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Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn

by BJH 35 Reviews

Harry has defeated Voldemort and saved all the people he cares for, so why do they all hate him? More importantly, what will he do about it? Most chapters of this story will be PG-13 but some w...

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure - Characters: Ginny, Harry, James, Lily, Narcissa - Warnings: [?] [V] [X] - Chapters: 14 - Published: 2007/02/15 - Updated: 2008/12/11 - 66698 words


  • Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn

    (#) luappul 2007-11-29 10:41:52 AM

    any update coming soon? i started reading this story about 3 hours ago, and couldn't stop untill I finished the available chapters... And now I have to wait for an update :S
  • Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn

    (#) LDA 2008-01-16 04:06:46 AM

    you gotta update soon!! you can't be leaving us hanging can you?
  • Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn

    (#) Rowanfalar 2008-03-30 08:56:22 PM


    I know that you don't like Preachy!Potter, but we haven't seen anything since september! WaaahhhH!!!!

    Please update soon bats eyelashes Pretty please?

    Author's response

    Well, now you have some more.

  • Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn

    (#) ObeliskOLight 2008-04-02 02:03:29 PM

    Damn, that's some good stuff.
    I must say that I was surprised to see that there was an up date, I had thought that the story had been abandoned which was a great disappointment. I glad to see that your back at it.

    Author's response

    As Luna would say, "What fun would life be if there were no surprises?"

  • Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn

    (#) Ross_the_Boss 2008-04-03 03:01:31 PM

    LOVE IT! ^_^
  • Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn

    (#) Steves_Place 2008-04-05 12:57:07 AM

    God it is hard to get in here to leave a review if you have not visited this sight for a time.

    Anyway I wanted to say that I think this is a magnificent story and only that I wish you could update it more often.

    This story is up among my top 10 favorite stories of all time.

    Why don't you post it on FF(dot)net or HPFandom? It would be easier to get at. I have nothing against this sight but it is a pain in the _ss compared to the other sights.

    Anyway thanks for the great update. Hope to see another soon. Great story.


    Author's response

    Well, I have posted a bit of stuff on Phoenixsong net b ut as a strictly H/G site this story is a bit off their agenda, not to mention the smut bits. I quess I'm a creature of habit and just post where I read the most.

    Thanks for the review.

  • Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn

    (#) Katsuhito 2008-07-03 04:42:30 PM

    very nice. You've taken an oft-used genre (dimension/time travel) and made something new out of it. I like what you've done so far, and I can't wait to see how H deals with this world's Posessed!Ginny. I also like the bit with Narcissa. I keep wondering what her plan is. After all, she was a Slytherin too. ;)

    Glad to see you're still working on this one (or at least you were as of April). This one's been added to my favs as well as my alert list. :)
  • Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn

    (#) Steves_Place 2008-07-08 02:55:11 PM

    Ahh, HPFandom is a great place to post, and all your stories, no matter how graphic they might be, are very acceptable there as long as you label them appropriately.

    They have categories there that I cringe at ever reading content in that category. In fact as I recall, it is hard to find a story that DOES NOT have some crazy kind of explicit category. LOL

    However, One of the things I like most about that site is the fact that every story is archived in the chapter by chapter format but also in the complete story format. Making it much easier for people like me that like to copy the best stories to a private archive without the mundane and tedious method of coping each chapter, one by one. This is mainly for my text2speech reader I use, which is much easier to copy most stories to, in a one shot. It is the one thing I dislike about that it only archives in chapter by chapter format.

    Anyway looking very forward to whenever you post the next installment of this.

  • Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn

    (#) stick97 2009-01-14 08:22:08 PM

    phenomenal story!

    My money is that Sirius figures out Harry and thinks it's all a big prank by fate.
  • Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn

    (#) Nene-Akiko 2009-12-23 11:11:54 AM

    You know, a new chapter would make a great christmas present.

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