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Lindsay learns to trust Danny.

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Author: ladybug1115
Pairing: DL
Characters: Danny Lindsay
Author's Note: This is my first CSI: NY fanfic. I know the characters are OOC. But, otherwise it wouldn't really be a fic, now would it?
Disclaimer: I'm not sure who they belong to, but I know it's not me.

The screaming woke Danny from his deep, relaxing sleep. He was a city boy and used to loud noises in the middle of the night. After all, New York is the city that never sleeps. But this made Danny's heart ache. Without thinking, he ran into his living room, gun drawn. There was only one person in the room; she sat on the sofa shaking and crying. He quietly laid the weapon on the desk and walked over to her.

In his entire life, Danny had never seen someone he wanted to protect more. He knew also that right now the only thing he could do to help was hold her. Whatever had happened had happened a long time ago. So, he did what he wanted an excuse to do for a long time now. He pulled Lindsay into his arms and held her tightly.

"It's okay, Lindsay. Everything is going to be okay. Whatever it is can't hurt you. I'm right here," he murmured into her hair.

Lindsay clung tighter to Danny almost as though she was trying to mold her body to his. Her shaking became less intense and the crying quieted. When she thought she had regained some control, she pulled away. They were coworkers and Lindsay wanted to lessen the embarrassment as much as possible. "I'm sorry," she said.

"What for?" Danny questioned upset by how afraid she still appeared. He watched her wrap her arms around herself.

"Waking you up...crying all over you," she whispered obviously not wanting to think about it.

"It's fine. I would say it happens all the time, but well...usually if someone freaks out I'm already awake..." he tried to joke. "Do you want me to get you something to drink? Eat?"

Lindsay looked up at Danny, finally meeting his eyes for the first time that night. When she had first come into his apartment-because her apartment was being "debugified" (as the super had informed her) and she needed a place to crash-she had been too embarrassed to look at him. Then she had screamed herself awake from her hell only to open her eyes to his chest. Lindsay was surprised to see he genuinely looked like he cared. About her.

When Lindsay met his eyes Danny saw through the barrier she usually kept up. He saw the hurt child in her eyes. He saw her despair. He wanted to hold her against him again; to protect her from whatever was following her around. Danny wanted to be a guy. However, he knew that Lindsay did not need a guy trying to protect her from this thing. She needed a friend. Someone who could help her fight off whatever was trying to crush her.

This time thinking clearly, he pulled her to his chest. Danny felt how stiff she was then he felt her relaxing in his arms. "What can I do Lindsay?" he asked.

"Mmphheng..." her reply was muffled by his shirt. It was then Danny realized how they were dressed-or not as the case was. He only had on a t-shirt and his boxers. She had on a tank-top and short sleep shorts. Danny pushed it to the back of his mind. She needed a friend now not a guy.

"I didn't catch that, Montana. You want to communicate with the world ya gotta speak up."

This time a small smile tugged at the corners of her lips, but she still looked so haunted. "I said 'nothing'. Just hold me please," she begged. The request surprised both of them. Danny backed up and landed on the sofa. Lindsay ended up sitting curled up on his lap.

After a few minutes Danny questioned, "Do you want to talk 'bout it?" When there was no reply after a few seconds he looked down at her. Lindsay had fallen back to sleep.

Danny thought about laying her back on the sofa. Instead, he lifted her into his arms and carried her into his bedroom. As he went to lay her down, she woke up slightly. Lindsay pulled Danny into the bed with her.

He is going to kill me. I know it. He already killed the nice man who owns-owned-the store. He is going to kill me next...

...There is blood all over the place. It is all over my hands. I want to get it off! I need to get it off...

...It is so dark, too dark. It's too small. The room is too small. I can't breathe! He is going to kill me today. He won't wait much longer. I'm going to die today...

...The blood. There is so much blood. Will I have that much blood when I die? ...

...He is going to kill me...

Lindsay bolted up straight in the bed gasping for air. It was after a few seconds she realized where she was. Lindsay looked at Danny who was lying comfortably beside her in the bed. She had not woken him this time and was glad. Lindsay laid back down and rolled onto her side. She carefully scooted over in the bed until she lay next to Danny. Lindsay wrapped her arm around his waist.

In his sleep, Danny's arms encircled her body. Her head lay on his arm and Danny's arm wrapped around her slender waist. He held her to him. Comforting her even in sleep. Lindsay did not have the nightmare again that night.

A/N: 903 words.
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