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The party

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This girl, Jade, has to find her brother who has dissapeared into a video game. Her crush Steven helps her in finding him, along with the help of some other creatures.

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The Journey To

Dear diary:
Tonight will be the best night in my whole life. An uprising singer Steven Johnson was going to the party as well was I. Maybe I would have the luck to meet him. The gorgeous guy that he was blonde hair, blue eyes, he was a hunk of a thing. I was determined to meet him anyway I possibly could, and being at a party...that could help.

Chapter 1. The party.

Mom came walking past the door. "I hope your getting ready, Jade" she said.
"Of coarse I am mother" I said " I'm just...thinking." I started to get ready, but then thought /what would impress Steven Johnson/? I started to look through my closet and dresser drawers. Then I started digging into my mothers clothes basket in her room. I found a beautiful green blouse ,that matched my jade eyes, and thought I have the prefect skirt for this. I went charging into my room as if I didn't find the skirt fast the world would end. I went into the closet to search for it and almost gave up till I reached the back and found the beautiful black skirt. I hurriedly put the blouse on along with the skirt. When I put the skirt on it was a few inches above my knee. /That's what I get for being tall/. Everyone in my family was short and it was embarrassing that I was taller then my father, but 5'8 is tall for a girl. I started to brush my black curly hair, and put it up in a bun. When I got down stairs I almost put on my converse shoes, /but that would look weird/. I went to the closet near the stairs and found a perfect pair of pumps. Not to high and not to low just right. I ran back up stairs to grab a carry backpack. I put my converse in there for the walk home, a hair brush, a pen and my diary as well. I went back down stairs and called out to mother "I'm on my way. I'll be home later. Love you much." I went out the door and started to walk down the path into the night. I heard someone call my name. Hmmm what is that? I continued walking down the street and heard it again. All of a sudden someone took my arm. I whirled around and saw Lea Childer breathing hardly trying to ketch her breath. Lea was my best friend since the forth grade. She had brown hair and wore big glasses. She was a lot shorter then me. People made fun of her a lot, but not me she was the best friend anyone could have as long as they got to know her.
"Goodness Jade slow down. I was calling your name, and you never stopped!" she said still breathing hardly.
"Sorry Lea. I really didn't hear you." I said. We started walking down the street to the party. The wind was getting a little rougher and the leaves were rustling around. We were almost at the house when I noticed someone was following us. I whispered to Lea "Lea I think someone is following us, but don't look behind. Lets just hurry." We started to hurry on are way, but then the footsteps behind us got faster as well./ My god I'm going to have to run in pumps./ "Run!" I said loud enough for Lea to hear. We started to run and were almost to the house when a short person ran in front of us.

"God Jade now I know why Lea says you're a horror to ketch!" my little brother Gage said.

"Gage! What are you doing here? Your supposed to be in bed." I said. Here was my 7 year old little brother dressed in his pajamas with a game boy following me to a party. I'm 16 years old yet my brother always acts like my guardian, it's getting quite old. I pointed in the direction of home and yelled "Go home Gage!" When I looked at his face it was all scrunched up.

"You can't tell me what to do Jade Harmings!" Gage said. I looked at Lea for help. She shook her head in silent protest. What was I going to do? Steven Johnson at a party and I was going to have to take my brother back home. "My luck is so great tonight." I said sarcastically. In ways yes it was and in others it wasn't luck but just fate. A big group of people came rushing by and after the rush by I didn't see Gage. "Lea do you see Gage?" I asked.

"No I don't." she said in a quiet voice. I started to get nervous. What if I don't find him? I started to go the way the crowd went and it led right to where the party was being held. I went into the house with Lea and started to search for my little brother. While I was looking people from my school came up and greeted me. I didn't want to be rude to them so I said hi to each of them. I didn't want to sound weird asking them if they saw my little brother.

"We're looking for Jades little brother have you seen him?" Lea asked. My eyes grew huge. Lea almost never talked to anyone unless they knew her well.

"Yeah he followed us to the party, and then we lost him in a crowd. So now we're looking for him." I said.

"No we haven't seen a little boy yet," one girl who came over said. Her name was Cathy Lennings. She had blonde long hair, brown eyes, and was medium height, and was the most popular girl in school. This was her house and her party and some how I had gotten invited with a note that said bring someone. I knew she didn't like me in any way possible, but I came just because Steven Johnson was going to be there. " but if we do I'll be sure to tell you Jade." I knew she was up to something but what I didn't know. I started to look around the house. First in the living room, no little brother their. Then in the kitchen, not there either. /If I was a little boy were would I be? Hmmm..../Just then cold air went across my the back of my neck. I turned around and there he was. Steven Johnson. "Oh my God, Lea look!" she looked and saw him. He went over to Cathy and kissed her on the lips. /Bummer. /Out went my little dream of ever meeting him and staying with him.

"Don't look down Jade. It's not the end of the world you know. Plenty of fish in the sea." Lea said. I could always count on her to bring my spirits back up, but tonight it just didn't work. My little brother was lost and now my dream guy was lost to me. I knew I would never get him now. Cathy Lennings was the most beautiful girl in the school and any girl was second to her.

"Well my sea just evaporated Lea." I said. I went into the living room and sat down. Just then Steven walked by and went to the radio player. Lea sat beside me, I wondered, how can I be so mean to her and she still be my friend? /I sat there looking around at the living room. The blue carpet, the tan sofa and chairs, the cabinets, and beautiful pictures on the wall. Just then Steven and his band started playing their songs. Just then I saw my brother run outside. "Stay here Lea. I just saw my brother." I said as I got up to go after my brother. I went out the front door and followed him. "Gage stop!" I yelled. Some people around me stopped and looked at me weirdly. I didn't pay any attention to them. He started to laugh and ran into the woods. /Oh God my feet are killing me! "Gage!" I kept yelling. He stopped and turned around with a weird smile on his face. I heard more foot steps behind me. Oh my God what's with all the creepy foot steps tonight! I turned around but also keeping an eye on my brotherand saw Steven Johnson coming this way. I turned around quickly and just as quick saw a flashing light right where my brother was standing, but there was only a floating game boy right were he was.

Steven came to my side "Uh...what just happened."

"Um...I'm not quite sure myself." I said in a whisper. I went to the game boy and examined it.

"Don't touch it." Steven said.

"I can touch whatever I wish to touch thank you." I said. And to prove to him I did do that I moved forward and touched the game boy. Steven was right behind me and that's the last thing I remember.
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