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Lindsay learns to trust Danny

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Author's Note: Because I thought there could be a little more.
Disclaimer: I think you know this.


One Week Later...

Lindsay woke shaking alone in her bed. She had moved back into her apartment that day. Mac had even let her off early. As she worked at creating dinner, it hit her. Danny would not be there to hold her when she woke up. As she thought more about it, Lindsay realized the past two nights she had not had the nightmare. She had started those nights curled up with Danny. As her breathing returned to normal, she decided what she needed to do.

Danny looked at the clock, just realizing the late hour. He quickly decided he needed to get some sleep and headed toward his bedroom. He stopped as he heard the buzzer to his apartment. Danny thought about ignoring it, but something told him to answer the call. "Yeah," he said into the intercom.

"Can you buzz me in?" Lindsay's shaking voice asked.

Danny immediately did just that and waited in front of his door for her. When he saw her, he saw the same lost child he had seen that first night in his apartment. "You okay?"

Lindsay did not answer him, just slid her arms around his waist and laid her head on his chest. Danny knew what she needed. He backed them both into his apartment, locked the door, and then backed Lindsay into his bedroom.

Danny waited for her to calm down before he spoke, "Do you want to talk about it now?" If Lindsay did not want to talk about it, it would be fine with Danny. But, he knew she would need to tell someone at some point. Danny was very willing to let that person be him.

"He killed the store owner and kidnapped me. I was eight. He held me for a week in a small cellar. He wanted to kill me too, if he didn't get three million dollars," she said in a strange, emotionless voice. She was stating the facts. Distancing herself from the situation.

Danny hugged her tighter to his body. "I'm sorry, Lindsay," he whispered into her hair. He wanted to be a guy: to protect her. However, he could not protect her from her past. He could be her friend and help her get through this.

"You didn't do anything. Danny..." she trailed off to gather her courage, "can I stay with you?"
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