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A new world

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Jade and Steven wake up in a new world to find a not so friendly companion

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Chapter 2. A new world.

I woke up with a major headache and laying on my back. I wiped my eyes and then opened them. I couldn't believe what I saw. I closed my eyes and wiped them again. I opened them again and saw the same thing as before...I was outside of a'd I get here? I tried to stand up but something was covering my legs. I looked down and saw Steven laying there. How did I end up at a restaurant with Steven Johnson? Maybe Steven knocked me out and then himself...probably not. Who in their right mind would knock themselves out? I started to wiggle my feet from beneath him. God he was heavy. I got one foot loose and pulled the other one out. I sat up and looked down at Steven. He was so cute! /Should I slap him awake?.../I raised my hand and right when I would have slapped him awake his eyes popped open

What are you doing?" Steven asked. He sat up and looked around.

"I was doing nothing." I lied. "Did you knock me out Steven?" I asked.

"Why would I knock you out! I don't even know you well enough to knock you out." he said sarcastically. "I woke up right near you. All I remember is me grabbing your arm when you touched the game boy. Then we ended up here...wherever here is."

"Here is a restaurant." I said. I got up and started to look around. Steven got up and started walking around. "Don't leave me here by myself!" I said.

He turned around and said "Don't be such a scaredy pants." All of a sudden a big burly man walked out of the restaurant. He was short but he was a big fellow.

"What are you kids doing out side at this time of night? You know there are bad things out here. You two should take care not to be out here at night." the man said gruffly. I looked at Steven quizzically. And he just shrugged. "We'll since you're here might as well come in and eat up. From the looks of it both of you skinny minny's need it." He turned around and went back into the restaurant. I looked at Steven and he followed the man inside.

"Steven." I whispered. He looked at me but continued to go inside. "I don't think this is such a good idea. We don't even know him." I whispered. "Fine then you go in and ill stay here. You can also bring me something to eat too you know."

He looked at me and rolled his eyes. " Oh please nothings going to happen. Just come in and eat, and I'm not your servant so I wont be serving you tonight or any other night."

"No im not coming. I have a bad feeling about this, but no you wont listen your to head strong." I said as I sat on the stairs. /Why wont guys listen? Specially that one? I know something's wrong, but no he's got to eat. I blame his stomach. /I heard a noise inside and turned around to see what it was and saw the big burly man laying on the floor.

I jumped up and ran inside to were Steven was standing. "What happened?" I asked.

"Well...uhh...I hit him on the head. He tried to strangle me." He said in a low voice. After I looked around I did see quite a mess. Food was all over the place and this place was already dirty to begin with. Suddenly we heard barking and it was coming closer and closer from inside the buildingI looked at Steven but he was already running for the door. /Oh my god he was going to leave me...again! /I started to run after him into the dark night. Not seeing where we were going but just following Steven by the noise of his foot steps and they kept getting further away from me. I was afraid to call out for fear someone else besides Steven would hear me. I couldn't hear his foot steps any more. Was I lost? Had I gone in the wrong direction? I don't want to be here by myself. BOOM. I ran smack into something and fell on my butt.

"God watch were your going." Steven said. He was standing in front of me looking around...that's if he could see anything.

"Oh really, like I could even if I wanted to." I said. "I can hardly see anything out here. It's not my fault I bumped into you. You should have made a sort of noise so I knew you were there."

"Yeah and let those dogs know where we are." he said shaking his head.

"Well still I didn't see you. I don't think anyone or anything can see out here" I said. I pulled my back pack off while still sitting down. I pulled out my shoe's and took of my pumps and put the converse on. "Ahh...much better." I said. I heard Steven sit down not far from me. "I guess we're sleeping here?"

"Yeah I guess this is as good as any place to sleep." Steven said.

"How would you know this is the only place we've been to so far." I said argumentatively.

"Your talking like we're in another world." Steven said.

"We are you ditz!" I yelled.

"Hey keep it down!" Steven said putting his hand over my mouth. "you don't want them to hear us, and just because im blonde doesn't give you know right to call me a ditz."

"Okay I'm sorry, but you should have listened when I told you I had feeling about it, but no you have to follow your stomach and have dogs sicked on us." I said. He rolled his and laid down. I took my pack and made it into a pillow and laid down as well. It was getting cold so I rolled into a ball on my side.

I woke up beside Steven. Actually pretty close to him. I guess it was very cold last night and I slid over. I was by myself right now so I got up with my pack and walked to a place not to near Steven and sat down. I took out my diary and my pen.

Dear diary.

Today I woke up in a strange place. The birds don't chirp, the sun isn't gay, in fact its sort of dismal. I don't even know where we are, but he probably doesn't either. And the more im getting to know him the more im thinking he really did hit me in the head with something, but then again there was no evidence left behind not even a sore head.

Just then Steven was up and walking around. I closed the diary and put it back into the bag along with the pen. I looked around for a place to do my business, and found a small shelter where I wouldn't been seen. I crawled in and walked to the farthest side and did my business. When I was done I looked around. This place was like a grass mound. We should've stayed here last night, but we couldn't find it. I crawled back out and looked around for Steven. He was no where in sight. Maybe he too went to do his business. I went back to my pack and sat down. There was a tree behind me sat back and decided to wait for him to return. Next thing I know Stevens running and yelling "Run!" and he looked out of breath. He was getting nearer and nearer. "Run! Don't just sit there get your butt up and run!" he yelled. I got up and looked behind him, but there was nothing there. I grabbed my pack and put it on and once he was near I started to run too, but from what I'm not sure. Then I heard it and looked behind and tripped on a log with out getting to see the thing, Steven who was running by grabbed my arm and continued to run. I didn't want to look back again for fear of falling over a log or something. Even though I didn't get to see it I got to hear what ever it is. I wonder how Steven got it to chase after him. Was he medaling some where he shouldn't have been? Steven saw a little ground hut, and we climbed in. He held his finger over his lips to tell me to be quiet. He was sweating from all the running. I probably was as well. I looked out of the hut and couldn't believe what my eyes were trying to perceive.
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