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Snow Angels

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Winry and Al have a little talk in the snow. Slight AU to the original one-shots.

Category: Full Metal Alchemist - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst, Humor, Romance - Characters: Alphonse Elric, Edward Elric, Winry Rockbell - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-02-19 - Updated: 2007-02-19 - 699 words

Al's got his body back and Ed's dead.
*Winry's POV*
In the armor Al couldn't feel snow. He once told me that Ed used to stuff cloth around his helmet so snow couldn't get in there and possibly wash his seal off. When Al was in the armor his snow angels would be large misshapen things, snowballs would crumble in his hands if he wasn't careful and anybody who touched his armor after he had been in the cold could get a nasty case of frostbite. Nonetheless Al loved snow, loved how it looked like little crystals, loved how the intricate designs glimmered, usually in the pale light from a white snowy sky. He mostly loved the fact that no one snowflake was the same, each was unique with no other exactly like it. Just like people he once said to me. When Al got his body back it was wintertime, he said that he remembered that Ed had ran around trying to find extra blankets for two people when the house was stocked for only one. They ended up sharing a blanket and a bed until Ed could get to the store, which wasn't for two weeks because they were snowed in and Al didn't have a coat. When I asked Al why Ed didn't just transmute the snow out of the way, Al got this mortified look on his face and simply replied. "I didn't think of that." It was just too funny and despite myself I started laughing. Al just looked at me like I was crazy, which just made me laugh harder, because of the expression on his face. Pretty soon afterward Al started laughing along with me, our voices molding together, a sound that grew louder and louder. We laughed until our sides hurt and we couldn't breathe, then we collapsed on the cold, hard ground in an undignified heap. "My brother really is an idiot." Al said to me, panting, his breath sending small clouds into the air. I sat up trying to catch my breath, "Yeah, he is an idiot." "A huge idiot." "The biggest idiot ever." "No the smallest idiot ever." "The idiot of idiots." "The king of idiots." "No, the queen of idiots." "The idiot the other idiots look up to because of his immence idiocy." "You mean look down to." "Yeah." I looked at Alphonse and saw that his happy expression had turned into a rather sad one. My mind raced for a way to comfort him, reaching 2 semi-bad answers and one that would work the best, but was really, really risky.
I chose the latter. "Al?" Al didn't look at me when I said his name, so reached around him and cupped his cheek, leaning in closer. I gently but firmly moved his head towards me, and I looked into those tantilizing hazel eyes and saw a light blush move from ear to ear on his beige face. " Al don't cry." I said and then without really thinking about it I pressed my lips against his. His lips moved against mine so soft and warm and inviting. I couldnt help myself, Though I wasn't sure how Al would react I ran my tounge across his bottom lip asking for entrance. Al gasped and pulled back, just looking at me then he ran his tounge across his lips and leaned over again to kiss me gently. He got up and helped me to my feet and then i threw the snow ball i had had behind my back at his chest laughing, he dodged it and tackled me,gently of course and with care not to hurt me then seeing his advantage he kissed me again the feel of his mouth made me moan, almost I barly bit it back, we kissed until we had to breath again my head was spinning but I liked it, gods he tasted so good.
**3rd person POV***
On top of the building next to the house the couple was staying at, a lone figure stood, watching them. Smiling and realizing that his younger brother had found his happiness, Edward Elric flew off into the sky, never to tread on this earth again.
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