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"What about this one Brother?" Alphonse Elric asks pulling out a dusty phonograph record. Roy and Winry find just the right music to get thos wily brothers to sleep.

Category: Full Metal Alchemist - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst, Drama - Characters: Alphonse Elric, Edward Elric, Roy Mustang, Winry Rockbell - Published: 2007-02-19 - Updated: 2007-02-19 - 586 words

Roy Mustang's family and the relativly small Elric family are having a little get together. A small affair really, with only the most immediate family present. Roy's mother and father, Roy's sister Tammalyne on the Mustang side. On the Elric's side, Edward Elric, his brother Alphonse and Al's fiance Winry Rockbell. Somewhere between a small lunch((Much to the hungry Elric's dismay)) and tea, the Elric brother's decided to wander into Roy's study. The study is a bedroom/library that Edward has become accostomed to [i]wander [/i]into.

"Brother!! It's so nice in here, look at the veiw!!" Edward chuckled slightly at his brother's enthusiastic nature. "Calm down Al, it's just the old bastard's study." Al ignored his brother and his hazel eyes wandered to the old phonograph in the corner. "Look at this!!" Ed's eyes traveled to the ancheint machine as well. "Funny, I hadn't noticed that before." Al buzzed around the shelves of music until he came to one with a red-eyed woman on the front. Not bothering to read the cover he pulled it out, blowing the dust off of it. "What about this one brother?" Ed immediatly looked up and stared at the large brown disk is his younger sibing's hands. "Sure."

Al put the disk onto the phonograph and went back to the book shelf to look for some good alchemic texts. Edward lifted the phonograph's cover and, not looking at it, placed it on the desk on the corner. Al placed the various books in order on the small bed in the study. Edward went over to the phonograph and put the pin down. It's a small slow tune with voilins and a woman singing a haunting tune. Ed went back to the bed, rubbing his eyes absently, kicking off his shoes. He pounced on it, and bounced some of Al's books around. He sat Indian style and checked over Al's research. "What'cha working on Al?" Al started and peered up at his older brother. "Oh, the 8-point array you made. The Military wants me to modify it to different needs besides the Philosepher's Stone." Ed yawned and layed down, music making him drowsy. "Sounds boring Al, you should do it after the reunion. Roy's dad is a Major General after all. We don't want him finding out anything." The younger Elric sighed and packed the books together. Putting them besides the bed he felt the blood rush to his head. He climbed back in and layed next to his older brother. "It's nice in here." "Yeah." Ed's eyes peered at his younger brother's face, smiling. "I'm so happy." He purrs flipping his eyes to the ceiling. "For what?" "Nothing." "You're a liar." "Go to sleep." And they both did, unpleasent and worried thoughts chased away by the music.

Meanwhile a certain blond and a certain brunette watched the pair in the bed. The brunette quietly walked in and picked up the record cover. "Desert Rose, symphonies from Luanne Robins." Ironically, this was the one thing, besides his dogtags, that he was able to keep from Ishbal. He got it fot a gift and never got the gut to throw it away. Especially afer he'd killed the people who gave it to him.

"Winry, I need to talk to you about something.

This was really a fic to work on my detail skills so it's a bit pointless. Sorry. Also this was based off of the Linkin Park song KRWLNG 'cause my kitten fell asleep while it was on.
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