

He let out a snarl and Beckett's animalistic noise matched his.

Sam was now on her feet, she didn't want this to be happening but she didn't know how she could stop it, against two vampires she could be considered almost powerless. Weak in comparison.

Beckett lunged at Gerard and at that moment the front door to Sam's apartment flew open and four people burst in.

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